Me & My Muse – Day 101: The New Muse

To summarize from last night, my Muse is finally back to normal.  And last night, I shared with her everything that she missed.  I was going to have some of that conversation, but she wanted all of it to be private, so any words that I may have typed were lost.


Muse:  So, what are we doing today?  A new Me & My Muse?  Now that I’m back to my normal self, I am ready to talk about anything.

Your aura….It’s gone….

Muse:  Oh, that?  That was only there since I just transformed.  Every 100 days, I will take on a new form.  What form will I take on next?  I don’t even know that.  But not knowing is half the fun!

But none the less, you look pretty good.  Of course, you are taller than me….

Muse:  Well, of course!  As you very well know, healthy Muses grow.  And right now, I’m as tall as Michael Jordan.  MJ, eat your heart out!

Are you telling me that you’re a basketball fan?

Muse:  Not at all!  That was just a cheap stab at his height.  I’m not a fan of sports, but a BIG fan of books.  Right now, I’m reading a romance novel and a mystery novel.  I LOVE mysteries….

But not as much as romance, right?

Muse:  No!  I like them both the same!  Oh, it just feels so good not having that terrible idea infect my mind.

Speaking of that, what ideas have you been eating lately?

Muse:  I’m on a strict diet now.  All ideas have to be healthy, and I look for any tiny specks that might be a bad idea.  And if I can’t see them, I can sense them.  Let me assure you.  That ordeal will NOT happen again.

Getting back to the books, I still have to read the Silmarillion….

Muse:  Then read it!  What are you waiting for?  I average at least 5-7 books a month.  If I am really into a book, I can read one in one weekend!

Well excuse me, Miss Bookworm….

Muse:  Speak for yourself, Mr. Writer!  When are you going to finish that chapter for your rewrite of A Long Quest?  When are you going to continue on that chapter for The Tale of Zachary Willowbrook: The School Years?    For that book in particular, I would LOVE to see what happens next….

Well, you would know.  You’re the creative agent behind it!

Muse:  Well, that’s the thing.  I only do creativity.  You’re the one that writes all the words down.  Now, if you would excuse me….

Are you going to read that while we have this discussion?  You know that it’s rude to do that in front of an AUDIENCE….

Muse:  My apologies.  I just am eager to see how Rochelle and Dameon’s affair turned out.  Especially after Rochelle became pregnant….

Is that all that happens in those cheesy romance novels?

Muse:  Believe me.  I am only telling you the G-rated stuff.  All kinds of “other things” happen, IF you know what I mean….

I know what you mean.  Please don’t share.  Both for my sake and for the audience’s….

Muse:  Have I blown it already?

Blown what?  This is day one!

Muse:  I know that it’s day one.  It’s just that I feel that the audience has already formed an opinion on me, based on the first 100 entries.  That I’m stupid, shallow, immature and annoying.

But that was not you!  Some other force was at work that made you not act yourself.  And if they’re going to form an unfair opinion like that, then I feel that a challenge is in order.  Everyone.  What do you think of the new Muse?  Don’t use any of the past entries to form your opinion.  Only use today’s and beyond.  This is the Muse that I have always known, and perhaps you may have never had the chance to see her in this way.  My Muse is intelligent, beautiful, sensitive and clever.

Muse:  You forgot charming.

Yes.  Charming too.

Muse:  Now are you going to write some more of your books?

That reminded me of another one.  Encouraging.

Muse:  Affirmative.  And I will keep a running count of the number of days that you have not written anything and will periodically remind you daily.

I might even write something today.

Muse:  Might?  You will.  Might “might” not happen.  Have the vision and then make it a reality.  Now can I go back inside your head?  I want to read more of my romance novel….

Certainly.  I will leave you to that.

Muse:  And I will leave you to writing your stories, Mr. Writer.

I WILL get back to that.  Don’t worry.

Muse:  And try to read more of that Silmarillion.  I have already read it, and I’m not going to spoil what happens.  I have also already read 5 books this month.  Wishing for Roses, here I come!

And there you have it!  From that discussion, I can tell you.  I’m going to enjoy this a whole lot more.  Wishing for Roses?  What kind of title is that?  Well, she likes romance novels, so I’m not going to berate her about it….

Today’s high is going to be 55 degrees and the silver lining will be hopefully continuing on my story.  And Muse, I know you’re going to hold me to that until I do it.

To all of you who like to experience new things, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  The New Muse?  That definitely sounds like season 2 to me.  Anyway….Dameon did WHAT?  That pompous jerk!