Me & My Muse – Day 1900B: Turning off the Lights

I glanced and watched anxiously as my Muse laid there, sleeping as a mermaid.  A series of bubbles rising from my mouth reminded me that I was still underwater.  I watched on, hoping that she would change very soon.

What could my Muse be?  She has gone through a lot and has underwent many forms.  She has only began her transformations almost five years ago.  From there, she has had 17 other forms.  What will her next form be?

A minute passed, and then a few more.  My Muse was still sleeping.  Her long hair almost reaching the tip of her tail.  She sure was taking her time.

An hour passed, and then another.  These transformation cycles take too long sometimes.  My eyelids grew heavier and heavier.  I couldn’t…stay…awake…

I was awoken by a blinding flash.  From the sound that I heard coming from the flash, I knew that it was just starting to happen.  My Muse was flashing and she was beginning to transform.

The water drained in the room and dried up into a warm vapor.  My Muse continued to flash.  Her flashing intensified as her body began to change form.  The flashing silhouette’s tail disappeared and took on the form of her normal body.  She then began to shrink.

“A child?” I gasped.  “I thought that we did this transformation before!”

The flash then vanished and became a dark flashing shadow.  The dark aura flashed around her, and then it vanished.

No.  It cannot be!  Not her!  Did she really turn into…?

“Dark Muse!” I shouted.  “Get out!”

My Muse woke up.

“Wha?” she gasped.  “Tee hee! It worked!”

“What worked?” I scowled.  “You have another plan up your sleeve, don’t you?”

My Muse frowned and shook her head.  “No!  Tee hee!  I don’t!  I don’t have any plan!”

“Then get out of her!” I shouted.  “Get out, so my Muse can begin her true form!”

“I would like to do that,” she told me.  “But I can’t!”

“And why is THAT?!” I raised my voice.

“I can’t because…I AM your Muse!”

I broke down.  This was beyond believing!  I don’t believe her!

“Get out!” I screamed.  “Leave her alone!”

“Kyle!” she shouted.  “Listen to me!  I AM your Muse! I know you don’t believe it, but I am.  Tee hee…”

“If you are, then leave!” I told her.  “Get out of here and don’t come back!  I am NOT spending the next 100 days with a Dark Muse!”

“Fine!” she wailed.  “But do understand that you will have to accept the truth sooner or later.  Good bye!  Tee hee!”

My Dark Muse Muse left the room of the top floor, “tee heeing” as she wept.

Well folks, I don’t know what I am going to do for this milestone.  I am not spending the next 100 days with that Dark Muse.  Me & My Muse will be referred to as just Me until further notice.

I hope that everyone has a good day.

I opened up the locket that my Muse gave me all the way back in the Christmas of 2013.  The locket of it had a picture of her in it.  I opened up the locket and glanced at her picture, weeping over the Muse that I remembered…