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  • Think and Write – These ten minute writing exercises were used to defeat writer’s block. A few good short stories have formed as a result.  Check it out!

    • Tower of Ideas – For a quick index, this “tower” has the first 100 Think and Write stories.  It’s also a fun creative piece.
  • Me & My Muse – This project was born from one of my Think and Writes.  In following a daily journal format, there’s also a creative segment where I have interesting dialogues with my Muse, my female figment of my imagination.  It’s a good series that’s definitely worth checking out.  To learn about Me & My Muse in greater detail, go to the Me & My Muse page.

    • Tower of Muses – Like the Tower of Ideas, this is a quick index.  The “tower” has 100 Me & My Muses indexed and there are 21 ascents in all.  These are also capstone entries that each serve as “season finales” for each series of 100.  All my favorites are highlighted and when you get to #1000, it’s definitely worth checking out.
    • Me & My Muse Go to the Movies – This is a spinoff of the original series, where I discuss a particular movie that I just saw with my Muse.  This usually leads to the movie review, but this segment serves as the prelude, allowing me the opportunity to share my thoughts on the movie and learn what my Muse thought of it.
  • My Writing Journey – Originally My PR Journey, this will detail my progress in my writing journey and will allow others to see the various legs associated with it.  Check back later for updates!


  • Short Stories – My collection of short stories and my Think & Writes.
  • Novella/ Novels
    • I: The Golden Leaf
    • II: Autumn Reborn
    • II: Autumn’S Fall
    • The Master’s Chronicles
    • The Tale of Zachary Willowbrook- A Leap Day Paradox (Trilogy) – Contemporary Fiction

My Views 

  • Book Reviews
  • Music Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Walker on Politics / Wild Card Friday

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