Project Fountain: Part 1

It was a triumph.  The greatest marvel that the world has ever seen.

At least that’s what they said.  It changed the world, and I fear that it did for the worst.

What good is it to live forever in this world?  It can still be ended by a terrible accident.  The world has become a prison.  A prison full of unaging people in an aging planet.

I have seen it all.  I’ve been there since the beginning.  I have seen the thrills people get from receiving the treatments.  It always starts like that, but it ultimately ends in boredom.  You can become younger and then older again.  After a few lifetimes of aging up and down, just living becomes nothing new.  It’s just another day.  Another decade.  Another century.

I have seen it all because I was among the first to receive the treatment.  I was there when the “latest discovery” was discovered.   While it seems like forever ago, I can still remember it fresh in my mind.  I remember the first announcement on the news.  I remember being injected with the stem cells.  I remember my first day as a teenager – again. I remember, because I have kept a careful record of it since the beginning.  The scientific community called it “The Infinity Code”, and I can remember being one of the first in line to try it.

Don’t believe me?  I can understand if you don’t.  In this world today, it is hard to determine just how old a person is by looking at them.  For a child, they could’ve been a child twice, thrice, or even several times.  Or for all you know, it could very well be their first time.  The same thing applies to adults.  They may look like an adult, but they could be several hundred years old.  Heck. Maybe even thousands.

For the skeptics that live in the world today, I came from an era where everyone only lived with one life span.  These so-called “Fountain Serums” and “Fountain Treatments” didn’t exist when I was young.  The world today has grown up, amassing stem cells at birth and developing these serums to use whenever they please.  They have created the building blocks for an ageless society.  A society that has long forgotten the era that has once existed before.

So believe me or not, I have seen it from the beginning.  I was the first patient to receive the Fountain Treatment.  The first one to be inflicted with the curse of an oscillating lifespan and the first to witness the birth of it.  I was the first, considering that you were not even born when this happened.  If your friends can remember this, they remember how it was.  How this world was before this dreadful thing was discovered.

These dreadful “Fountain Treatments” had good intentions to begin with.  That’s the direction most good ideas take. However, these good intentions slowly took a turn for the worst.  These “Fountain Treatments” slowly became a tool of greed and power.  The treatments were misused.  The strong used them to eliminate the weak and powerless.  Those who could not afford the treatments were destined to have a normal lifespan.

Over a span of a few hundred years, the population of the Weak died off.  The ones who remained alive needed to have the treatment.  By federal law, you couldn’t die either.  With all these laws put into place regarding the Fountain Treatments, the corruption was complete.  The population of humanity was now controlled and regulated.  This was the “good” idea that they were so excited about in the era that I remembered.  A good idea that was twisted by money, greedy scientists and crooked bureaucrats.

Knowing that you still don’t believe me, I will tell you how it happened.  The discovery of the Youth Formula, my first treatment, the founding of “Fountain Laboratories”, everything.  Your history documents will not have any of this information, as it has been distorted and rewritten over time.  Believe me or not, I will give you the truth of what happened.  The truth as I see it.  The truth that the rest of the unaging population doesn’t want you to see.  After reading this account, you will undoubtedly be convinced, and will see the true color of this planet.

I have withheld mentioning your name for the sake of your safety.  I am not afraid for mine at all.  I am ready to go down with this world, if that is what it takes to save it.   Don’t accept any more of the Fountain Treatments.  Don’t believe their lies.  Be strong and courageous.  I know we can win.

Bruce Everroot

July 14, 10720 A.D.



©2012  K. L. Walker