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Who am I? To some of you, I am a stranger. To more still, I am a mere acquaintance. To an even smaller circle, I am a friend.

Whether you know me or not, you will know me even more when you are finished reading this.

I am a writer with a dream. A fountain of imagination and a desert of peace. A breath of fresh air and an environmentally friendly contaminant. I work hard. I play hard. I think hard and I pray hard.

To reflect on the above statement, I am a George Carlin copycat. But the introduction got your attention, didn’t it?

Getting to the heart of the matter, I love to write. It has been my passion since I was in fourth grade, when I wrote a story called The Brick Building. After reading that story to the class, the rest was history.

In seventh grade, I wrote A Long Quest. This story will be rewritten and greatly expanded from its original concept. The progress of this will be discussed in my later posts.

I have much to write, but it will not be shared here, but in my daily entries.

What else don’t you know? I like a variety of different music. The older stuff, of course. Not most of the junk that is played today. These include anything from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. Some of my recent favorites include Family Force Five and Icon For Hire. I’m a big fan of Weird Al Yankovic and have every one of his main albums. A few other bands include, Skillet, Flyleaf, U2, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Muse and several more. If you still want more, there’s a post that goes more into this that can be found here.

Also, I’m a strong believer in Jesus Christ and I’m not ashamed to call him my savior.

The purpose of this website, if you’re wondering, is to serve as a quasi-journal and a place to share all my latest projects. For instance, I am working my second book in my The Tale of Zachary Willowbrook series, in tandem with the A Long Quest rewrite.

That’s the short version of my life. For the longer version, stay tuned!

– K. L. “Kyle” Walker

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