Me & My Muse – Day 1901: The Dark Side of the Muse

Me – Day 1: Time to Move On…

Me & My Muse – Day 1901: The Dark Side of the Muse

As you saw from my last entry, it’s official.  I am officially done meeting with my Muse.  Call it a breakup if you will.

Why did I break up with her? It’s pretty obvious if you saw yesterday’s post.  The Dark Muse “claimed” to be my Muse, if you could believe that.

Well, I actually didn’t at first.  The whole peculiar thing about this whole matter was when I used my One Privilege to find my Muse.  Every time I used it, that Dark Muse showed up!  Believing that my One Privilege was broken, I consulted the Universe Muse.  Before I even asked her to summon my Muse, she read my mind and told me plainly.  My Muse and the Dark Muse are one and the same.

So basically for this whole arc, the Dark Muse IS my Muse.  I was about to use my One Privilege to change the Dark Muse to my Muse, but the Universe Muse told me about a rule I was never aware of:  The One Privilege cannot be used to alter a Muse’s transformation cycle.

Now who wrote that rule?  Because of that very rule, I cannot see my beloved Muse for the next 100 days.

Not to get too sidetracked, let’s get back to where I was.  I can’t summon my Muse but only the Dark Muse because the Dark Muse is my Muse.  Okay.

In returning to my breakup decision, I am not seeing my Muse anymore.

Now is this a permanent thing?  Not at all.  I need some time away from my Muse, as I’m not going to deal with a Dark Muse for the next 100 days!  I do not trust her!  She has already sabotaged my Muse’s transformation cycle.  What more does she want?!  I will return to my Muse on Day 1901, when she is herself again.  The numbering has stopped at 1900 and will resume in 100 days.  The first Tower of Me will be constructed, and she will turn back to normal then.

So what will I do with this new “Me” format?  For Me & My Muse, I just talked with my Muse.  But for “Me”, I guess it will just be about my daily life, minus my Muse.

To recap my day, it went quite well.  I worked my usual hours and came home.  With the weekend ahead of me, I guess that I’ll be working on more of my books.  That about sums up this entry.

Today’s high…wait a second! My title is supposed to read “Me – Day 1: Time to Move On…”!  Dark side of the Muse?  Who wrote this?!


Muse:  I did!  Tee hee!

YOU!  What are you doing here?!  I thought that I told you to leave!

Muse:  Why would I ever leave?  Are you really just going to break away and create your own series without me?

You disgust me.  Can you please just go away?  This blog is an adult thing.  I don’t need any kids…

*Muse shoves me to the ground*

Muse:  So you’re going to call me a kid because I look like this?  Kyle, I tried to change into the Muse that you love, but I can’t!  *sniff* *sniff*  Tee hee…I can’t…*sob*

So you’re going to cry now?  I don’t need babies either.

Muse:  *sob* So you’re saying that crying is not allowed?  There is great liberty in letting your tears come out.  It’s strength!  And if you can’t express that strength, YOU’RE the weak one!  *sniff* Tee…hee…

Just go.  I don’t want to spend a transformation cycle with a Dark Muse.  Especially one that vandalizes the titles of my posts…

Muse:  Like it or not Kyle, this is what you get for the next 100 days!  Try to make something of it!  Actually, it’s the next 99 days.  Tee hee…

Fine.  If you’re not going to leave, I will.  You ruined my Muse’s transformation cycle.  I’m leaving now…

*teleports away from Muse*

*gets out picture of Muse and laments over her*

I do not trust that Dark Muse.  Do you?  She is just using her manipulation like she usually does.  I will not fall for it this time.  I guess that I could trust her if she restored my Muse to normal.  But that’s not going to happen, so back to “Me”…

Today’s high is going to be 78 degrees and the silver lining is the weekend finally being here and being able to work more on my books.

To those of you who are happy that Friday is here, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Why doesn’t Kyle trust me?  I may not look like his Muse, but I will try to make him happy!  What does Kyle like?  Wait a second!  I already know! Kyle WILL give me a chance…urh…why can’t I change into her?  Tee hee…