A Sample….


                Thomas Miller wiped the sweat off his brow, his eyes probing the entire kitchen.  Every cook was busy, preparing the numerous dishes that were asked of them.  On top of this, various new orders filled the kitchen.  The time was 6:24 p.m.  The orders were coming in faster than what they could manage.  It was crunch time.

“You’re all doing good!” Thomas shouted, above the various kitchen sounds.  The sounds of steak sizzling on a hot grill.  The clinging and clanging of various pans as the cooks prepared the other side dishes.  Then there was the noise of the pastry chefs on the other side of the kitchen.  Altogether, it was the sound of business.  A well oiled machine guaranteeing another profitable night.

With nearly 4,000 words and counting, that is all you get.  You will have to wait until I’m finished to get the whole story.

There will be more updates in the future.  Stay tuned!

Project Fountain: Part 3

Is everything starting to make sense now?  I surely hope that you got my last transmission that I sent you a few days ago.  Again, I apologize for cutting that transmission short.  Now that I am in a safe place, I can clearly tell you more of the truth that you need to hear.  If anything doesn’t make sense by now, it should, by the time I give you this information.

Now, where were we?  I believe that the last thing that I discussed was regarding the origin of Fountain Laboratories.  I didn’t even start talking about it, did I?  That’s right.  I was just about to tell you, but I received an alert that they traced my location.  Anyway, I will continue where I left off.

Regarding Fountain Laboratories, it took me a while to learn about it.  From last time, I told you how I received the Fountain Treatment, which made me three years old again.  Leon Alexander, the head of research then left me under the care of a woman.  Her name was Anna, and she was completely unaware of my involvement as a test subject.  From living with her for 15 years, I learned all I could about her.  She was a widow.  She remarried and had two kids.  Most importantly, I found out that she was supposed to be a test subject, but she was rejected since they already had their quota filled.  Instead, they gave her the job of caring for me.

When Anna brought me home from the laboratory that first day, I answered all of her questions, and acted very much like an adult.  This body was annoying, and I wanted it to grow up as soon as possible.

Days later, after we were all settled in, I tried reasoning with her, regarding the truth of who I really was.  That I was an adult trapped in a child’s body.  She didn’t believe me, and thought that I was insane.  The more I reasoned, the more this worried her.  To Anna, I was just a gifted child who was delusional.  She called it a great imagination at first, but it became a “delusion” the more I tried to convince her.

Finally, Anna threatened me by almost setting up an appointment with a child psychologist.  She was about to pick up the phone when I pleaded her to stop.  From that point, I stopped convincing her and kept my truth a secret.  I stopped talking to her about who I was, and focused on who she wanted me to become.  I minded her, keeping my secret hidden deep inside of me.

I seem to be getting a little off track.  Getting back to the origin of Fountain Laboratories, I tried to get as much information on it as possible.  This became my mission on a daily basis.  While normal three-year-olds played with toys, I read books and all the news that I could on Project Fountain, and the laboratory that was under construction.  Besides, I wasn’t really three years old at all.  I only LOOKED three.  I was 68 years old, for goodness sakes!  In spite of her not knowing the truth, Anna respected me for who I was and let me read all the books that I wanted.

The years passed.  In that time, I was collecting all the information that I could about Project Fountain and the laboratory.  I printed off every article I could find and saved them.  At the time Anna took me in, the Fountain Laboratory was under construction.  Three years later, the construction was finished and the laboratory opened its doors to the scientific community.

Meanwhile, Anna’s life went on.  I got along with her quite well, ever since I decided to hide my secret from her (since she didn’t believe it anyway).  We had a great Christmas and she started dating the next year.  A few months later, she got married, and she had her first kid a year later.  We were a nice close family, and I kept everyone up to date with the Fountain information.

Just days after the new laboratory opened, more volunteers were taken and the scientists continued their research.  Five years later, they opened their first public treatment center in the Baltimore area.  At this center, anyone could get their stem cells extracted and get younger ones injected into them.  It was still quite expensive, but cheaper than the treatment that I paid for.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention this.  My aging was normal and I never got any younger.  Anna, in fact, was required to call the laboratory every month and inform them on my progress.

Five more years passed.  Fountain Laboratories now had 300 treatment centers in three different states (including Maryland, of course).  The first treatment center was so successful that they started spreading like wildfire.

Anna finally decided to try out a treatment center, mainly because she was rejected during all the times that the Fountain researchers asked for new volunteers.  She used the stem cells from her third child that she had: a 14-month-old baby girl.  Fortunately, with the new breakthroughs in the research, the aging could be turned around anytime the patient wants.  When Anna turned what looked like 18, her stem cells were extracted and then injected back into her.  The reverse-aging process stopped.  The husband got a similar treatment, only he stopped his reverse-aging at around 21.  The children, of course, did not get any treatments.

Meanwhile, my attention was focused on school work.  I was getting straight A’s at the private school that I attended.  My interest was primarily in science and the biology of cells.

Two years later, I was still at Anna’s house.  I was getting ready to move out, since I got accepted at Princeton University.  This was about the age that I wanted to be.  And it was about time, too!  It took 15 long years for me to reach young-adulthood.

Anna, surprisingly, was still 18 since she got a treatment kit that allows herself to have a daily injection of her 18-year-old stem cells.  I found this to be quite weird, since I was pretty much the same age as she was now.  But regardless of Anna artificially stopping her aging, she was still a mortal.  She was not immune from disease or any uncontrollable circumstance.

Most people however, didn’t see it this way.  In just two years, the number of treatment centers went from 300 in three states to over 4,000 treatments centers nationwide.  Even with this many, they were unable to keep up with the demand.  Fountain Treatments became affordable, so just about everyone could get one.  Fountain Laboratories had become so successful that they planned on launching Fountain Laboratories Incorporated in just a few days.

And just like that, it happened.  Fountain Laboratories Incorporated went public the day I moved out of Anna’s house.  The IPO was the highest in stock market history.  Leon Alexander, the head of research for Project Fountain became President and CEO of Fountain Laboratories Inc.

After this, I went to Princeton University for a few years.  I studied Cytology, since I wanted to get a job as a research scientist at Fountain Laboratories Inc.  I wanted to work there so that I could get a better understanding on what this monstrosity was, and how I could stop it.  I would also do this to win their trust, so that they wouldn’t suspect me.

After those few years at Princeton, I applied to work at Fountain Laboratories Incorporated.  At this time, Fountain Laboratories Inc. had over 15,000 treatment centers in America, and was getting ready to go international.  Upon applying, I got a job as a researcher at one of their treatment centers in Baltimore.  Now that I was in, I could now see how Fountain Laboratories operated.

Decades passed.  Over the decades, I was promoted several times, until I got a job at the world headquarters in Baltimore as research coordinator for North America.  Even with all this experience, I didn’t consider myself to be an expert.  I didn’t have to be.  I only directed and coordinated the major research projects.  The experts then gave me the information that they found.

Over the past decades, Fountain Laboratories Inc. has greatly grown and was now universal.  The brand was known all over the world and almost everyone was using it.  The exceptions, however, included the people who didn’t want any part in the treatments.  These people that refused the treatment were called “one-timers” by all the others.

Around this time, it was around 50 years since I got hired at Fountain Laboratories Inc.  My physical age was 72 years old, and my boss recommended that I get the treatment if I wanted to keep my job.  Sighing with reluctance, I agreed to have it done.

After scanning my DNA and finding a match, they were able to locate some younger stem cells that I had from when I was three years old.  When they found out that it was me, I was greatly concerned.  They immediately knew that I was Bruce Everroot, one of the first test subjects to take part in Project Fountain.  I was relieved when they didn’t question me any further.  It was at that point that I knew that I won their trust, and there was nothing else that I needed to worry about.

With that, the treatment process began.  Fortunately, I could stop the aging at any age I wanted this time.  They then injected me with the stem cells.  After two months of age regression, I got my stem cells extracted the day I turned 18 and got them injected into me.  The age regression was stopped.

A century passed.  Then another 25 years.   During this period, the population was increasing, and the death rate was sharply declining.  With this issue in effect, different solutions were devised to accommodate the increasing population.  A popular and widely adopted solution was to build a network of gargantuan towers.  Each tower would accommodate the population of a city, and would include shopping centers, residential dorms for families and a network of conveyors for navigation.  High speed trains attached to suspended rails could transport passengers from tower-city to tower-city.  Sound familiar?  It should be since this is the world that we live in now!

Getting back on track, the solution was adopted, and the first mega-tower was built in Baltimore.  They would start in the big cities, and eventually work their way to the smaller ones.

And what about Fountain Laboratories, Inc.?  By now, pretty much everyone with a normal lifespan died. Most of the world had forgotten what it’s like to have one lifespan.  The market was pretty much controllable, considering that mostly everyone has received a treatment.  With Fountain Laboratories growing in power, this ignited a legal battle.  The federal government funded Project Fountain, so they wanted to buy the whole company.

In the weeks that followed, Fountain Laboratories Incorporated fought to keep their company away from government control.  They hired the best attorneys to argue their cases against Washington.  But regardless of their efforts, the DC attorneys won.  The government funded Project Fountain 100%, so they have the legal right to buy the company.

After this happened, Leon Alexander, the President and CEO of Fountain Laboratories Incorporated decided to run for president.  With that, I was shocked.  This was the same Leon Alexander that started Project Fountain.  The one who took me from the airport to the laboratory on the day of my first treatment.

Months passed, and the Alexander campaign machine went into full gear.   To make a long story short, Leon Alexander won by a landslide, and became the next President of the United States.

That’s when things took a turn for the worst.  Under Alexander’s administration, he didn’t waste any time in setting up all his new policies.  He eliminated term limits and free elections, so no one could remove him from his seat of power.  He then signed all his Fountain bills into law.  Every person who hasn’t received the Fountain Treatment now had to, or they would be killed.  Stem cells now had to be extracted from every single person at birth.  Everyone who had received the treatment could not die.  If they did, the family of the one responsible would be required to pay a heavy fine.  The old dating system was discarded, and everyone was required to use the new Fountain Era calendar.  The year was 200 FE (2220 A.D.) when this all happened.

Since then, things got worse and several centuries passed.  The population increased and the people started to abandon the crowded cities to live in the new tower-cities.  Leon Alexander met with the other world leaders and created the Fountain Collective.  Leon would serve as the leader of the Collective, with the other world leaders reporting to him.  With the limited freedom, the oppression grew and the outcry began.

After a few more centuries, the outcry grew even more.  Groups of people began to secretly settle in the abandoned cities.  Women had children for the sole purpose of having offspring that would be free from the Fountain Treatments.  The government wouldn’t have their DNA, so their location couldn’t be traced.

During the next millennium, I used the Fountain Treatments to remain 18.  Day by day, I felt powerless.  Everything began to lose its meaning and purpose.  For what reason was man given the authority to prolong their age?  To what ends will the men seek to accomplish and for what purpose?  There is a reason why our days were numbered.  While eternity is meant for everyone, man has no right to fix the chasm that separates life from death.  Various things can still harm him.  Disease can still destroy him.  The ends they pursue are a foolish one.  Their unending desire for power has led them in their attempt to control the human race.  When will God repay the wickedness of these men?  How long will I remain in this prison of flesh and bones?

When that millennium ended, I totally despised the Fountain Treatments.  I didn’t receive any again until I became old.  From this point on, I only used it as a means to survive.  I still had a mission.  To destroy this monstrosity that has poisoned the human race.  This kept me living on, decade after decade.  Century after century.

A few more millenniums passed.  The outcry grew even more.  There were now millions of people who opposed the Fountain Treatment, and have never received it.  They occupied the abandoned cities of the world and have created an underground economy to support one another.  Several wars have broken out against them, with agents hired by the Fountain Collective to destroy all the dissidents.

As the centuries passed, the resistance grew against the Collective.  It grew to a point where it angered the Collective.  Tired of their opposition getting in the way, the Fountain Collective launched an all out assault on the opposers.  The year was now 8600 FE (10620 A.D. on the old timeline, which is the notation you’re probably less familiar with).  From all my experience in being the first test subject, I was hired to serve as one of the agents.  Since agents work alone, my cover would be safe for a little while.

In one of my missions given from headquarters, I came across a city of new refugees.  These were a new group of people who escaped the tower-cities around Chicago.  When I entered, I shut off my communicator and held up my hands, telling them that I came in peace.  To gain their trust, I disarmed myself of all the weapons I had on me.

Over a period of weeks, I got to know the people of this city.  This was the same city that you grew up in, and I met your dad there.  The city still had problems with the portable treatments.  I guess old habits can be hard to break.  This was especially true with your mom and dad, which I tried to convince for a few years.  I also convinced the other people in the city.  Some stopped while others didn’t.  These people were planning on uniting to destroy the Fountain Collective and the stem cell formula that started everything.

In that time, I was found out.  Since I betrayed them, their orders were to hunt me down and kill me.  For several decades, I went into hiding.  Every now and then, I sent messages to your parents (like what I’m doing with you right now), begging them to stop using the treatments.  Finally, about 70 years later, they stopped.

Since you’ve been born, things have gotten a lot more intense.  The Fountain Collective is now everywhere, giving me fewer and fewer places to hide.

Now I understand that you have only used the Fountain Treatment once since my first transmission to you was sent.  This was a couple months ago, before I could contact you.  I apologize for the delay.  With everyone going into hiding and changing their information, it took me a while to find your frequency.  You are but a lad, but don’t let that slow you down.  You may look 10, but deep down, I see that man of 30 that you are.

Again, I implore you.  Don’t accept the treatments and don’t listen to their lies!  If what I have shared with you hasn’t convinced you of the truth by now, nothing will.

Be strong and courageous.  I know that we can…. Oh no!  They have come!

Run for your life, my dear Jonathan!  Run and hide before they

August 2, 10720 A.D.



©2012  K. L. Walker

Project Fountain: Part 2

Are you still curious about how it all happened?  I apologize for cutting the last transmission short but this was absolutely necessary.  I did this for your safety so that they don’t trace the whereabouts of the transmission that you received a few days ago.  This one is encrypted so there is no need to worry this time.

So are you ready for the truth?  I’m not holding back this time  (I did so before, as I feared that what I was writing you could possibly be traced to your location once it was sent.).  I’m cutting right to the chase.

Several thousand years ago in my time, the “Fountain Formulas” and “Fountain Treatments” didn’t exist.  Drawing stem cells from newborns was not federal law, either.

Heck.  Back in my time, this kind of research was just beginning to take form.  The year was 2015 A.D. when all this started to happen.  This was before the Fountain Era began, so FE was not used until that point.

While the so-called “Fountain Treatments” and “Fountain Formulas” were not created yet, the stem cells were being used to grow new organs for those who needed them.  It was the young stem cells that they used to create all these new organs for these people.  This was the original purpose for those cells.  They were meant to save people’s lives.  All this came from the stem cell research they did on laboratory mice just a few years before that.

Before you form any kind of assumption in your head, let me make it clear to you.  I am just a retired architect turned test subject, with numerous years of research experience.  Even after all these years, I’m still not an expert on stem cell research.  I will get to my experience as a test subject shortly, but I just wanted to clarify any confusion you might have on my knowledge of this matter.  What I know regarding the past is common knowledge, accumulated from many centuries of experience.  The government will tell you that the formula and the research was all their doing, but don’t believe them.  It is complete and utter nonsense and a far cry from the truth.

Getting back on track, using stem cells for growing new organs was a big success.  Everyone started using it and it was used in every hospital around the country, and eventually the world.  The success of this research led to some additional research projects.  Some of them were centered around reversing the aging process.

It took the scientists a few years, but they eventually figured out how to reverse the aging process.  They knew exactly where the aging occurred and were convinced that they had it all figured out.  All they needed was a test subject to prove their findings.

I can remember the very day that I volunteered for the project.  It was February 4, 2020.  This was just a couple weeks after my father died.  Having his funeral just a week ago, I was just finishing all of the legal settlements.

After sorting out all the paperwork, I was given Everroot Inc., my father’s architectural firm.  Not wanting the business, I sold it to a larger firm.  I mean, can you blame me for taking this action?  You wouldn’t, if you knew that I worked for him for nearly 40 years.  Granted, I helped lead all of his client’s ambitious projects, but I was starting to get tired of it.

It was on that morning in February that I received a call from a friend of mine named Steve.  He was a cytologist, and was on the verge of finishing one of his research projects that he contributed to.  All this was new to me, since we haven’t talked in a while.  After a lengthy exchange of conversation, I learned all about this project, and the goal associated with it.

The name of this project was “Project Fountain”, and the research was focused on reversing the aging process in humans.  This project was top secret and 100% funded by the government, so he told me to remain quiet about it.

After hearing more about the secret project, Steve asked if I wanted to serve as the first test subject.  I’ll never forget what he said.

“Are you ready to make history?”  He asked me.

“I don’t know, Stephen.” I told him.  “That’s quite a bit of money to invest in something that is not guaranteed to work.”

“You will not regret it!” he insisted.  “Trust me.”

Again, I refused.

Regardless, Steve kept pleading over and over again.  He wasn’t about to give up on something that he truly believed would change history.  “Can you at least take a risk for once? We won’t know whether this will work unless we have someone test it out.”

“Okay, sure.”  I finally told him.

And it was straightforward after that.  Project Fountain was ready to finish its research.  I flew out to the laboratory in Baltimore and filled out some paperwork.  I was ID’d, analyzed and scanned.  Everything was all ready to go.  All they needed was some young stem cells.  I thought that they could use my stem cells, but they insisted me that they needed young stem cells for the process to work.  On hearing this, I suggested that they could take stem cells from my son, Evan.  After giving them his age, they told me that I needed someone younger than that.  My son, after all was 38 at the time.  Just how young did they want them?  I thought to myself.  Did they actually want to use a child?

I then gave them the names of my granddaughters.  Sarah was too old. Being the oldest, she was 16.  Jennifer and Julie were still too old, being 12 and 10.

“Is there anyone in your family younger than that?” They asked me.

“How young?”  I scoffed.  “Do you want them fresh out of the womb?”

“Anyone younger than five would be fine.”

After thinking about this for a while, nothing came to mind.  How could I serve as a test subject if they don’t have the stem cells they need?  It then suddenly came to me.  My son Evan’s family had one more kid that I didn’t think of, and he was the only boy.  His name was Baron, and he just turned two and a half.

When I told them about Baron, they agreed that they could use him.

After contacting Evan, I encountered a problem.  He couldn’t come out with Baron until the summer, because of his work schedule.  I contacted the laboratory and gave them the news.  To make a long story short, Project Fountain was postponed.  They agreed to wait until the summer to finish the project.

When summer came around, Evan came with his family, and brought Baron to the laboratory.  Evan was informed on the process that his son would undergo and assured him that it was quick and harmless.  The process went well, and they were able to extract from Baron all the stem cells that they needed.

After that, Evan left with his family and went home.  This left me with the scientists, who were preparing for the procedure.  The procedure didn’t happen right away.  They needed more time to prepare for it.

Like the day that I volunteered for the project, I can remember the very day that I underwent the first Fountain Treatment in history.  The date was June 21, 2020.  Exactly five months since my father died.

I can remember getting up early in the morning and driving to the airport.  I had to fly to Baltimore, since the distance was too far for me to drive.  On my flight out there, the sky was clear, and I could remember seeing a golden glow emanating from the sun into the first class cabin.

From there, the travel felt like mere minutes.  After getting off the plane, I was met by Leon Alexander, the head of research for Project Fountain.  We shook hands and we exited the airport.  He escorted me to the laboratory in a black Mercedes-Benz.

On my way there, I was thinking about the treatment.  I was not afraid of receiving it at all.  I actually doubted that it would actually work.  At the same time, part of me wanted it to work.  I mean, I have spent a fortune just to be one of their first test subjects.  I didn’t want all this money to go to waste.

Once at the laboratory, I was taken into a room.  The process was just as they told me on the trip there from the airport: just a simple injection.  And just like that, they took Baron’s cells and injected them into me.  I was told that I would be coming in monthly to be monitored on any changes in the body.  After hearing this, I was discharged from the laboratory.  I was driven to the airport and flew back to Chicago.  I then drove to my home in Highland Park.

One year passed, then two years.  Even then, I didn’t see any changes in my body.  After four years, I was just about to give up on them.  I told them that their project was a waste of time and I didn’t want any part in it anymore.  They insisted that I should stay and give it a chance.  Reluctantly, I did.  After all, I already invested a few million dollars into the project.  I didn’t want to see this go to waste.

It was not until five years after the treatment that I started to notice my body feeling a little younger.  There was something different about me.  My body felt healthier and there were fewer wrinkles on my skin.  This greatly encouraged the scientists when they saw this.  They figured that I looked at least two years younger.  Before I left, they told me how they were able to clone Baron’s cells from five years ago.  Some additional modifications were made to them, so they wanted me to try the new treatment.  I accepted it, and they injected the newly created stem cells inside of me.

One month later, I looked completely different.  In glancing through some old pictures, I looked exactly like I did 10 years ago.  This shocked me at first, but then I began to accept the new reality.  This also surprised the scientists, who began celebrating when they saw my new age.  As was the typical practice with each visit, they extracted some of my stem cells and I returned home to Highland Park.

In just three months, I looked just as I did in my college days.  (I was actually fresh out of college, but I’m not one to quibble with formalities, especially at my advanced age.)  The same drill continued.  I went in, got my stem cells extracted and left.

One month later, I could not believe my eyes.  Upon looking in the mirror, I was shocked beyond belief.  The date was November 21, 2025.  I was a teenager again.  This greatly concerned me.  This had to be stopped, since I didn’t want to go the way of Benjamin Button.

When I flew out to Baltimore for my treatment, I expressed my concerns.  I was barely tall enough to drive to the airport, and I was going to die in just a couple months.  The scientists assured me that I wouldn’t die, but would only get as young as Baron was when he got his stem cells extracted.

This greatly troubled me.  I didn’t want to be a child again!  Perhaps a teenager, but a child is too young!  I would be too small to drive, and too small to do most of the things that I enjoy doing.  I insisted that they stopped my aging right away, but they told me that there was nothing that could be done, and that I would have to wait until my body aged normally.  Reluctantly, I got my stem cells extracted and they drove me back to the airport.

On the way back, they announced to me that Project Fountain was taking more volunteers.  Furthermore, they said that I was such a resourceful test subject and the project was so successful that they were going to expand their research.  There would be 30 new test subjects and they would expand their laboratory to facilitate all the research.  This tired me, as I was sick of being treated like a science experiment.  But after remembering all the money that I put into this project, I let out a reluctant sigh and took my flight home.

One month later, what the scientists told me happened right down to a “T”.  I was three years old again.  The exact age my grandson Baron was when he got the stem cells injected.  In spite of this, I didn’t let this slow me down at all.  I acted like an adult in spite of the unfortunate circumstances I faced.  I was an adult trapped in a child’s body.

After getting in the car, it was no use.  I was way too small to reach the accelerator.  Even when I adjusted the seat all the way forward, my little legs were still out of reach.  This angered and frustrated me.  Three weeks ago, I could still drive the car.  But since then, it didn’t stop my determination.

As I exited the car, another car entered the driveway.  It was one of the scientists.  Since they knew that I was too young, they escorted me to the airport and went with me to Baltimore.  He then joined another scientist there and we drove to the laboratory.

Once again, they extracted my stem cells when I was there.  It was nothing new.  Just the same monthly procedure.  I then heard about all the new test subjects and some of the results from them.  From what I heard, they were even younger.  A middle-aged woman who tried it a month ago was now in her twenties.  A man who was in his mid-forties was now a teenager again.  Upon hearing these results, I had a bad feeling about this.  The scientists, however, couldn’t be any more excited.  They wanted to expand their research even more and build a new research facility.  This made me upset, as something like this could easily go out of hand.

Finally, I spoke up, expressing my concerns about their research, and how they were moving a bit too quickly.  When I told them this, they told me to be quiet.  I was just a baby, they told me.  I was to remain quiet, because I “didn’t know anything”.  Why, I wanted to beat the living daylights out of them!  But I resisted, because I knew that my little body didn’t have the strength to take them down.

After I was led out of the laboratory, I saw what looked like 20 different news cameras.  All of the cameras were aimed at me, with several reporters wanting to interview Leon Alexander, the head of research for Project Fountain.  This was a really big story, and they wanted to get as much information as possible.  After Leon answered all their questions, he shooed the media away, and escorted me to a black sedan.

Once in the sedan, I was again told to be quiet and I was told not to mention a word to anyone.  If I did, he threatened to send me to a child psychologist, and then a mental institution.  He then assigned me to a caregiver, who adopted me.  It was a woman who looked like she was in her thirties.

Leon arranged a meeting place with this woman and he took me there.  After leaving with the woman, that was the last time that I heard from the scientists and Project Fountain for a while.

With that, Fountain Laboratories was underway, and I began my new life, unaware of the activity that went on inside it.

How did the Fountain Laboratories begin?  It took me a while but….Wait!  I think that they traced my location.  This will have to wait until another time.  I have encrypted the transmission so they don’t find either of us.  Before they find me, I need to send this now.  I fear for my safety, as well as yours.  Be strong, and don’t believe their lies!  I hope that I have been able to instill some curiosity inside of you.  You should be convinced by now.  I must leave now!  I will send you another transmission when I’m in a safe place.  Be strong, my friend!

Bruce Everroot

July 23, 10720 A.D.



©2012  K. L. Walker

Project Fountain: Part 1

It was a triumph.  The greatest marvel that the world has ever seen.

At least that’s what they said.  It changed the world, and I fear that it did for the worst.

What good is it to live forever in this world?  It can still be ended by a terrible accident.  The world has become a prison.  A prison full of unaging people in an aging planet.

I have seen it all.  I’ve been there since the beginning.  I have seen the thrills people get from receiving the treatments.  It always starts like that, but it ultimately ends in boredom.  You can become younger and then older again.  After a few lifetimes of aging up and down, just living becomes nothing new.  It’s just another day.  Another decade.  Another century.

I have seen it all because I was among the first to receive the treatment.  I was there when the “latest discovery” was discovered.   While it seems like forever ago, I can still remember it fresh in my mind.  I remember the first announcement on the news.  I remember being injected with the stem cells.  I remember my first day as a teenager – again. I remember, because I have kept a careful record of it since the beginning.  The scientific community called it “The Infinity Code”, and I can remember being one of the first in line to try it.

Don’t believe me?  I can understand if you don’t.  In this world today, it is hard to determine just how old a person is by looking at them.  For a child, they could’ve been a child twice, thrice, or even several times.  Or for all you know, it could very well be their first time.  The same thing applies to adults.  They may look like an adult, but they could be several hundred years old.  Heck. Maybe even thousands.

For the skeptics that live in the world today, I came from an era where everyone only lived with one life span.  These so-called “Fountain Serums” and “Fountain Treatments” didn’t exist when I was young.  The world today has grown up, amassing stem cells at birth and developing these serums to use whenever they please.  They have created the building blocks for an ageless society.  A society that has long forgotten the era that has once existed before.

So believe me or not, I have seen it from the beginning.  I was the first patient to receive the Fountain Treatment.  The first one to be inflicted with the curse of an oscillating lifespan and the first to witness the birth of it.  I was the first, considering that you were not even born when this happened.  If your friends can remember this, they remember how it was.  How this world was before this dreadful thing was discovered.

These dreadful “Fountain Treatments” had good intentions to begin with.  That’s the direction most good ideas take. However, these good intentions slowly took a turn for the worst.  These “Fountain Treatments” slowly became a tool of greed and power.  The treatments were misused.  The strong used them to eliminate the weak and powerless.  Those who could not afford the treatments were destined to have a normal lifespan.

Over a span of a few hundred years, the population of the Weak died off.  The ones who remained alive needed to have the treatment.  By federal law, you couldn’t die either.  With all these laws put into place regarding the Fountain Treatments, the corruption was complete.  The population of humanity was now controlled and regulated.  This was the “good” idea that they were so excited about in the era that I remembered.  A good idea that was twisted by money, greedy scientists and crooked bureaucrats.

Knowing that you still don’t believe me, I will tell you how it happened.  The discovery of the Youth Formula, my first treatment, the founding of “Fountain Laboratories”, everything.  Your history documents will not have any of this information, as it has been distorted and rewritten over time.  Believe me or not, I will give you the truth of what happened.  The truth as I see it.  The truth that the rest of the unaging population doesn’t want you to see.  After reading this account, you will undoubtedly be convinced, and will see the true color of this planet.

I have withheld mentioning your name for the sake of your safety.  I am not afraid for mine at all.  I am ready to go down with this world, if that is what it takes to save it.   Don’t accept any more of the Fountain Treatments.  Don’t believe their lies.  Be strong and courageous.  I know we can win.

Bruce Everroot

July 14, 10720 A.D.



©2012  K. L. Walker