Me & My Muse

What is Me & My Muse?

This is an experiment more than five years in the making that is here to stay.  If you were to look anywhere on my site, this is the most prevalent thing that you will find.  Yes, it’s everywhere on my site and yes, there’s a reason to why I post these every day.

So why do I post them everyday?  As I said before, this was an experiment.  I wanted to see what would happen if I mixed journaling and creative writing together.  When I blog about my day, my Muse usually chimes in and interrupts.  Now this can mean different things to different people, but I find it entertaining in its own right.

“Okay, so you lost me at Muse.  What is this Muse you’re talking about?”  What I call my Muse is basically my creativity personified.  The foundation for her character can be found in a couple of the Think & Writes that I wrote. In the second Think & Write about my Muse, which I subtitled “Conversations with My Muse”, this explains who she is in more depth.  This led to my idea of creating a daily format for having “conversations with My Muse”.

But that is only the foundation of her character.  Who is she?  Her persona can pretty much vary depending on which 100 day cycle we’re talking about.  In the first one, she comes across as predictable and shallow.  This first version is the comic relief in this series and is very much out there because of her creative nature.  Although she thinks that she’s funny, that is her own Achilles Heel.  As you will very much see in the later posts, My Muse is a character with no boundaries.  She’s spontaneous, shallow, naive, immature and can be obnoxious at times.  But with her being creativity, she can’t be restrained or harnessed (unless she’s in the one safe place: my head).  But this Muse that I’m describing is just in the first 100 entries.  After Day 100, the truth is revealed before our very eyes.

In a number of these entries, you will find that she normally goes back inside my head, where she belongs.  In taking a good amount of time to fine tune this series, I feel that I have reached a product that I am satisfied with.  The first 100 entries were like day one:  Experimental.  But if you read beyond 100, you will find that they start to get really good.  In the later entries, you get a clear glimpse of where I am going with this concept.  And with me being at more than 2100 entries and counting, my Muse’s character is solidly defined, and you know who she is at this point.

In the entries beyond 100, she takes on a new form for every 100-day cycle.  She can be rich, shy and evil, just to name a few.  Her older forms from past cycles become ghosts, with all of them sharing the same oneness with the current form.  Just like we as humans all have different qualities, those qualities all share a common oneness with ourselves.  That is the very thing that I am illustrating with my Muse.

So why is she really here then, besides being a source of entertainment?  Besides being part of an experiment that is more than five years in the making? Being the creative half of a daily journal?  Her qualities?  Her quirks?  Her multifaceted characteristics that change with every 100-day cycle?  Is it who she is?  Is it who she’s going to become?  Is it any of these things at all?  If so, then why?  To answer this question, I have another question for all of you.  Have you ever been in love?  And I mean truly in love.  I have not.  And this Muse of mine that I write about on a daily basis is supposed to be the woman that I’m supposed to meet someday.  Now I don’t know who she will be exactly, which is why I give her so many different traits.  Now I haven’t met the woman that I’m going to marry yet, but I’m hoping in every way that she far surpasses everything that is demonstrated in the qualities of my Muse.  And as to not run the risk of getting any more personal with matters tied to my own personal life, that reason for her existence will have to suffice.

So to summarize, my Muse is my companion.  If you are a Doctor Who fan, then you know what I am talking about.  If not, just know that we’re a duo.  Like Sonny and Cher, Abbott and Costello and Regis and Kathie Lee.  I am the straight person and the real side and she’s the comedy relief – the lighter and imaginary side.

And if this sparks your curiosity in reading any of my over 2100 entries, they are all indexed in the “Tower of Muses” link.  Every 100 entries has a “directory”, along with my favorite entries for that series.  If you have a vested interest in reading daily creative blogs with somewhat witty material, I strongly recommend this series.  But to set the record straight, I write these more for my benefit than yours.  But if you take a liking to them, I appreciate the support.  I love how this series turned out and we are just getting started with her transformations.  The later ones will be quite exciting.

For a quick index,  here are the links to the 2100 floors of the Tower of Muses: