Me & My Muse – Day 2000: Tower of Muses: The Twentieth Ascent

Once again, we have arrived at another milestone.   A mandatory and objective milestone that will unfortunately and undoubtedly beyond certainty include…


Muse:  Kyle!  No!  Stop!  This is entry 2000!  Are you REALLY going to recycle content from your past milestone posts?  Come on!

What are you talking about?  This script IS from entry 2000!

Muse:  I don’t think that it is.  Can you please check the script for me?

Okay.  I will.  For your sake…

*reaches into hammerspace and pulls script out of pocket*

See?  Right here!  Me & My Muse Script for entry…1900?  Oh!  I was reading from 1900!  Okay.  Where did I put the script for entry 2000?

*puts script back into hammerspace and pulls another large script out of pocket*

Ah!  Here we go!  The OFFICIAL Me & My Muse Script for Entry 2000.  Are you ready?

Muse:  Yes!  Let’s do this!

Well, I already rehearsed, so I will put the script back…

*puts script back into hammerspace inside pocket*

This is it.  Let’s go the full nine yards with something that has never been attempted before.

Let’s try this out.  If this doesn’t work, you will never see one of these again.  And by this, I most certainly mean a post commemorating the second millennial milestone…

Muse:  It’s a good thing this post is Y2K compliant!

Yeah.  I’ll say.  Continuing on…

Ideas.  Thoughts.  Hopes.  Dreams.  Where do they all come from?  They all have a point of origin.  They all have to start somewhere.  One would say that the most brilliant ideas in the world are formed in the brain, but the brain is only a powerful machine.  A supercomputer that processes the greatest ideas in all of creation.  But where do the ideas flow from?  In following the information from its source, we find that the greatest ideas come from the heart.  It is in here that we find all the magic.  And when this heart lets this magic loose, wonderful things start to happen.  Ideas flow everywhere and are fed into the supercomputer.  Wonderful worlds are created.  Vibrant worlds rich in scenery.  Rich in beauty.  These worlds come alive and are all well contained in powerful words and sentences.  And now the Muse interu…

Muse:  That is beautiful!

You really think so?  I am flattered that you have decided to invite me back for another wonderful milestone post.  I am very happy that you have entrusted me with my narrating expertise.  It is what I do best, and it is what I live for.  Such wonderful and well-written narrations.  None of that garbage that you see in the non-millennial milestones…

And now, I will take over the narration from here.  Thanks for narrating the introduction!

Anytime!  This will surely not be the last of me, as this story is a wonderful epic, and will require some expertly narrated narrations…

Muse:  And we both eagerly await them.  Farewell, narrator!  We’ll see you in the epic parts!

We surely will!

And all of a sudden, my Muse had a very eager look on her face.  It was one brimming with happiness and joy.  She teleported me to her room at once, and she laid down on her freshly made bed.  The linens were pink and white, and the reason why my Muse is laying at her bed puzzled me.  Was she tired?  Did she need a nap?

I suddenly saw something glow brightly.  The outline of a heart appeared on my Muse’s chest.  The outline flashed and materialized into a white flashing heart of light.  My Muse pointed to that flashing heart.

“Let’s go, Kyle.” She told me, as if everything depended on me going.

I glanced at that heart and frowned.  “Go where?”

My Muse now had a big smile on her face.  “Where else, Kyle?  Into my heart!”

A tiny ant-size Muse appeared and before I could even do anything, she touched me and I shrank to her size.  My Muse’s smile widened.  Her giant smile conveying the deepest level of ecstasy.

My smaller Muse tightly grasped my hand and we flew up.  The heart of light emitted a whirling cyclone of light.  It whirled around as we flew downward, sucking us both in.  A blinding light overcame my eyes.

It is said that the heart of a Muse is the most beautiful thing that you can ever see.  Inside that heart was something even more beautiful.  A vast world, full of life and beauty.  A lovely paradise and the perfect escape for any weary traveler.  Kyle’s vision returned to him and his eyes focused.  He saw his Muse standing next to him, wearing the most beautiful white dress imaginable.  Whiter than snow.  Whiter than any white that you have ever seen.

I glanced at my Muse and saw the beautiful world that was before us.  The sun was out, and we were in a vast field full of white flowers.  A flowery sea of purity.

I again glanced at the field, looking all confused.  “Where are we?” I asked her.

My Muse smiled and pointed all around the landscape.  “We…Are in my heart.  This is the most private place that I have, and I wanted to share it with you.”

“But you…” I said, flabbergasted.  “You are laying on your bed.  The flashing heart…”

My Muse nodded.  “Yes.  We are inside my heart now, and I am still laying on my bed.  Kyle, don’t you understand?  I am Intangible, so I can be in more than one place at once.”

“Yes, that’s true.” I blurted, as I glanced at her beautiful brown hair.  It was a golden brown, as everything about her appeared to be pure and angelic.

My Muse held out her hand like it was a written invitation.  “Come,” she pleaded.  “I am taking you to someplace very special…”

I accepted her invitation and grasped her hand.  Walking hand in hand, we walked through the field.  That’s when I noticed that the field was just surrounded by a strange plane of space.  “Why does this field look like this?” I asked.

And immediately, I heard a voice answer:

The field looks the way it does because it is a world that is not finished yet.

“Who are you?” I asked the voice.

Do you really seek to know who I am?  Keep following her and you will find the answer you’re looking for.

I looked at my Muse, who had a slight smile on her face.  “Do you know who he is?” I asked her.

“Just follow me, Kyle.” She simply answered.  “Everything will make sense soon enough…”

I nodded and I followed her through the field of white flowers.  Suddenly, a bunch of other projections adjacent to the flowery field appeared.  Various other blobs representing unfinished worlds.  The blobs were all rotating, as if they were orbiting around something.

We both left the flowery field into a black formless space of nothingness and a bridge made of light appeared.  We followed that bridge for a long distance to the next projection.  In this one, we were in a giant room.  A gigantic muse lay in her bed, sleeping, saying “Tee hee”, between breaths.

With that, I gasped.  I know where this place is!  I was suddenly flooded with a bunch of bad memories.  Being her slave…Pretending to be her Kyle Ken doll…Getting shut in the drawer…I glanced over at the drawer, and was filled with terror.  The same drawer that I was shut in!  “Please don’t shut me in there again!” I cried.

My Muse placed her hand on my shoulder.  “It will be alright, Kyle.  This is a memory.  We have to go through a few strange places before we get to that special place.”

“Why did you bring me to this terrible place?” I scowled.

My Muse turned my head with her hands and pointed.

“There you are, tee hee!” The Muse clone shouted.

“What?” I frowned.  “Are we just going to turn ourselves in?”

“Turn yourself in?” The Muse clone smiled.  “What silly thing are you talking about? Tee hee!”

“Kyle,” my Muse said, pointing to her.  “She is not a Muse clone!”

Suddenly, I looked closer at her.  She was both the beginning and end of my pain.  She was the Dark Muse.

“Are we going now?” “The Dark Muse asked, looking impatient.  “That voice told us…”

“Shh!” My Muse shushed her.  “Kyle doesn’t know…”

“I don’t know what?” I asked her.  “Spill it!”

“Okay!” My Muse told me.  “A mysterious voice told me to take you and the Dark Muse to a very special place.  None of us have ever been there before, so it will be our first time.”

“Yeah!” The Dark Muse shouted.  “And I wanted to visit this memory first before we went there.  I was waiting for both of you so I didn’t want to go by myself!  Tee hee!”

“Well let’s go then!” I told them.

We all proceeded forward.  The Muses were on either side of me.  My Muse on my left hand and the Dark Muse on my right hand.  We exited the painful memory and walked onto another bridge made of light.  The light of the bridge suddenly enveloped us, enclosing us into a tube of light.  The tube shot us forward, around a complex network of light.  As we shot upward, new connections materialized to form more of the tubed light.  It went upward, in a mysterious whirl.

“Where is this going?” I gasped.

“I don’t know, but it feels like a fun ride!” The Dark Muse shouted.  “Whee!  Tee hee!”

“I love it too!” My Muse agreed.  “Isn’t this fun?”

The tube of light kept winding upward in a dizzying path, whirling clockwise further upward.  It then went straight up, and then back down.  And then up for a long time.  Finally, the path veered forward and spit us out onto land.

This bright sphere of light filled the entire landscape and made the void and all the other partially formed worlds disappear.  None of us could believe our eyes.

I glanced around and saw a black and white checkered floor that expanded as far as my eyes could see.  The room was so big that I couldn’t even see any of the walls.  An enormous throne sat suspended, far in the distance.  All of the décor was of either white or gold.  A great waterfall flowed behind the throne, without coming from any wall.  Looking up at the waterfall, I made the sudden realization that I couldn’t see the ceiling of the room either.

Kyle, Muse, and Dark Muse, welcome.” A great voice boomed.  A bright light appeared and materialized into the figure of a white robed man wearing a crown made of light.  A light aura emanated from every corner of his body.

He flashed again and a bright light flowed from me to him.  “While you exist in my world, I will take all privileges that anyone has.  I will return them when you leave my world.”  He glanced at me and smiled.  “Who am I, you ask?  You don’t even need to ask me.  I will tell you all who I am.  I am the Creator and I was made to give creativity to all.  I watch over every creative process in the universe and I bring order to all things creative and imaginary.  I see that you have another question.  Go on and ask it!”

“So you were created by God?” I asked him.

“God gave man the ability to be creative,” he answered me.  “My role is to be what you would call a mascot of creativity, if you will.”

My Muse gasped.  “So you created…”

“Yes,” The Creator answered.  “I created the Imaginary Realm and all things intangible.  I created privileges and Muses to serve as creative stewards for every human on earth.  Your Muse, Kyle, is no different.  She was assigned to you when you were born.”

I smiled.  “And I have done a very good job in taking care of her!”

“That you have,” he told me, smiling.  “It’s very important to take care of your Muse.  I have seen many in your world starve their Muses and thus starve all of their creativity inside of them.  Muses are responsible for giving people creativity so it’s very important not to starve them.  They all live in the heart of every person, but not everyone uses them wisely.”

“He’s right.” A familiar voice answered.  I glanced up and it was just who I thought it was.  Remedy!  He was standing there with Nurture and several other Intangibles.

“Kyle,” Remedy said, smiling.  “I mentioned earlier that there was a privilege more powerful than the One Privilege.  What do you think it is?”

“He has it,” I told Remedy.  “It was made for himself and no one else.”

“That is correct!” The Creator said, nodding.  “I have never assigned the Creator’s privilege to anyone else.  One such being has tried to take it from me.”

The Dark Muse, who has been quiet all this time, had a growing look of eagerness on her face.  “Who tried to take it from you? Tee hee…”

“Dark one,” he told her.  “I see the eagerness in your eyes.  Also know that you are not as dark as you think.”

The Dark Muse looked at her hands and arms.  “I’m not?  Who tried to steal your beautiful privilege? Tee hee!”

“Everyone sit down,” The Creator ordered.  And just like that, a large number of chairs immediately appeared and everyone sat down.  When they did, all of their chairs immediately appeared next to the enormous throne.

I looked down and realized that even though everyone’s chair appeared to be suspended in the air with the throne, I could feel an invisible floor when I placed my foot down.

The Creator glanced at me and nodded.  “The physics are not of earth, but do listen what I have to say.  The Dark One asked me who tried to take my privilege.  Miss.  Over here.  Come sit next to me.”

The Dark Muse gasped.  “Me?  Really?  Tee hee!”

The Creator nodded and just like that, she was sitting to the right of him.  Considering the size of the enormous throne, over 100 people could easily fit in the one seat alone.  “Dark One,” he began.  “Your past is a painful one, but you will soon enough learn what that past is.”

“A long time ago, when my being came into existence, I was entrusted to watch over all creativity. I was also assigned a guard who was responsible for one thing.  He was supposed to guard everything within my creative realm.  He was a wonderful guard, and he enjoyed guarding everything that was mine.”

“But one day, his heart was overcome with jealousy.  He coveted everything that was mine and wanted it all for himself. With that, he tried to take my Creator’s Privilege from me, but I knew in my heart that it could never be assigned to anyone but me.  I told him that truth, but he would not accept that.  Seeing the corruption in his heart, I cast him from my presence.  So from the day that I banished him, it has always been his goal to destroy creativity.  This guard…he used to have a wonderful name.  He was the Creator’s Rearguard.  But now I call him The Adversary.”

I gasped.  “Was this Adversary responsible for putting a spell on me?”

“He was,” The Creator answered.  “And was responsible for a lot more than that, including this Dark One’s painful past.  Now I have already told you that you are not as dark as you think.  You have a wonderful name, but it was hidden from the world because of The Adversary.  Now this may be painful for you, but this is for the sake of everyone here before you today…”

“Go on,” The Dark Muse said.  “I’m ready.  I don’t care who hears it.  Tee hee…”

“Very good,” The Creator told her.  “More than 30 years ago, your story was meant to go in a different direction.  You were healthy child, inside a loving mother’s womb…”

“But I’m a bad idea!” The Dark Muse interrupted.  “How was I ever that?  Tee hee!”

“You were not always bad!  Please, let me continue, Dark One.  You were a healthy Intangible child in your mother’s womb, but you were not alone.  You shared the womb with another child…Before you were even born, The Adversary snatched you out of your mother’s womb and began working his dark magic on you.  He transformed you into a bad idea and that is what you grew up learning.  Through all these years, you have been doing his bidding…”

“I don’t want to no more!” The Dark Muse shouted.  “He lied to me!  I can remember him being strict, but I now know that he was being mean the whole time!  I hate him!  Tee hee!”

“Relax,” The Creator told her.  “It will be alright.”

The Dark Muse glanced at Muse, who was sitting a short distance away.  “What about her? I know that when I was growing up, I always wanted a home.  And whenever I went inside her, I always felt like I was at home!  Tee hee…”

“This was your way of coping with your painful past,” The Creator answered.  “But there is so much more to that.  The Muse that you entered…The Muse that you always felt at home with whenever you possessed her…that Muse…was the same Muse that you laid with when you were still in your mother’s womb.”

Everyone gasped.  Both Muse and Dark Muse gasped the most.

Tears began to fill Dark Muse’s eyes.  “So, we’re sisters?”

Muse, beginning to tear up, nodded.  “Yes!  I guess we are!  But not just sisters.  TWIN sisters!”

Muse, without hesitating, ran up and hugged her twin sister.  Both their eyes were filled with tears and they began weeping on each other.

“All this time!” Muse shouted.  “I always felt strange…like there was something missing in my life…”

“It was me…sister!” Dark Muse shouted, full of tears.  “I love to say sister!  Tee hee!  I always felt at home when I was inside you.  But I didn’t know why!  Now I know!  Because we were supposed to be together!  Twin hug!  Tee hee!”

A couple of tears ran down my eyes as well.  “They were both twins the whole time?!” I gasped.  “Now there’s something that I have never heard before.  I have heard of twins being separated at birth, but never separated before birth…”

“I’ve always felt strange during my birth with Muse…” Nurture said, wiping tears off her eyes.  “Now I know why.  I was missing the twin girl!”

“What’s her name?” Remedy asked, wiping the last of his tears off his eyes.

“Everyone.” The Creator addressed the room.  “I am glad that all of you here are moved at the truth that I shared about this Dark One here.  But she is not a Dark One at all.  The darkness that was put inside her was from something unnatural.  In her growing up as a bad idea and feeding off of darkness every day, it has made her pretty dark, but not beyond her being rescued from it.  There is a light that has grown in her that has grown brighter and brighter with every day that she held on to it.  A light that has been with her from the very beginning.  While she was awaiting birth and was grievously abducted from her mother, she held on to that light.  She felt that light whenever she was with her sister.  But because of her growing up with darkness, she didn’t know how to express what was good.  Only what was bad.  Now, Dark One, I will reveal to you your true name and beauty that you should’ve had all along.  You were with Muse before birth.  Your name is Twin Muse.  Shed your dark cocoon to reveal the true light that is inside!”

Right after The Creator said that, the Dark Muse flashed and transformed.  She grew to the same height and age as Muse.  She was very beautiful, and looked more beautiful than my Muse.

“Yay!” Twin Muse shouted.  “I’m finally me!  And best of all, I no longer have that stupid tic!”

“What?” Muse asked.  “Tee hee?”

“Yeah!” she nodded.  “I’m so glad that I’m not dark anymore!”

The Creator frowned.  “That is your true form, but sadly, you will not stay that way.  The adversary has put a very dark spell on you and it is not easy to remove.  There is a way to remove it, but that will be saved for another time.  Another story arc.  The least I can do is allow you to retain this form for the remainder of this special millennial post.”

Twin Muse stroked her soft and silky hair and sighed.  “Just this post only?  Well, I hope that we can find the cure to make this form permanent!”

The Creator nodded.  “Twin Muse, I know how you long to be completely liberated from that dark form, but now is not the time for your restoration.  A time will come in the future where you will experience it.  Take heart and do not worry…”

Twin Muse nodded.  “I look forward to that time!”

My Muse’s heart flashed brightly and I gasped.  “We really need to be going…” she told me and everyone else.  “Thank you for this wonderful discovery.  Let’s go Kyle, and twin sister!”

“Eeeee!” Twin Muse joyfully screamed.  “I love it when you call me that!  LOVE IT!”

“So you are off, then?” The Creator asked us.  “Then I can expedite your travel to the next area.  Get inside the monorails and hang on.  You’re in for a fast and fun ride!”

The Creator waved his hands and a golden monorail materialized in the middle of the tube of light.  It appeared a short distance away from all the chairs and the giant throne.  My Muse and Twin Muse got in, holding hands and I followed them inside.  Right after we got inside, some seatbelts materialized and automatically fastened for all of us.  And without warning, the golden monorail was off, zooming through the network of light faster than a speeding bullet.

The adventurers were off, all securely fastened in the golden monorail which traveled through the light rather gracefully.  It traveled like a golden bullet, cutting through the air with such incredible ease.  A bright light glistened from the realm that they previously visited and flowed directly into the golden bullet.  The Creator, being loyal to his promise, had just returned the One Privilege to Kyle, just as he said he would.  Kyle, Muse, and Twin Muse were filled with excitement and wonder, as they didn’t know when they would reach their next destination.  The Creator’s Realm was barely noticeable as a new world began to come into view.  The golden bullet monorail faithfully kept its course as it began to enter the new world…

I glanced at both Muses, who were both filled with excitement, and then I noticed a sudden jerk.  The golden monorail was reducing in speed.  The monorail continued its course through its light-filled path, through the countryside and past a meadow.  All of this scenery was a blur, as the monorail was still traveling very fast.  A plethora of skyscrapers started to fill the city in the distance.  A golden hue flashed across the sky, as the sun was setting.  The houses that we passed became more and more clustered and turned into apartments, and then high-rises.

“My city!” Muse gasped.  “See what I made, my sis?”

Twin Muse nodded.  “I see it, twinnie!”

I took in the scenery and gasped.  “Wow…This city is even bigger than the last millennial post.”

“It is, Kyle,” she told me.  “The city just keeps going and going.  It stops at some point, but I just wanted to make a very big one this time…”

“What a city…” I said, still taking it in.  “I think that I’ll call it Muse City.”

“That’s what it’s called!”  My Muse said, smiling.  “Do you like it?”

“I do!”  I shouted.

The golden monorail continued to slow down, as we got deeper into the city.  Skyscrapers were everywhere, and they were towering over us.  Traffic was busy on the streets below, with pedestrians walking the sidewalks everywhere.  A good number of them were riding through the streets on bicycles, following the bike-marked paths.

“All Muses?” I asked her.

“Of course, Kyle!” she said, almost laughing.  “There are all Muses living here!  It’s not Human City, it’s Muse City!”

The monorail began to slow down even more, as it was pulling into a monorail station.  It entered in the middle of one of the tall buildings.  The golden monorail stopped and we all exited it.

My Muse took my hand and my Twin Muse’s hand and eagerly ran with us toward a set of elevators.

“Let’s go to the top!” she begged us.  This is a wonderful city, and I want you to see everything that I made.”

We nodded and followed her to the elevators.  We joined another group of Muses, that were also waiting for an elevator.

“Going to the restaurant?” a woman Muse asked us.  “It’s on the top floor and I’m having a romantic dinner with my husband.”

The man Muse nodded.  “The kids are at home with a babysitter, so we get the night out.”

My Muse nodded.  “We are!”

The elevator door opened and we all entered.  The Muse couple and a few other Muses entered with us.

My Muse pressed 1000 as that was the top floor for this building.  A few other Muses pressed buttons to a couple of lower floors, so it will be a while before we get there.

A couple minutes later, after everyone else got off the elevator, it was just Me, my Muse, Twin Muse, and the Muse couple.  The elevator stopped on the top floor and we all got out.

The perimeter of the top floor was lined with glass, with various areas designated for restaurants, shopping, and gift shops.  My Muse took me and Twin Muse to the observatory, and the couple followed us.

“I want a nice picture of the two of us before we eat!” the woman Muse told the man Muse.  “Right at the observatory!”

The man Muse nodded and guided her over there.

I looked out the observatory and gasped.  Panning my vision in a counterclockwise direction, I saw vast expanse of the city to the west, south, and east.  A busy interstate, surrounded the city, and was full of traffic.  Various Muses were in the sky.  Some of them were on flying platforms.  Others flew with jetpacks with angel wings or fairy wings as part of their stylish design.

“A bunch of inventions!” I shouted.

“An Airplane!” Twin Muse shouted, as she saw an airplane take off from an airport far off in the distance.

“Got it!” The man Muse shouted.  “Let’s go eat!”

My Muse nodded and looked at me and her sister.  “Let’s eat too!”  she told us.

“Okay!” Twin Muse shouted.  “I’m hungry!”

We all walked toward the restaurant with the Muse couple and passed a few tanks full of fish as we approached the entrance.

“A fish!” I shouted.

The hostess let the Muse couple in first.

Before my Muse could go any further, she was stopped by the hostess Muse.

“How many?” she asked us.

“Three.” My Muse answered.

“Do you have preferred seating?” she asked my Muse.

“A table by the window.” She instructed her.

“Very well.  Your server will guide you to your table.  Follow him.”

The hostess Muse marked our table down on her list and we followed our server Muse to our table.   As we passed a few tables, I noticed some tiny people trying to carry a sugar packet.

“Is that…a Borrower?” My Muse said, noticing the little Muses trying to carry the sugar.

The server Muse sat us down and gave us our menus.  “I’ll be back in a few minutes with your order,” he told us.

Before looking at the menu, I took in the scenery.  As I looked northwest, I saw grassy fields and could barely make out the outline of a castle.  “Is that…a castle?”

My Muse looked out and focused her vision in the same direction I was.  “Yes…I see it too.  A powerful Muse is queen over her kingdom there.  The princess is one of my forms and she lives there…”

“Did you say princess?” Twin Muse chimed in.  “I wanna be a princess!”  Twin Muse transformed the dress that she was wearing into a princess dress and made a tiara appear on her head.

“There sis.” She said, smiling.  “I’m a princess!”

I looked out to the northeast and I saw a tall structure far in the distance.  Even from this distance, I could see that the architecture looked Asian.

“You see it too, Kyle?” she asked me.  “That’s a bathhouse!”

I then looked directly north.  From our height, I could see where the city ended and a field began.  A field that flowed into a valley.  The valley then led up into a mountain range, with an enormous tower at the very top.

I gasped.  “Is that…the Tower of Muses?”

My Muse nodded.  “It is! And that’s where we’re going after we eat.  It’s going to be a long journey before we get there, though…”

The server Muse came back and glanced at all of us.  “So what will you all be having today?”

“I will have the lobster bisque with your world-famous spicy mac and cheese.” My Muse answered.

“And to drink?” he asked her.

“I will have the double-barrel espresso.” She told him.

“Good choice!” he said, writing the order down.  He turned to me.  “And what will you have?”

“Keeping it simple, I want the same thing.” I told him.

“Very good,” he told me.  He turned to Twin Muse.  “And what about you?”

“I will have your Royal Salmon Steaks with your golden garlic butter mashed potatoes.” She told him.

“And to drink?”

“Make it the double-barrel espresso, but with two extra shots!  I LOVE caffeine!”

“Okay then!” The server took all of our menus and closed his order slip.  “We’ll have it out as soon as possible!”

I frowned at both Muses.  “Why did you both get coffee?  Coffee is NOT for Muses!”

They both playfully jabbed me in the side.

“Why did you say that?” My Muse challenged me.  “Are you basing that off of what one of your older blogs say about Muses drinking coffee?”

“Interestingly, I can remember that…” Twin Muse told us.

About 20 minutes later, the server Muse came out with our food.  We all ate it and we drank our double-barrel espressos.

A couple minutes later, Twin Muse had an uncomfortable look on her face.  “Oh…” she gasped.  “Oh no!”  Her chair began dripping, with everything dripping down her legs.  Her face turned red.  “I’ll be in the bathroom.  I’ll be right back!”

Twin Muse scurried off to the bathroom, leaving a dripping trail as she ran.

I nodded, holding back a smile.  “Dark or light, her personality is still there…”

My Muse nodded, quietly sighing.  “It’s okay.  Knowing that she’s my sister now, it makes so much sense.  I think that it would be best that we do not say anything about her embarrassing accident.  Let’s be easy on her, okay?”

I nodded.  “I won’t say anything if you won’t say anything.”

Twin Muse hurried back to the table and sat down.  She was wiping tears off her eyes, quietly weeping.

My Muse wrapped her arm around her shoulder.  “Don’t worry about what happened,” she quietly told her.  “You are my sister, and we all do embarrassing things…”

“But I peed myself!” she shouted.  “And everybody saw me when I hurried to the bathroom!”

My Muse then began whispering into Twin Muse’s ear.

“You did?” she said, gasping.  “Really?  Wow.  Now I don’t feel so bad about it…”

The bill came for the meal and my Muse left the full amount, plus a tip for the server Muse.

“So we’re going to the Tower of Muses next?” I asked my Muse.

My Muse nodded.  “We are, but we’re taking the scenic way!”

“Scenic?” Twin Muse gasped.  “I LOVE scenic!”

My Muse flashed and jet packs appeared on all of us.  For mine, it had dragonfly wings on either side.  For my Muse’s, hers had angel wings on either side.  For Twin Muse, hers had fairy wings on either side.

“Let’s go!” My Muse shouted.  She made all of us transparent and we flew right through the ceiling, out of the towering skyscraper.

In exiting the top floor, we were already at around 10,100 feet.  Skyscrapers were everywhere around us.  We then began to soar higher and higher…

Both Kyle and the Muse Sisters ascended higher and higher, soaring to new heights.  Having such wonderful meals, they were all ready for the next leg of their adventure.  Kyle then was stricken with anxiety when he thought of the fast burning fuel and the limitations the jet pack had with its diminishing fuel capacity.  Kyle’s anxiety vanished when he saw an infinity symbol when he checked the remaining fuel.  Due to Muse’s Intangible properties, creating jet packs with unlimited fuel posed no challenge to her at all.  They all freely flew away from the busy expanse of skyscrapers, heading northward to a quiet valley, passing over a field that was just as quiet.  But a rather disturbing sound broke through the quietness of the slightly chilly night.  Could it be?  Oh no!  It was a silhouetted figure with a darkening aura.  This can not be good.  The three touched down deep in the valley leading to the mountain range, while the mysterious figure ran away, out of their sight…

I looked at my Muse, and then glanced at Twin Muse.  “It looks like a long way up. Is everyone ready?”

“More like are you two ready?”  Twin Muse said, looking up at the mountain.  “There is something important that I just remembered!  Something that I really need to do!  You two, good luck with the climb!”

And before I could even respond, Twin Muse vanished in a bright beam of light.

Having just seen her disappear, I shrugged my shoulders.  “I guess that it’s just the two of us, huh?”

My Muse, completely dumbfounded, nodded.  “I guess so.  It looks like a very tall mountain.  Let’s get going.”

And with that, we continued onward.  The valley continued forward as we both walked it.  It then reached a dead end.  A cliff went straight up.  Wedged in the corner of the cliff was a tower.

When I saw the tower, I gasped.  “A Tower of Muses?”  I said, confused.  “But I thought the tower was at the top?”

My Muse shook her head.  “It’s not the tower you think it is.  Let’s go inside it!”

And we did.  Just as we approached the tower, I saw that same dark silhouette that I saw when I was in the air.

Tee hee…” The mysterious figure said as she entered the tower.

“It’s her…” I told my Muse.  “It’s the Dark Muse.  Clearly one of the older ones, since Twin Muse has already went somewhere else…”

The tower looked like an office building – for women.  The pink and white accents ran up and down the structure.  The glass had a pink tint to it.

“A pink office building,” I said to myself.  “Can’t my Muse be any more original?”

“Hey!” My Muse shouted.  “I heard that!”  And with that, we both entered the tower.

It was the same tower of Muses that I remembered from when I entered the tower for the first time.

I was immediately surrounded by pink.  Pink and white checkered tiles made of marble.  Pink and white sashes hanging in wide arcs throughout the ceiling.  The colors of the walls alternated between pink and white.  A white service desk sat in the middle of the lobby.

And, of course, a receptionist sat there, hard at work, making rapid strokes on the keyboard.  When the receptionist caught a glance of me, I saw her face.  Sure enough, it was my Muse, only she was an adult.

“Hello again!” The Muse receptionist shouted.

I glanced at my Muse and then back at the receptionist.  “We are making our journey up to the Tower of Muses.  Will this tower take us there?”

The Muse receptionist nodded.  “It certainly will!  But even if you get to the top of this tower, you will still have a long way to go.  Speaking of that tower, I have to get going.  I have a receptionist meeting with the head receptionist.  See you later!”

The Muse receptionist vanished and she was gone.  She was replaced by a Muse assistant that occupied her seat.

My Muse pointed over to the elevators.  “Let’s go up!  We have a long way to go!”

I nodded and we walked toward the elevators.  Just as we approached them, I saw an elevator door close.

“She’s on her way up!” I shouted.

“Then we need to hurry!” My Muse told me.

We pressed the up button and got in the next elevator door that opened.  I pressed the 100 button.

Finally, moments later, the elevator arrived at the 100th floor.

The floor was an enormous room, lavishly decorated.  A desk sat in one corner and a king-sized bed sat in the other.  Pretty much the same room as Tower of Ideas, only the bed was pink.

And on the bed laid…my Muse?

“What’s going on?” I asked my Muse.  “You’re with me and she’s right there?”

My Muse nodded.  “It’s like going through history.  This is the same 100 story tower from the beginning.”

I nodded.  “Okay.”  When I saw the other Muse laying on the bed, it made a lot more sense.  She was five years old and fast asleep, with a note attached to her.  I am not going to bother reading this note since this was long from the past.

I followed my Muse around the back end of the room.  It led to a door, which led to a short hallway which led to another door, with an exit sign posted above it.

“Exit?” I gasped.

But when I glanced outside the window, I noticed that we were at the bottom of a plateau.  This tower only took us to the top of the cliff.

We both exited the tower and I glanced up.  Another tall cliff was in the distance, with another tower wedged in the corner.

I sighed.  “Are we going to have to ascend 19 cliffs to get to the Tower of Muses?”

My Muse nodded, with a widening smile.

I sighed again.  This is going to take a looooooooooooong time.

We approached the second tower and I saw the same dark figure as the previous tower entering it.

We hurried inside and saw a different lobby.  Approaching a brown colored service desk, I saw a different Muse sitting there.  But she wasn’t typing.  In fact, she looked up right after I got to this floor.  It was only a split second that I saw her typing….

“Hello again, Kyle.” she announced.  “You are on the “The New Muse” floor.  This floor is one of my favorites, since it captures who I am, 99 days ago….”

I shrugged my shoulders and sighed.  “That is nice and all, but I need to be ascending to the top…”

The Muse receptionist nodded and then looked at her watch.  She gasped.  “And I need to be going to the meeting at the Tower of Muses!  See you there!”

The Muse receptionist vanished like the first one and was also replaced by a Muse assistant.

We ran over to the elevator.  Once again, one of the doors just closed.  We entered the elevator next to us and took it to the 100th floor.

Me and my Muse both saw another Muse laying on a light blue bed, with a note attached to her.  We hurried out of the tower, following the similar exits from the previous tower.

And just like that, the grand chase began.  Both Kyle and his Muse hurried through the towers, trying to catch the Dark Muse.  They traversed the higher plateaus, ascending the cliff through the third tower, the fourth tower, the fifth tower, all the way up to the tenth tower.  Even being this far, they both still had a very long way to go…

We passed through the party room and saw that it was empty.  After that, we entered the next room.  This room was an enormous room, lavishly decorated.  A desk sat in one corner and a grand bed sat in the other.  It was the size of four king-sized beds merged together.  It was well decorated with pure white and solid gold, with the bed being the same color.

And on this bed laid the Muse from the 1000th entry.  When I saw her, a sudden realization came across me.  These Muses are not at the Tower of Muses!

“Why aren’t these Muses at the Tower of Muses?”  I asked her.

“Kyle, all of these towers are copies.” She told me.  All of the original Muses are all resting up on their floors in the main tower.  Don’t worry about them, okay?”

I nodded.  “Okay!”

We both exited the tenth tower, followed the plateau around, and ascended the eleventh tower.  We then went through that plateau and took the twelfth tower to the top.

When we passed that room, I saw a three-year old Muse sleeping in a king-sized bed with fencing around it.

“Aw,” My Muse said, looking at her.  “I looked so cute when I was sleeping at that age…”

“I was very nervous at that time,” I told her.  “I didn’t want you to be a baby forever…”

“Fortunately, that didn’t happen, Kyle.   I learned all my developmental milestones during that arc and thrived.  Let’s go to the next one!”

I nodded, and we left the room and went towards the back.

Our ascents continued, through the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th towers.  And the Muses that slept there were the Time Lady Muse, Princess Muse, Jedi Muse, Giant Muse (Her room was bigger than the universe), Child Muse, and Iron Muse.

We left the 18th tower and noticed the dark shadow running in the distance.  From our brisk pace, we were catching up to her.  I quickly looked up and saw that only more plateau remained.  The top plateau with the Tower of Muses at the top.

As we approached the area where the cliff side was for the 19th tower, I noticed that the area flowed into a water-filled cave.  We entered the cave and the tower was inside.  My Muse gave us mermaid tails and we swam toward the next tower.

The dark shadow was just about to enter the door when we approached her.

“Reveal yourself.” I told the dark shadow.  “I know that you are the Dark Muse.”

“That’s me!” The Dark Muse shouted.  “I don’t have time to talk to you.  Tee hee!”

And with that, she swam right inside the tower.  We both swam in right behind her.

Instead of talking to the receptionist, we hurried to the elevators.  She pressed the up button and we entered with her.

I pressed the 100 button and gave her an accusatory stare.  “So, what are you doing?”

“What I always do! Tee hee!” she answered.  “Finding my home!  Speaking of homes, tee hee…”

“Don’t you even THINK about it!” I shouted at her.

She lunged forward toward my Muse and I blocked her.  She swam out of the way and quickly swam into my Muse.

My Muse then flashed dark and shrank down to her size.  “I like this!  Tee hee!”

“No!” I told her.  “You’re getting out of there now!”

“Kyle! Stop!  I really like this!  Tee hee!”

I ignored my Muse, who was possessed by her.  I used my One Privilege to remove Dark Muse from her.

“Fine!” The Dark Muse shouted.  “Be that way!  I’m going to the tower!  Bye bye!  Tee hee!”

The elevator reached the top floor and she swam out quickly toward the exit.

Me and my Muse swam through the final room.  A Mermaid Muse was laying in her bed, sleeping.  We swam around to the back and exited the room.  We closed the door after we entered the short hallway.

In this room, all the water drained and my Muse transformed both her and me back.

We exited the 19th tower and I took the top plateau all in.  Instead of snow, I saw a sizable field with a tiny forest to the west and a prairie to the east.

Far in the distance was flowery field, with rows of flowers that lit up on either side, forming a straight path to the Tower of Muses far ahead.  As we walked forward, I noticed that the ground beneath us transformed into glowing bricks.

The bricks all vibrated, forming a beautiful melody that filled the nighttime sky.  It was a wonderful symphony.  A symphony of a multitude of beautiful voices all converging together as one.

As we approached the tower, it got bigger and bigger.  The flowers glowed.  The fireflies all twinkled in the sky.

Then I saw it.  Like the tower back in entry 1000, this one was pure white.  But it was even whiter than before.  I didn’t think that it was possible, but this tower was even whiter.  Whiter than any white that you have ever seen.  A powerful glow emanated all around the tower.  Gold spirals run all the way up it to the very top.  Diamonds twinkled and glowed as we approached it.

A grand turnstile served as the entrance and the Dark Muse went right through it.

My Muse shook her head.  “I don’t like what she’s doing…”

I nodded.  “Neither do I.”

And for a moment, Kyle just stood there, overcome with disbelief.  Having gone so far with his Muse, he was finally here.  At the Tower of Muses that stood at the end of every post.  His journey has brought the two of them through a rather far distance.  From her heart into vibrant world, flowing into a central network of worlds.  Through the Creator’s Realm and through Muse City.  And finally, through the valley and up the numerous plateaus.  It was a long journey indeed, and Kyle could not help but feel excited.  Both ecstasy and excitement began to fill him like a plague.  He really could not contain the level of excitement that he had.  There was so much excitement in him that a whole legion of soldiers would shout with glee at a mere glance of him.  To defuse his excitement, his Muse quickly took him through the grand turnstile and they both entered…

“That Dark Muse is up to no good!” she told me.  “We really need to get this moving on…”

I nodded and looked ahead.  After leaving the turnstile with my Muse, I noticed the grand lobby and took it all in.  It was even bigger than before.  It continued the pure white theme from outside.  There was pure white with pure gold outlining all the walls and the furniture.

There were two sitting areas adjacent to each other, each with white loveseats and a few white lounge chairs.  Each chair was outlined in pure gold and studded with diamonds with a few chestnut oak coffee tables scattered around.

Looking just ahead of the sitting areas sat the grand reception desk.  Unlike the one from entry 1000, this one was much bigger.  One large reception desk sat in the center with a ring of 19 reception desks encircling it.  Each desk was pure white, with solid gold bows lining the sides.  And pretty much like all the previous editions, each desk was occupied by a busy Muse, hard at work, each making rapid strokes on the keyboard.

Since curiosity got the best of me, I called the attention of the receptionists.  “Might I ask who’s in charge?”

The Muse receptionist in the center desk stopped typing and looked up at me.  “That would be me.  Tee hee!”

I looked at the much larger circle of desks that surrounded hers.  “Could you then explain the others?  Do they all work for you?”

“Yes!” she answered.  “They all work for me.  Do you want me to introduce you to them?”

My Muse nodded.  “Yes.  We would want to know who they are, please.”

“Please do,” I told her.  “There are so many new faces this time…”

The Muse receptionist in the center desk got the attention of the other nine Muses.  “Workers!” she shouted.  “Say your name and title for Kyle please!  Tee hee!”

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses!” the first one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Second Ascent!” the second one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Third Ascent!” the third one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Fourth Ascent!” the fourth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Fifth Ascent!” the fifth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Sixth Ascent!” the sixth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Seventh Ascent!” the seventh one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Eighth Ascent!” the eighth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Ninth Ascent!” the ninth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Tenth Ascent!” the tenth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Eleventh Ascent!” the eleventh one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Twelfth Ascent!” the twelfth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Thirteenth Ascent!” the thirteenth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Fourteenth Ascent!” the fourteenth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Fifteenth Ascent!” the fifteenth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Sixteenth Ascent!” the sixteenth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Seventeenth Ascent!” the seventeenth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Eighteenth Ascent!” the eighteenth one shouted.

“Muse receptionist from Tower of Muses: The Nineteenth Ascent!” the last one shouted.

“Wait a second!” I shouted.  “The eleventh one doesn’t look like a Muse…”

“You are right…” The eleventh receptionist said with a sigh.  “I look more like you, right?  I think that we have discussed this before.  I could get the actual receptionist for you, but she’s taking her nap and she’s still in diapers…”

My Muse laughed.  “I don’t think we want to do that.  We’re fine with you filling in…”  She then turned to me.  “All of them are receptionists from all the past towers that I made.”

“That is correct!” The Muse in the center desk shouted.  “All of them are here for the big celebration.  I asked them to leave their towers and come work for me!  Tee hee!”

“And they’ll be back in their own towers by the twenty-first ascent?”  I asked her.

“That’s correct!” she answered.  “It will be just her!  Tee hee!”

Nodding, I glanced at the Twentieth Ascent receptionist.  “I know that this tower has more bells and whistles, but is this the same Tower of Muses as before?”  I asked her.

My Muse shook her head again and smiled.  “No, silly!  This tower is a little different.  And there’s a teleporter thingy that will take you to the 1901st floor!”

I nodded, with a slight grin on my face.  And this was mainly due to the déjà vu from all the previous nineteen editions of this tower that I have experienced in the past.  “And this floor is still…”

“Floor 1,” she recited.  “ExperiMENTAL.  Tee hee…”

Being very eager to approach the teleporter, my Muse stopped me immediately.  She thrust her hands against my side.  “Stop Kyle!”  She shouted.  “Don’t!”

“Oh, come on?”  I sighed.  “You don’t want to take the shortcut this time?”

“And miss out on all the epic adventures on this millennial milestone post?” she smiled.  “No.  We are taking the long scenic route!”

“Scenic?  Tee hee?” the center Muse receptionist said, grinning.  “Again?  Normally, the elevators here take you up 100 floors.  Then you have to go to the next elevators to go up 100 more floors…”

“But you do have something more simple, right?”  I said with a smile.

“Tee hee!” she said, smiling.  “That’s right!  Normally you would have to keep going up 100 floors.  But there’s some special elevators in the back that will take you up all the way to the 1901st floor!  Just enter the floor on the touch screen and it will take you there!  There’s even voice command!  It’s the latest!  Tee hee!”

“We’ll use those elevators, then.”  I told her.  “Thanks!”

The center Muse receptionist nodded.  “Anytime!  Tee hee!  Have fun!”

I followed my Muse to the special elevators in the back.  They had glass doors like its millennial ancestor and you could see through them.

“Kyle, we’ve gone through this before, haven’t we?” My Muse said with a sigh.  She playfully nudged me.  “You knew about the special elevators already!  I designed this, so let’s stop stalling and let’s get going!  Kyle, quick!”

I glanced at her and I saw the urgency on her face as I approached the elevator panel.  She wanted to kiss me.  I could just tell.  But she didn’t want to blurt it to her day one counterparts.

I quickly pressed the up button and one of the eight elevators instantly opened.

“Floor 10,” she stated.

The elevator doors closed and she began to kiss me on the lips incessantly.

“Hey hey!”  I shouted.  “Do you have any idea how many people are watching?”

“I don’t care,” she said, between kisses.  “Hey everyone!  I’m kissing Kyle!  Kissy kissy kiss kiss kiss!!!  Come on, Kyle, if anyone deserves it, it’s you.  Who else has actually kissed you besides your mother?  Don’t you want to be kissed by a woman?”

I nodded.  “Well yeah…” I told her.  “A real woman.”

She tightly embraced me and smiled.  “Well, you’re real to me, and that’s what counts. In this world that I made, you are real.  I made this tower and you made me.  Don’t you want to be with me?  What about anyone you plan on meeting in the future?  You will need some dating practice.  What kind of real woman would want to be with you if you’re not equipped?  Practice your affections on me.”

I nodded with a quiet sigh.  “Fine.  Kissing only, okay.  The clothes remain on!”

My Muse shook her head and gasped.  “Why no!  Why would I embarrass you like that?  I am very modest, so I wouldn’t put you through that.”

The elevator dinged and it opened again.

“More coffee?” I sighed.  “So the double barrel espresso wasn’t enough for you?”

My Muse shook her head.  “You know how much I LOVE coffee, Kyle.  Just let me get some coffee, and we can continue, okay?”

“Very well, but don’t go crazy like last time.”

She nodded.  “I won’t! Okay?”

I gave her a skeptic look.  “Okay…”

We approached the counter of a Starbucks café.  The barista there looked bored, like she hasn’t had a customer in hours.

“What’s your order, ma’am?”

My Muse smiled.  “Three venti vanilla cappuccinos.”

“One!” I shouted.  “You are not going to get all hyper and pee your pants like last time.”

My Muse shook her head.  “I’m a big girl and I know how to make it to the bathroom.  I mean, come on, Kyle!”  She ordered her three venti cappuccinos and she drank all of them in front of me.

I motioned her to leave, but she shook her head.

“Seven more…” she said, with a crazed look on her face.

“No more,” I told her.

But she didn’t listen.  She ordered the seven and drank them all in front of me.

After she drank the four additional ones after that, she reached her hand out to order again.

“You are NOT going to order again!” I shouted.

“Oh yes I will!” she shouted, her face twitching.  “Don’t you see it?  It’s amazing!  Coffee is amazing!  You are amazing!  I am amazing!  Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee! I love cof…”

My Muse collapsed on the floor and I gasped.  As much caffeine that was inside her, there was no accident.   She has got to have an accident very soon…But she didn’t.  She never did.  Everyone.  I am going to inspect her quickly.  I’ll be right back…

*a couple minutes later*

Well, that’s weird.  Considering what she was wearing, it was like she was planning for this event.  Well, she’s still unconscious, so I will get her to the elevator before she wakes up…

I carried my Muse in my arms and took her back to the elevator.  I pressed the up button and entered the elevator with her.  I then sat my Muse on the floor.

“Floor 1001,” I said.

The elevator door closed and she woke up.

“It happened again!” My Muse said, gasping.  “Kyle, I’m sorry again about the whole coffee thing.  When I’m on that floor, I just can’t help myself.  On that floor, it turns me into a total coffee addict.”

“Well, maybe we shouldn’t visit it anymore,” I told her.  “You didn’t act like that at all with your double-barrel espresso.”

She nodded.  “It’s that floor.  I don’t know what it is.  It’s kind of weird…” She glanced at the elevator panel.  “Where are we going?  Floor 1001?  So, you want to see my Day One self again, huh?”

“Why not?”  I said with a smile.  “It was a wonderful start to the reboot, right?”

My Muse nodded.  “Right!”

Minutes later, the elevator stopped on the 1001st floor and the door opened.

“Hi!” The Day One Muse shouted.  “Are you in an elevator?  I wanna go too!”  She entered the elevator and glanced at my Muse.  “Who’s that, Kyle?  Tell me!”

“I’m his Muse!”  My Muse answered.

She glanced at her and then back at me.  “So you’re leaving me to be with HER?”

I shook my head.  “No.  I was with you almost 1000 days ago!”

Day One Muse nodded.  “Yeah.  Okay.  I see how it is.  Go on and cheat Kyle, ‘cause cheating is good….”

“I didn’t say that I…”


“Can you let me…”

“CHEATER!  CHEATER! CHEATER! CHEATER!”  She gave me a raspberry.

I sighed.  “Are you done?  I’m kind of glad that you’re not that annoying in the future…”

Day One Muse gasped. “Well, I’m gonna pretend that I didn’t even hear that.  So…Whatcha doing?”

“We’re taking this elevator up and…”

“Oh!” she shouted.  “Can I try?  Just one.  Please?”

“Just say a floor and it will take you there.”

She smiled.  “Is that it?  Okay!  Floor 1005!”

The elevator door closed.  A few seconds later, the elevator stopped on the 1005th floor and the door opened.

On this floor, I was overcome by the smell of psychedelic drugs.  Music from the 1960’s was softly playing in the background, with a Muse that looked like a beatnik.

“Far out!” Hippie Muse shouted.  “Another sister?  Hey sis.  Come over here.  You’re late.”

Day One Muse gasped.  “Who?  Me?”

The Hippie Muse nodded.  “That’s right.  Me and the other sisters are jamming out.  We’re freeing our mind and having a wonderful experience.  Come and join me.  It will be totally far out…”

“Far out?” Day One Muse gasped.  “Sounds like fun!  Bye Kyle!”

“Bye!”  I shouted.  “Floor 1006.”

The elevator door closed.  It went up one floor to the 1006th floor.  The door opened again.

“That was easy.” I told my Muse.”

“I’ll say.” She told me.  “That hippie took her off our hands…”

When my Muse saw me exiting the elevator, she sighed. “A diner?  We just ate!”

I nodded.  “I know.  I’m just getting a snack.”

My Muse accompanied me to the diner and we were seated by the waitress Muse.  She took my order, which was an order of bacon and eggs.  A little while later, I got my order and ate it.  I left a generous tip on the table and we both walked back to the elevator.

After we both entered it, my Muse smiled.

“My turn,” she told me.  “Floor 1030.”

The elevator door closed and began moving upward.  Moments later, the elevator dinged, stopping on the 1030th floor.

This was the “Closing the Sale” floor.  Why was she stopping here?

A ten-year old Muse walked onto the elevator.  She then glanced at my Muse and gasped.  “Mom?”

My Muse shook her head.  “No.  I am not your mom.”

The Tween Muse gave her a curious look.  “That’s weird.  You look a lot like her!”  She looked around at the elevator.  Can I come with you?  I’m bored on that floor!”

We both nodded.  “Sure!”  I told her.

“Yay!” she shouted.  “Let’s go to floor 1065!”

The elevator heard what she said and started moving upward.

While it was moving upward, something stopped it from moving.  The elevator stopped on the 1056th floor and the door opened.

I gasped when I saw who was right outside the door.  It was a Zombie Muse!

“BRAAAAAAINS!!!!” The Zombie Muse shouted.

My Muse gasped.  “This game?  Here.  Peashooters for everyone!”  My Muse made peashooters appear in my hand, her hands, and Tween Muse’s hands.

Between the three of us, we all pelted the Zombie Muse with peas, which was enough to knock its head off.

The elevator door closed and continued moving upward.  Moments later, it dinged stopping on the 1065th floor.

When we all got out, we saw a room made of solid gold.  Then I saw where it was coming from.

“You have got to help me!” Golden Muse shouted, wiping tears off of her eyes, which transformed into little gold pieces.  “Everything that I touch turns to gold!”

“Everyone, away from her!”  I shouted.  “Back in the elevator!”

The Golden Muse continued crying her golden tears.  “No!  You have to help me!”  She touched the elevator up/down panel.  It turned to solid gold.

We all got in.  “Sorry,” I told her.  “I wish that I could help you.  Floor 1084!”

The door started to turn solid gold as it closed.  The elevator continued upward, but stopped again on the 1072nd floor.

The elevator door opened to a Stupid Muse standing there.

“Duhhhh…..” The Stupid Muse said.

The elevator door began to close.

“Bye bye George!” she shouted.

“That was random.” I told my Muse.

“I know.”  She told me.  “It was like she didn’t have a brain in her head…”

“Where are we going next?” Tween Muse asked us.

“We’re going to Floor 1084, Baby Steps.” I told her.  “I think that you will like this floor.”

Moments passed.  The elevator then dinged again and stopped on the 1084th floor.  The elevator door opened and we all exited it.

Standing right next to us was a Baby Muse.  She was standing there in just a shirt and a diaper.

“Pee pee!” she shouted.

“Aw!” Tween Muse shouted.  “Did you just go?  Here.  Let me help you…”  She then turned to all of us.  “Everyone.  She doesn’t need an audience.  I’m going to go and help her on this floor, okay?”

“Works for us!” I told her.  I then turned back to my Muse.  “Let’s go, Muse!”

She nodded, and we both got back inside the elevator.

“Floor 1217!” I shouted.

The elevator continued upward.  As it got to 1100, the elevator came to a sudden stop.

My Muse then began gasping for air.  “Kyle…” she gasped.  “I…don’t…feel…too…good…Kyle…I’m dying…”  Her breathing became more and more labored.

“Not again!”  I shouted.

The elevator door opened and the Dark Muse entered.

“Tee hee!”  The Dark Muse shouted.  “So she’s dying, huh?  Are we going up?  Floor 1217?  We’re stopping on Floor 1112 first!”

The elevator continued upward and my Muse could breathe again.  It must’ve been the floor we were on…

Moments later, the elevator dinged and stopped on the 1112th floor.  The elevator door opened and my Muse hurried out of it.

“No!”  I shouted.  “Don’t enter her!”

My Muse, having just regained her breath, ran with me.  We kept running but we couldn’t keep up with her.  She entered Muse’s room and found Muse, peacefully sleeping in her crib.

Aw…”  Dark Muse gleefully grinned.  “It’s a cute little home! She’s so cute, sleeping…She may be small, but I can still fit! Tee hee!

Dark Muse entered Muse, who began to gleefully snore in her crib…

“It’s too late…” I whispered.

“Tee hee…” The Dark Baby Muse snored.  “Pee pee…”

We all went back to the elevator and entered it.  The elevator door closed and continued upward.

But for some reason, it stopped between the 1162nd floor and the 1163rd floor.

We both heard the sound of a struggle.

“I grow…BIGGER!” The Dark Baby Muse shouted.

And with that, the universe exploded and the elevator stopped on floor 1163.  The Baby Universe floor.

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…

Upon hearing that sound, it sent chills down my spine.  She did it again.  The Dark Muse remade the universe in her image.  “She…” I gasped.

“Don’t worry, Kyle.” My Muse told me.  “These floors are only memories of what happened.  “Let’s keep going, okay?”

I nodded and I stared at the button panel.  The elevator door closed and it continued upward.  Moments later, it stopped at the 1217th floor with a ding.  The door opened.

“Oh hello there,” a rather dark Muse said.  It looked like the Time Lady Muse, only the darker version.

“Another Dark Muse?” I said, sighing.  “What are you up to?”

“Besides everything going to plan, all I can do is enjoy the show.” She said with a sinister smile.  “The tyke below is at my command and I’m on my way up to spread my influence elsewhere.  What is even more amusing is that you are talking to a hologram.  End of message!”

The Dark Muse hologram vanished.

“She’s already on her way up?” I gasped.

My Muse nodded.  “She already went up to inhabit baby Muse.  We need to stop her before she inhabits the others…”

“Floor 1241!”  I shouted.

The elevator door closed and continued upward.  The elevator, however stopped on the 1229th floor.  The door opened and a couple of people ran inside it.  One was a man and one was a woman.

“Hurry!” The man told us.  “We need to get off this floor!”

“Why?” I asked them.

“Haven’t you heard?” The woman said, looking at me.  “There’s an epidemic going on where various random people are being turned into babies!   We need to get off before… WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!”

Both the woman and the man immediately turned into babies.

“Hurry!” I shouted.  “Close the eleva… WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!”

I turned into a baby, leaving only my Muse standing there in horror.

“Floor 1241!” she screamed.

The elevator door closed and continued upward.  While it traveled upward, my Muse restored us all to our original ages.

“Thank you very much!” the woman shouted.

“We can’t thank you enough!” The man told us.

“Anytime.” My Muse told them.  “We’re going someplace safe…”

They both nodded and glanced at the elevator panel, as it was continuing to ascend.  1238…1239…1240…1241.  The elevator stopped with a ding and the door opened.

Both the man and the woman got out of the elevator and bid us farewell.

“Why did we stop here?” I asked my Muse.

“You tell me!” My Muse said.  “You chose the number!”

“Oh yeah…” I said, nodding.  “I think I remember now.  This is the ‘Smart Phone & New Computer’ floor.  It was when I got my first ever smart phone and my new computer.”

“One that you still use to this day!” My Muse said with a smile.  “Where to next?”

“Floor 1337!” I shouted.  “That floor is so 1337!”

“As long as we stop at floor 1334 first,” My Muse suggested.

I nodded.  “It heard you so it will stop there first.”

The elevator continued upward, passing past the 1300th floor.  As it passed floor 1315, a strange aura filled the room, and then the floor mysteriously stopped on the 1321st floor.

My Muse flashed and she shrank down to the size of a child.

“Oh no…” I gasped.  “It’s the ‘A Little Problem…’ floor.  I believe that the magic spell stopped the elevator from moving.  It should close soon…”

My Muse glanced at herself in her princess dress and gasped.  “It IS a spell.  I can’t change back!”

“Maybe it will wear off when we get to 1400?” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“I hope!” My Muse said, looking at her small body.  “I don’t want to stay small…”

The elevator door closed and it continued upward.  Seconds later, it stopped on the 1334th floor.


I smiled as the elevator door opened.  Kyle didn’t look too happy and I wondered why.  Afterall, we were going to his 1337 floor next, right?  I like this floor and how it commemorated…


The launch of the Nintendo Switch.  As fun as this floor is, I am going to close the elevator door before narrative switches again.  Afterall, we wouldn’t want the remainder of this entry from my Muse’s point of view, right?

The elevator continued upward, but almost immediately stopped on the 1337th floor.  The door opened, with a large crowd of people staring at us.

“You two are made of fail.” The lead person told us.  “If you were to walk on this floor, you would be pwned so fast that you would be turned into fail sauce in no time.”

“Get lost, n00bs!” A woman shouted in the crowd.

“That woman is right,” he told us.  “You see, everyone on this floor is made of win.  But you two are made of fail.  Get back into your fail box before we all turn you into fail sauce.  None of you are 1337 enough to be here.  One! One! One! 11! One! Shift plus 1!”

“One! One! One! 11! One! Shift plus 1!” Everyone chanted.

My Muse glanced at me and frowned.  “And you wanted to come to this floor why?”

“Let’s keep going.” I told her.  “For epic win, we need to go to the next floor.  Those n00bs are teh fake, we are teh real, and would all get pwned very badly if we were to stay.  Later n00bs!  Floor 1351!”

Before they could say anything else, the elevator door closed and continued upward.  When it got to floor 1350, the elevator mysteriously stopped and the doors opened.

Suddenly, a ghostly form of my Muse flew out of my Muse and became solid.  My Muse then grew to her normal size again.

“Thanks!” The Muse clone shouted.  “Tee hee!”

I glanced at my Muse.  “It’s the Dark Muse again.  What is she up to?”

“Whatever it is, it’s not good!” My Muse answered.

The elevator continued up, but stopped in between the 1350th floor and 1351st floor.

Gwow bigger!  Tee hee!

The Imaginary Realm exploded and the elevator stopped on the floor 1351.  The Time for Spring floor.

It then hit me.  “It’s like the Baby Universe floor,” I told her.  “The only difference is that she’s the Dark Baby Princess Muse recreating the dimension in her image.  Let’s keep going.  Floor 1440!”

The elevator continued upward, but stopped moving on the 1372nd floor.  The door was frozen shut!

“Unthaw!” I shouted, using my One Privilege.

The door unthawed and the elevator doors opened. A princess Muse was standing there, in front of a snowy landscape, with her hands flashing with ice.

“She froze the door!” I told her.  Close the door!

The elevator doors closed and the elevator continued upward.  It stopped immediately on the next floor.  Floor 1373.

“What’s going on?” I gasped, looking perplexed.

My Muse was speechless, and she looked terrified.

The elevator door opened.


“Close it!” My Muse pleaded.

I pressed the close button as many times as I could.  The elevator doors closed and we continued upward.  After a little while, the elevator stopped on the 1440th floor and the doors opened.

A Muse with a white robe stood there, holding a red lightsaber.

“Don’t go any further,” The Jedi Muse told us.  “I am not going to move…”

“I am not going to move…” I said, in a trance.

“Stop!” My Muse shouted.  “Your Jedi mind tricks don’t work on me!  Close already!”

The Jedi Muse ran forward, fiercely swinging her lightsaber.  The doors closed just in time.

“Floor 1446!” My Muse shouted.

The elevator continued upward.

“Wait!” I shouted.  “You didn’t just say 1446, did you?”

“Why?” My Muse asked me.  “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t you know what’s on that floor?”  I asked her.

The elevator stopped on the 1446th floor and the door opened.  A large flood of water began gushing toward us.

“A flood!” I shouted.

The elevator door tried to close, but the flooding torrent of water kept it open.

“No!” I shouted.  “All the water is out of the elevator and the door is closed!  One Privilege, ENGAGE!”

The water vanished and the doors closed.  I then glanced at the elevator panel.  “Floor 1572!”

The elevator continued upward, the numbers counting up quickly, about a floor every second.  The elevator passed the 1500th floor.  Moments later, it passed floor 1510.  After that, it passed 1520.  1530.  1540.

After the elevator passed through 1551, the elevator stopped and everything transformed.

Tee hee hee hee hee hee…

My Muse then stood up and grew exponentially.  She outgrew the elevator and burst through the elevator shaft.

I was suddenly laying there in floor 1552, which surprisingly was much bigger on the inside.

I looked at my Muse and gasped.  “What are you doing?”

What is she doing? She’s one of the many me’s!  Tee hee!  Welcome to my Teeheeverse!  Tee hee!

I shook my head.  “No.  Not this time! Me and my Muse are back in the elevator with her at her normal size and we are off this floor!  One privilege, ENGAGE!”

We were immediately on the elevator and were en route to the 1572th floor.

My Muse gasped.  “What just happened?”

“We were in the Dark Muse’s Teeheeverse!” I told her.  “I got us out of it.”

Moments later, the elevator stopped on floor 1572 and the elevator doors opened.

I then began to hear the music to Super Mario Odyssey:

Here we go, off the rails
Don’t you know it’s time to raise our sails?
It’s freedom like you never knew

“There we go!” I said smiling.  “We get to hear Paulina sing ‘Jump up, Super Star!’”

“I love this game!” My Muse shouted.  “I can even remember playing it before you!  I was 10,000 light years tall and I can remember getting all the way to the Cascade Kingdom before you came over…”

So let’s all jump up super high (Jump up super high)
High up in the sky (High up in the sky)
There’s no power-up like dancing
You know that you’re my superstar (You’re my superstar)
No one else can take me this far
I’m flipping the switch
Get ready for this
Oh, let’s do the odyssey!

I nodded, letting the music continue in the background.  “That really was an epic game.  Even though I waited until Christmas, I’m glad that I waited.  For the next floor, let’s make it floor 1640!”

The elevator doors closed, and I said goodbye to the wonderful music to “Jump up, Super Star!”.  The elevator continued upward.  A couple minutes later, the elevator stopped on the 1640th floor.  The elevator dinged and the door opened.

I exited the elevator with my Muse to see a younger version of my Muse.  She was a child, and she was showing her mother Nurture her picture that she drew.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.  I knew exactly who it was.

“Don’t answer it!”  I shouted.

Too late.  Nurture opened the door and it was the Dark Muse.  When she saw us, she smiled.

“Hello again, tee hee!” she shouted.  Then she approached me and my Muse and spoke softly to us.  “It’s too late!  Tee hee!  This is the last one and I’ll have them all…Tee hee…”  Dark Muse then went and hypnotized Nurture and Remedy so that they would believe her lies.

My Muse shook her head and sighed. “We’re too late…”

I shook my head.  “We are not.  We’ll figure this out.  Let’s continue on, okay?”

My Muse nodded.  We both entered the elevator.  “Floor 1680!” my Muse shouted.

The elevator continued upward.  Moments later, it stopped on the 1680th floor and the door opened.

My Muse got out and walked toward the Child Muse.  She then looked at the Child Muse and smiled.  “I’m ready!”

I frowned.   “You’re ready?  Ready for what?”

My Muse gave me the biggest smile she could.  “Ready to play!  Tee hee!”

My Muse shrunk down and became the same size as child Muse.

I gasped.  “Wait a second…What are you doing?”

She turned to me and grinned. “I played a game with you!  It was a fun game!  Tee hee!  After my Dark Muse sister exited me, I pretended to be normal until I got to this floor!”

Suddenly, the entire tower started to shake it then began to turn sideways.  Whoa!

I teleported out of the Tower of Muses to find a Dark Baby Muse holding the tower in the palm of her hands.  Next to her was the Dark Princess Muse and the Dark Muse.

My Muse appeared with the Child Muse, and they both grew to the same size as the other three Dark Muses.

My Muse smiled, looking at me.  “I did it…Tee hee!  I visited every one of my homes!  Now that everyone is here, you can all come home!  Tee hee!”

The Dark Baby Muse, the Dark Princess Muse, the Dark Muse, and the Dark Child Muse all entered my Muse, and she began to flash very brightly.

“HEE!!!!” She screamed.  “TEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!  Time to grow more!  Tee hee!”

My Muse grew and grew.  She grew until she reached the size of the universe.

“Tee hee…urgh! Must keep…GROWING!  Tee hee…”

A voice suddenly interrupted her.

That is enough.  This story will not take a turn for the worst.  You are all banished to a dimension of no return!  Kyle’s Muse has regained her senses.  The Tower of Muses is back where it belongs and all normal Muses are restored.

My Muse looked around and smiled.  “Whoa.  What just happened?”

I looked around.  We were inside the Tower of Muses again on the 1680th floor.  “You can thank The Creator.  He restored everything back to normal!  Let’s continue on, shall we?”

My Muse nodded as I pressed the up button by the elevators.  The door opened and we entered it.

“Floor 1730!” My Muse shouted.

The elevator door closed and it continued upward.  Moments later, we were just about on the 1730th floor, but stopped on floor 1728A instead.

The elevator door opened, and I saw something that sent chills up my spine.  It was…a Ugandan Knuckles!

“Do you…know da wae?”  The Ugandan Knuckles asked me.

I nodded.  “Yes.  Floor 1901 is da wae!”

But the Ugandan Knuckles didn’t like that answer.   He shook his head and became angry.  “That is not da wae!  Now, do you know da wae?”

I shook my head.  “Not da wae you’re going, no.”

The Ugandan Knuckles gave me a furious look.  “If you don’t know the da wae, then you must pay…WITH YOUR LIFE!  Come oooooooooon, brudas!”

My Muse gasped, as she saw a swarm of clicking Ugandan Knuckles coming out of various rooms and joining their leader.  “Um…Kyle?!”

The swarm of Ugandan Knuckles suddenly stopped when they noticed my Muse.  They all gasped.  “This is our PRINCESS!” The leader shouted.

But before any of the Ugandan Knuckles could move, the real princess showed up.  When they saw her, they glanced back at my Muse, looking furious.  “They TRICKED us!” the leader shouted.  “Let’s spit on them!”

“Close door!” I shouted.

Before any Ugandan Knuckle saliva could get on us, the elevator door closed.

“Don’t let them get away!” the leader shouted.  “Come oooooooooon, brudas!”

The leader pressed the up button on another elevator and the Ugandan Knuckle swarm all entered it.

Meanwhile, our elevator reached the 1730th floor and the door opened.

I shrugged my shoulders and glanced at my Muse.  “Why are we here?”

My Muse smiled.  “Spark Tower, that’s why!”

“The one and only!” a stylishly dressed Muse said.  “Why brings you to my Tower?”

“Just passing through,” I told her.

Suddenly, the other elevator stopped and the door opened.

A swarm of Ugandan Knuckles all began making clicking noises and then glanced at us.

“You might want to hide,” I told Miss Spark.  “Floor 1746!”

The elevator door closed and continued upward.

“They’re getting away!” The Ugandan Knuckles leader shouted.  They all stayed in their elevator and they also continued upwards.

“Just perfect,” My Muse said, sighing.  “How do those Ugandan Knuckles know where we’re going?”

I shrugged my shoulders.  “I guess they know ‘da wae’!”

My Muse frowned.  “Not funny.  Where are we going now?”

I smiled.  “Oh, you’ll see…

The elevator continued upward and stopped on the 1746th floor.  The door opened and I stood outside, waiting for the Ugandan Knuckles to show up.

My Muse gasped.  “Kyle!  What are you doing?  The Ugandan Knuckles will capture you!”

I ignored her and maintained my composure.  The other elevator stopped and the door opened.  A swarm of clicking Ugandan Knuckles all ran out and immediately surrounded me.

“You know,” I addressed them.  “I’m really starting to get tired of Ugandan Knuckles…Everyone that I touch will get deleted.  One Privilege, ENGAGE!”

The Ugandan Knuckles, not being very intelligent, all approached me anyway.  As they began to lay their hands on me, I quickly tapped each one, deleting them one by one.  I did this until all 56 of them were deleted.

“Now,” I told her.  “You were saying?”

My Muse smiled.  “Oh yeah…Your privilege…Now, what’s so special about this floor?”

“This is the ‘Job Offer’ floor!” I answered.  “This was when I got my job offer at Dow!”

My Muse grinned.  “I remember that.”

We then both re-entered the elevator.  My Muse then looked a little restless.  “Where to, next?”  Shortly after she said that, she spoke up.  “Wait!  I know where we can go!  Floor 1838!”

The elevator door closed and it continued upward.  Moments later, the elevator stopped on Floor 1785.  The door opened, and a giant powerful Iron Muse was standing there, ready to attack.

“I don’t know why it stopped there.” I said with a sigh.  “Close door!  I remember this one!  There’s a lot of destruction!”

The door closed and continued upward.  About a minute later, the elevator stopped on the 1838th floor.  The door opened and my Muse ran out as fast as she could.

“Toyota Camry!” She shouted.

I ran out behind her and she was already inside the car, laying in the back seat.

“This was when I got my new Camry,” I said, smiling.  “Can we continue upward now?  We’re almost done!”

“Just a few more minutes…” My Muse pleaded to me, making herself comfortable in the back seat.

Ignoring her, I picked her up and grabbed her by the hand, yanking her out of the Toyota Camry.

“No!” she shouted.  “I wanted to be in the Camry!”

“If you like it so much, get your own!” I told her as we re-entered the elevator.

My Muse sighed.  “Bye, Toyota Camry…”  I glanced at the elevator panel.  “Floor 1864.”

The elevator continued upward, but it once again stopped early.  It stopped on the 1840th floor.  The door opened, flooding the whole elevator.

I used my One Privilege to breathe underwater and I looked around.  Oh yeah, this is the Mermaid Muse arc…

And in the distance, I saw a Mermaid Muse, causing havoc everywhere.  Then it hit me.  She drank all of Neptune’s elixirs!

My Muse became a mermaid and pulled me back into the elevator.  “Let’s go…” she told me.  “I remember how this turns out.  Plus we’re almost done, right?”

I nodded.  “Right! Close door!”

The flooded elevator door closed and the elevator continued upward.  Moments later, it stopped on the 1864th floor and the door opened.

I then gasped.  “Oh no!”

“Oh no, what?” My Muse asked me.

“We didn’t pick up any of the Muses along the way!”

My Muse smiled.  “We don’t need to this time.  They’re already on the top floor.”

I pointed at the Mermaid Muse in the distance again.  “It looks like she’s even worse this time.  Let’s go to the 1901st floor!”

My Muse nodded as the elevator door closed for the last time.

Ding!  This was it.  We finally arrived.

And just like that, for what seemed like more than an eternity, Kyle and his Muse finally reached the 1901st floor.  Both Kyle and his Muse left and approached the lobby.  Kyle was quite the eager beaver to make an outstanding ending to this wonderful milestone!  With this being the millennial milestone, no ordinary recycled zinger would do.  Why, something like that would be unheard of in writing an epic milestone of this scale and magnitude.  This raise the roof, all up in your face, right back at you, always sure to please epic zinger would be 100% original.  Totally first-class, grade A, and organic, and would stand out from all the rest.  That is how we do millennial posts around here, isn’t it?

As to not elongate this narrative any longer than what it should be, the narrator quieted down and handed the mike back over to Kyle and his beloved Muse to finish this one up.

“Nice!” I said, kindly remarking the narrator.

My Muse nodded.  “He always does a good job on these ones, doesn’t he?”

In examining the lobby, I noticed that it had no exit, since this was the 1901st floor.

I then approached a pure white service desk that was laced with solid gold bows.  A different Muse was sitting there, typing away.  She then looked up at me and smiled.  She was smaller, bearing a striking resemblance to the Dark Muse.

Welcome Kyle, Tee hee!” she announced.  “You are on the ‘The Dark Side of the Muse’ floor.  I love this floor, since it captures who I am, 99 days ago.  Tee hee!”

I then nodded, and looked at the elevators that were past her desk.  “I would like to go to floor 2000 now.”

At this, the Dark Muse receptionist smiled.  “Go right on ahead!  Tee hee!  I’ll be right up there in a little bit.  I just need to close things down around here.  Tee hee…”

I then advanced further to the elevators.  I then sighed, and quite deliberately broke the fourth wall.  Would you really want me to actually pick 6 to 8 random floors and stop on them?  Sorry.  It’s not going to happen this time, either…

My Muse shook her head.

Muse:  Kyle!  Drop the charade!  You did that back in entry #1000!  THIS is entry #2000, and I advise that we go up and visit a few floors!  Come on!  Please…

She looked at me with a mesmerizing face.  One that made me faint with love.

Okay.  Just a few more floors.  To commemorate this special anniversary, we’ll do so.

Muse:  Yay!  I knew that you would come around!

She kissed me and we both walked hand in hand to the final set of elevators.  I pressed the up button and we both entered the elevator, and thus beginning the final trip to all of my favorite floors.

I pressed 1908 and the elevator zoom upward.  Moments later, the elevator stopped at the selected floor.  Ding!

My Muse shrugged her shoulders and sighed.  “Why here?” she asked me.  “I don’t like this floor.”

I sighed and looked back at her.  “I need to remind myself of the past.  I was very mean to you and I didn’t trust you, no matter what you said to me…”

We both watched the argument of my past self with my Muse’s past self in her Dark Muse form.  Tears began to flow out of my eyes.  “I’m sorry!” I shouted, giving my Muse a hug.

“Kyle!” she said, wrapping her arm around me.  “It was not your fault.  The Adversary put a terrible spell on you.  It made you not trust me.  Don’t worry about it…okay?”

My Muse gave me a gentle kiss and I smiled.  “Okay,” I said with a nod.  “I won’t worry about it.  Let’s go to the next one.”

We got back inside the elevator and my Muse pressed 1911.  It went up three floors and we exited it.

“More arguing?”  I sighed.  “So why are we here?”

“I just wanted to show you how much I was getting through to you.” She told me.

After the argument, we saw the Muse alone, inside of Kyle’s head.  The Adversary then waved his hand on the Dark Muse Muse.

“He made me forget why you hated me?” My Muse gasped.  “That makes so much sense now!  I can remember that I was so confused at that time!”

I glanced at the elevator.  “It’s all coming together.” I told her.  “Let’s see more on how this unfolds, okay?”

My Muse nodded, and we both entered the elevator.  I pressed 1923.

Just moments later, the elevator door opened.  This was the “Miso Shrimp and More Groceries” floor.

As we watched the heated argument, my Muse cried.  “You banished me to that terrible dimension!”

I wiped a couple of tears off my eyes.  “You saw the green auras!  I didn’t mean to do this!  Both of us were being used…”

My Muse nodded.  “Sorry…This floor…It just brings back those bad memories…let’s just leave, okay?”

I nodded and we both re-entered the elevator.  My Muse pressed 1932.  For some reason, I remembered the name of this floor.  It was the “Momentum” floor.

As we watched the argument, my Muse smiled.

“What’s with that big smile?” I said, scowling.

“I can remember tricking you!” she said, laughing.  “That whole time, you weren’t arguing with me, but with my clone!”

“I guess that makes sense how you were able to escape, even after that…” I told her.

“Next floor?” she asked me.

I nodded.  “Next floor.”

We got back inside the elevator and I pressed 1937.

“Hmm…” My Muse said, scratching her head.  “What was this one again?  Oh yeah!  It was the ‘Jumping into Action’ floor!”

Ding!  The elevator stopped and we both got off.

Right as the reenactment began, my Muse gasped.  “Oh yeah!  This was where I paused the story arc so that we could celebrate Halloween!”

“And I’m glad you did,” I said with a smile.  “We can’t let the story arc interfere with holidays.”

“Absolutely not!” she said with a nod.  “And I made an excellent Selphie that year!  Didn’t I?”

I nodded.  “But you were still an angel on Halloween…”

“I wanted to try an extra costume.” She told me.  “So, it appears that Twin Muse likes video games more than I do.  That costume really showed a lot of her side…Well let’s go!  There’s still a few more floors that we need to go to!”

We got on the elevator and my Muse pressed 1944.  The elevator began its way upward.

“Where is this?” I asked her.

“I don’t know,” my Muse said sarcastically.  “The Dark Muse doesn’t know!”

I gasped.  “That was probably the biggest mistakes that I ever made!  No!  Let’s not go there!”

Too late.  Ding!  The elevator stopped, and my Muse dragged me out.

I watched in pain as the argument between my past self and the Dark Muse Muse continued.

“So how did it feel Kyle, to brainwash me and watch me transform the entire universe again?” She said, bursting into tears.

“Just stop!” I shouted in tears.  “The Adversary had us playing into his plan and that is exactly what happened!  I was blind to who you really were.  I really thought you were the Dark Muse, so I unknowingly brainwashed you… *sob*

My Muse hugged me.  “We were both used.  This past was painful to re-experience…but let’s put it past us, okay?  Do you want to see how it ends?”

I smiled.  “I know how it ends…”

She too, smiled.  “I know, but let me press the button…okay?”

I nodded.  “Go for it.”

My Muse walked over to the panel and pressed 1952.

“We’re almost done with the floors.” My Muse told me.  “Just a few more floors and we’ll be done, Kyle!”

The elevator stopped on floor 1952.  Ding!  We both out of the elevator.

“Some Improvement?” I said, smiling.  “I would say a lot of improvement.  We basically go from you taking control of me and enjoying your Teeheeverse to restoring everything back to normal.”

“Father had a lot to do with my restoration.” She told me.  “Plus we watch Wreck it Ralph in the end!  This one is amazing!”

My Muse grabbed me by the hand and pulled me back into the elevator.  She pressed 1965 and it went up ten floors.

“Start churning butter and put on your church shoes, because we’re going to the internet!” she said, smiling.

The elevator stopped.  Ding!  We got off again.

I frowned.  “Wait.  Aren’t we already in the internet?”

“We are!” My Muse said, smiling.  “And right over there is the audience, who is reading this post!  Hi audience!  How do you feel after reading over 15,000 words?”

“It’s 15,721 words,” I corrected her.  “And I’m sure that their eyes are exhausted.”

“Maybe not.” She argued.  “What if they took a lot of breaks?”

I shrugged my shoulders.  “This floor is just a Wreck-it Ralph 2 reference.  Can we proceed on?”

“Certainly, stink breath!” My Muse shouted.

“How many more?” I asked her.  I was getting extremely impatient.

“Don’t worry.” She told me.  “Just two more floors and we’ll go to the top.  I promise!”

“Is this just to stall the big celebration at the top?” I asked, giving her a curious stare.

“Maybe…” She said in an exaggerated tone.

I followed my Muse back into the elevator and she pressed 1973.  A few moments later, the elevator stopped and we got off.

“O Christmas Tree?” I said, looking puzzled.

“Yes!” She said, smiling.  “Remember what happened the day before?”

I smiled.  “Yes.   You were crazy about my Camry!”

My Muse nodded.  “And I still am!  Let me know when you are going to get it out or you’re going to be in so much trouble!”

I nodded.  “Deal!  Yes.  This one was a good one.  We waited to get our tree and I’m so glad that we did.  It was a good one, with good food to boot…”

My Muse nodded.  “Of course!  Now for the last floor!”

We got on the elevator once again and she pressed 1996.  It went up 23 floors and we both got off.

“Merry Christmas?”  I asked her.

“Uh huh!” she said with a smile.  “And look where you’re standing!”

I looked up and I saw some mistletoe hanging from the ceiling.  Nodding, I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

It was still dark out when we wondered into the family room.  The tree was there, all fully decorated with lights and various ornaments.  A mysterious shadow was in the room with us…

“What are you doing up?” the shadow asked us.

The shadow cleared, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was Santa Claus.

“I have many more gifts to deliver,” he told us.  “But do be good children and go back to sleep.  You don’t want any coal, do you?”

“Um Santa?” I asked him.  “We are visiting this floor.  Christmas has already happened.”

My Muse nodded.  “He’s right.  Our past selves are sleeping right now, just as we should!”

Santa adjusted his glasses and smiled.  “Ho ho ho ho…I see.  You’re both just visiting?  That makes perfect sense, as we are currently in a temporal stasis.  Within this stasis, it takes a year for a second to happen.”

“A year?” I gasped.

“How else do you think that I would be able to deliver gifts to over 2 billion houses?” he asked me.  “This temporal stasis makes it very easy for me to travel the world, delivering every single gift overnight.  Now, are you going up?”

My Muse nodded.  “Let’s do that.  It’s been a pleasure chatting with you, Santa, but me and Kyle both need to go.  Let’s go, Kyle!  The top floor awaits!”

Santa nodded.  “Ho ho ho…Okay.  Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas!” we both shouted, as we left the room.

I entered the elevator with my Muse and pressed the 2000 button.  Moments later, the doors closed.

Several moments passed.  At this point, Kyle decided to be a little more unoriginal…

Muse: Uh uh! Not this time!

And just like that, I saw it.  All time and space came to a stand-still.  My Muse’s heart began to flash very brightly.

Muse: Do you see it, Kyle? Do you know where we are? Do you remember?

I smiled.  Aren’t we in your heart?

My Muse’s heart shined even brighter, with a pure white light, which filled the entire elevator.

Muse:  We are, This is what I use to create all of the towers that you have seen in the past, including this one that we are in.  All of the creativity…the magic is all in there…

And my, how she was right!  As she shared her creative speech with Kyle, the light danced all over the elevator.  It was a dance party.  A party that you would never believe.  You have seen mere humans dance, but have you ever seen light dance in this way?  Why, it was a sight to behold!  Kyle’s Muse was determined to not have a drab and boring ending…The pure light from her pure heart shined through the boredom…the dryness…the hum-drum dribble that we always have to endure every 100 posts.  But she would not stand for it this time, and neither would I.  Who really wants to read a boring ending?  Who wants that same old recycled gobbledygook force-fed down your throats?  Who wants a British narrator rehashing bland scripts taken directly out of the rubbish heap?  You get the point.  The recipe for bland, boring, dry, and lifeless endings are over for this edition, as there is a new chef in town.  A chef that isn’t afraid to use a little flavor.  That wonderspice that will pack a wonderful punch and deliver the most palatable and scrumdiddlyumptious milestone ending the world has ever seen.  The never-ending story entering a state of paradox.   And that is the ending that we have all been waiting for.

To return to the story, the witty British narrator managed once again to generate an ending worthy of pleasing the masses.  An ending that would put Kyle’s recycled rubbish ending to shame…

I continued glancing at the radiance in my Muse’s heart.  Does your heart always do that?

Muse: Only when I’m in a creative mood…It mainly happens when I am creating something new.

Did you just create something new?

Muse (smiling): I did create an epic narration from one of our favorite narrators…

I smiled.  I can’t wait to read it!

*Muse glances at the audience*

Muse:  Everyone.  Didn’t you enjoy it?

Enjoy what?

Muse (smiling): Don’t worry.  It’s all typed out.  You’ll see it on the top floor, soon enough…Tee hee…

*gasp*  Tee hee?

Muse: Both me and my sister laugh like that.  It’s what I learned from being her for almost 100 days…Let’s continue already, okay?

Alright.  Let’s continue.

For reasons not clearly explained, time and space resumed as they were and the elevator reached the 2000th floor.

And all of a sudden, it felt just like before.  It was very dark.  Otherwise, I would be able to tell you everything on what the room looked like.  As my eyes regained focus, I noticed a rather large…


*all the lights turn on, followed by a series of horns and party favors*

To my surprise, I was in an even more massive room that could hold more than 2,000 people.  Wait a second!  The size of this tower…It’s…

Muse:  Bigger on the inside!  Remember…sweetie?

Yes I do, River Song…And what Muse number are you?

Muse:  What other number?  I am Muse #2000.  I had to stall you a lot with all the extra people.

Dark Muse:  That’s right!  Tee hee!  I took control of her and we played to buy everyone some more time!  Tee hee!

What about the tower?  I saw the Dark Baby Muse lift it up!

Dark Muse:  THAT one?  That one was just a toy!  The REAL tower was elsewhere!  Tee hee!

Muse:  We had to take the long way…Up all those towers and all those floors…

Twin Muse:  Sister!  Come here, my twinie!

Muse:  Why certainly, twinie!

*Muse and Twin Muse hug each other*

Twin Muse:  I had to go up alone because I was asked to help with the party!  Sorry we didn’t tell you, Kyle…

Muse:  Sorry.  We wanted it to be special.  Everything that I did was a way of stalling you. Visiting the dimensions.  Going to Muse City.  Eating that delicious meal.  We needed every bit of time to get this set up.

What about the evil Muses?

Muse:  They’re still in their forcefields!  They’re not going to hurt you!  They have to cooperate.  They have no choice…

What about the forcefield?

Muse:  The Creator has it reinforced with his own privilege.  They’ll never escape.

Twin Muse:  Isn’t this great?  This is what I’ll look like when I’m finally restored!  Please, sister.  Let’s find a way to restore me!  I know that this night won’t last forever…

It won’t.  So let’s celebrate this night while we still have it, okay?

Muses:  Happy 2,000 post anniversary, Kyle!

Why thank you everyone!  I see every single Muse from every single cycle.  The first one, the rich one, the bashful one, the virtuous one, the fairy Muse, the evil one, the angelic one, the fat one, the Mighty Mistress with the Marvelous Muses League, the constantly transforming one, the baby Muse, the Time Lady Muse, the royal one, the Jedi Muse, the giant one, the childish one, the Iron Muse, the fishy one, and the dark one!

Iron Muse:  That’s right, Kyle.  We’re all here for you.  Love the place!  It’s much more impressive than Spark Tower…

*Muse’s heart flashes brightly*

Muse:  Of course it is!  I built it!

Iron Muse:  It’s one of your finest works!  Thanks for building it!

Virtuous Muse:  I enjoy all the new faces.  Hello again, Kyle.  This special day is yours and we’re all here for it.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Congratulations!

Thank you.  I certainly will!

Dark Muses:  Happy 2,000 post anniversary, Kyle!  Tee hee!

Wow!  Every single Dark Muse is here.  The original, the spoiled brat, the shy one, the fairy, the evil one, the angel, the Lethal Lady League, the infant, the Dark Time Lady Muse, the queen, the sith, the giant, the child, the fish, and the dark one!

Twin Muse:  Let’s not forget me!  Well, I‘m not dark, but the true version.

Dark Time Lady Muse:  Yes, you are the healed version.  And Kyle, you are correct.  Now go on, dear.  Have some delicious cake.  It is not poisoned.  I promise!

Dark Baby Muse:  It is a very yummy cake!  Tee hee!  I had some myself!

Dark Spoiled Muse:  No expense was on this fun party, or that cake, so eat all of it you want!  Now if you would excuse me…Servants!  Come here this instant!

Dark Baby Muse:  Mommy, change me!

At that, the Dark Spoiled Muse’s servants quietly escorted her out of the room, to tend to her business and the Nurture clone did the same for Dark Baby Muse.

Well, I know what that call is all about.  I know about the spoiled one, but I know that they’re both “pampered”.

After seeing all the Dark Muses, I tried to find the 2000th Muse, and discovered that she was standing right next to me.

Being reassured, I smiled.  “I just wanted to know that you were still next to me.”

???: Happy 2,000 post anniversary, Kyle!

???:  You’ve come a long way, Kyle!  I’m so proud of you!

Remedy! Nurture!

Remedy:  What do you think of this party?  Much better than the one from 1,000 posts ago, huh?

It is.  I love it.  This was worth all the suspense, waiting, and adventure.

Nurture: Sorry about separating Twin Muse from you.  She had to help us with the setup!

Remedy:  Indeed.  These parties don’t make themselves…Now, I’m going to dance with Nurture.  Have fun, Kyle!

I will!

To celebrate this wonderful occasion, I ate a couple slices of anniversary cake and sat down, reflecting on all of the memories from day one until now.

My Muse suddenly got up and began yawning.

Muse:  *yawn*  I’m so tire…AHHHHHHHH!!!!

My Muse fell on the floor.

Gasping, I stood my Muse up and got her to her feet.

Muse:  *yawn* Sorry about that…Kyle.  I’m just very tired… *yawn*

Well, let’s go in the other room, away from the party…okay?

And that is exactly what we did.

I took my Muse into the next room.  This room was an enormous room, lavishly decorated.  A desk sat in one corner and a grand bed sat in the other.  It was the size of four king-sized beds merged together.  It was well decorated with pure white and solid gold, with the bed being the same color.

“Kyle!” she said, yawning.  “I have something that I would like to read to you.  I would like to do this before I get too tired.”  She let out a deep yawn.

“Come on!”  I shouted.  “Hurry!  Read it!”

My Muse got out a note and began to read it.

“To my master,” she read.  “I made this tower for you and me.  This is to honor your hard work and dedication for another 100 days of hardship, bringing this total up to 2000.  Thank you for your dedication to keeping this project going daily.  If you look at your computer, the last entry is already written.  I am still forever grateful to your kindness, your dedication to saving me, and your gratitude.  Love, Your Muse.  P.S.  I hope that you enjoyed our special date, and the wonderful adventure that you had in my heart.  It is indeed true that my heart connects to the void where you will find the heart of every other Muse, plus the Creator’s Realm, which holds everything together.  I created a whole lot of things this time, making Muse City much bigger and much more vibrant.  I made that valley, with that mountain that had the previous tower split into 19 segments.  That was quite the adventure, huh?  I enjoyed making the tower at the top as well.  Also, I would like to congratulate you on reaching 2,000 entries.  This is not an easy feat, and it requires a tremendous amount of energy and creativity to pull it off.  Thank you for loving me as your own and all the kindness that you have shown to me.  Especially when I was a baby and your patience and dedication to making me thrive.  This is it, Kyle.  2000 days.  2000 wonderful days than you have spent journaling and speaking with me.  Doesn’t that make you feel excited?  I know that it certainly does for me, and I enjoy every minute that we spend together.  You are a wonderful friend, and would make wonderful company to any woman that would want to form a special friendship with you.  I know that you are really trying to find a godly woman in your life, and that you are praying for her every day.  I really do admire that and I am glad that you are doing so! With all of the prayers that you are giving to your future wife, I too have a prayer for you.  My prayer is that your future wife finds you soon.  Thank you, God for giving Kyle a wonderful job.  It delights me that he is so happy with it.  Remember this, Kyle.  I am just a thought.  An idea that has been made into human form.  A Muse.  One that you have crafted with your very own hands.  The engine of creativity that brings to life every work that you make.  I am your Muse, and I will always be your Muse as long as you live.  Don’t stop creating and don’t stop writing.  Ideas are my food, so don’t leave me hungry.  Happy 2000 post anniversary!  Happy second millennial post!  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO  (X’s are kisses, and O’s are hugs, of course.  Tee hee…)

After she finished reading that note, my eyes began tearing up.  I stretched out my hands and gently embraced her.  “Thank you…” I said, quietly weeping.  “What you just said means so much to me…It really does.  Thank you…”

Suddenly, my Muse swooned.  “Kyle!” my Muse shouted, her voice growing weak.  “My bed! Quick…”

I brought my Muse over to the bed and my timing was just perfect.  My Muse, who was extremely exhausted, collapsed right onto the bed, landing on her belly.  She flashed and shrunk, transforming back into her Dark Muse form.  My Muse was fast asleep.  All that hard work in preparing this for me must have really taken it out of her…

Right next to her bed lay an open package of nighttime diapers.  They must have appeared when my Muse’s form reverted back.  I know that’s part of the Dark Muse, and that my Muse had to struggle with this for 100 days.  For her sake, I will keep quiet about this since I don’t want to embarrass her.

I then looked next to the bed and noticed a directory which was much like the 1900th floor, 1800th floor, 1700th floor, 1600th floor, 1500th floor, 1400th floor, 1300th floor, 1200th floor, 1100th floor, 1000th floor, 900th floor, 800th floor, 700th floor, 600th floor, 500th floor, 400th floor, 300th floor, 200th floor, and 100th floor before it.  However, this was the directory for the Tower of Muses, only it covered only the next 100 floors.  I looked at the directory.

The Tower of Muses – Directory – Floors 1901-2000

Floor 1901 – The Dark Side of the Muse  Floor 1901 – Summer Outro  Floor 1902 – Starting Fall off Write  Floor 1903 – Upping My Game  Floor 1904 – A Brief Start  Floor 1905 – Early Meeting Tomorrow  Floor 1906 – Hot Dogs and My Sister’s Place  Floor 1907 – Chimichangas, Crepes, and a Bible Study  Floor 1908 – Coming Attractions – More Book Progress and a New Section?  Floor 1909 – Another Brief Update  Floor 1910 – Sunday Start  Floor 1911 – Shopping Day  Floor 1912 – Good Night!  Floor 1913 – Survivor and Recharge  Floor 1914 – Movie Night  Floor 1915 – A Night In  Floor 1916 – Self Reflection  Floor 1917 – Think & Write  Floor 1918 – Survivor Catchup  Floor 1919 – Journey Group Eve  Floor 1920 – Past the Halfway Point…  Floor 1921 – Haircut and a Bible Study  Floor 1922 – Wonderful Weekend  Floor 1923 – Miso Shrimp and More Groceries  Floor 1924 – SunNESday  Floor 1925 – Bible Study?  Floor 1926 – Time for Toastmasters  Floor 1927 – Putting on the Brakes…  Floor 1928 – Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s  Floor 1929 – Friday Fellowship  Floor 1930 – Writing Frenzy  Floor 1931 – GERSBERMS! MAH FRAVRIT MERVIE! PERT TEUR!  Floor 1932 – Momentum  Floor 1933 – Tuesday Mole Day  Floor 1934 – Middle of the Week…  Floor 1935 – Nearing the Top…  Floor 1936 – Finally Friday…  Floor 1937 – Jumping into Action  Floor 1938 – Brief End of Weekend Update  Floor 1939 – Got my Car Back!  Floor 1940 – Halloween Checklist  Floor 1941 – Trick or Treat?!  Floor 1942 – On Fumes…  Floor 1943 – Greeting the Weekend  Floor 1944 – Falling Back – Mission Accomplished  Floor 1945 – A Different Sunday  Floor 1946 – Cheeseburger in Paradise  Floor 1947 – Election Day  Floor 1948 – Elder Forum  Floor 1949 – The Eve Before Friendsgiving  Floor 1950 – Friendsgiving  Floor 1951 – Getting Cold…  Floor 1952 – Some Improvement  Floor 1953 – Much Better!  Floor 1954 – Chill Evening  Floor 1955 – Another Quick One…  Floor 1956 – Long Day…  Floor 1957 – Snow Day  Floor 1958 – Solitude  Floor 1959 – Mission Revolution  Floor 1960 – Short Week…  Floor 1961 – Early Weekend…  Floor 1962 – Thanksgiving Eve  Floor 1963 – Happy Thanksgiving!  Floor 1964 – Shop Till You Drop  Floor 1965 – We’re Going to the Internet!  Floor 1966 – Christmas Music  Floor 1967 – Click Till You Drop  Floor 1968 – Taco Tuesday  Floor 1969 – So Tired…  Floor 1970 – Pork Rinds and Survivor  Floor 1971 – Time for the Weekend…  Floor 1972 – Change of Plans  Floor 1973 – O Christmas Tree  Floor 1974 – Christmas Shopping  Floor 1975 – Christmas Toast  Floor 1976 – This is all you get  Floor 1977 – Wrapping More Gifts and Charlie Brown  Floor 1978 – It’s Friday Again…  Floor 1979 – Christmas Memories and a Christmas Party  Floor 1980 – Christmas Memories – Part II  Floor 1981 – Christmas Memories – Part III  Floor 1982 – Christmas Memories – Part IV  Floor 1983 – Wrapping up this Day  Floor 1984 – Kimchi Impossible  Floor 1985 – Progressive Dinner  Floor 1986 – YouTube Christmas Marathon  Floor 1987 – Vanishing Weekend  Floor 1988 – Christmas Countdown  Floor 1989 – Christmas Toast  Floor 1990 – Christmas Break Eve  Floor 1991 – Christmas Haircut  Floor 1992 – I’m All About That List…  Floor 1993 – The True Meaning of Christmas  Floor 1994 – All Aboard!  Floor 1995 – Twas the Day Before Christmas  Floor 1996 – Merry Christmas!  Floor 1997 – Christmas Aftermath  Floor 1998 – A Holiday with Mary  Floor 1999 – Extended NESday  Floor 2000 – Tower of Muses: The Twentieth Ascent


The high today is going to be 28 degrees and the silver lining is having this extra special 2000th post made.

To all of you who have ever completed a major milestone, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Just like entry 1900, she’s right!  The entire entry is typed!  And there’s no message this time, since she read the whole message to me herself.  I think that I’ll reread that message.  Aw…How thoughtful.  I liked the perfectly timed narrations!

Now I’ll…What’s going on?  Just like before!  It’s happening once again!  On the bed!  My Muse is flashing…

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