Creative Piece – Miracles Still Happen

Here is another shore piece that I wrote from the other day.  I hope that you enjoy it.


Miracles Still Happen

I have just survived a car crash. Life was flashing before my very eyes and I was given a second lease on life. I walked away from the accident without a scratch on my face and the one that hit me has a broken arm and a broken leg. He is in the intensive care unit, and having just visited him, I know that he is going to be okay. Yes. Miracles still happen.

I was taking a shower and was about to do my hair. I heard the smoke alarm go off. I reached to touch the doorknob, but it was way too hot. I kicked through the window, shattering the glass. I tiptoed carefully down the second story roof in my shower robe, carefully walked down the first story roof and hung off it, safely touching the ground. My eyes burst into tears as I watched my two stories of hopes and dreams go up in flames. A nearby neighbor told me that they called the fire department. But then it hit me. My son was in there. I cried and prayed, not wanting to lose him.

And then, I saw a man walking out of the house, carrying my son. When he reached the ground, I asked if he was with the fire department.   He said that he wasn’t. Before I got his name, he vanished. He was nowhere to be found. A mysterious man saved my son’s life and we are both still alive. Miracles still happen.

Miracles still happen. Do you need any more proof? After surviving a car crash and escaping a fire with my son, I weeped at my loss. I may have lost everything, but God was all I needed. In tears, I prayed and prayed. What I prayed, I could not remember. I prayed about so many things that night. It didn’t matter what I had. All that mattered was that my son’s needs were met. I left my son with the neighbors while I walked over to the curb and knelt down, uttering my desperate prayers.

And then, I saw it. There was a small paper bag and I opened it. It was stuffed with wads of $100 bills. When I poured out the contents, there was a note inside. It said:

              Blessed is the finder of this bag. You are in the greatest need, and every one of them will be satisfied.

                Repayment is not necessary. Keep every bundle. You need it more than anyone else.

                Don’t bother finding me. Count it as a blessing. Give glory to God, for he alone deserves it.

                Your fellow servant in Christ,



Right after I read the note, I placed the money and the note back inside the bag. I was overwhelmed and astonished. Should I take this money? It just didn’t feel right.

Before I could make any other decision, a black Cadillac pulled up beside me. The passenger window rolled down. It was a man.

“Are you Denise Hunter?” he asked me.

I hesitated. “Yes,” I finally told him.

“Get in.” he told me. “I heard about the fire. After the firemen leave and you give them the information they need to know, you and your son are coming with me. There is plenty of space at my house and you both can stay there until you have a place to live.”

I did what the man told me and I stayed with him. The firemen came and went. I told them everything they needed to know. It was an accident. An accident that could’ve happened to anyone.

Over the next few months, I learned a lot about the man, or should I say Andrew. I told him that I was a widow and I lost my husband to a car accident. It was a different one. Not the one that I was in.

I also found out that Andrew was the one who called himself anonymous. I ended up marrying him a few months later.

So having survived a car accident, escaping a fire with my son and receiving an anonymous fortune, I can agree beyond a shadow of a doubt. Miracles still happen, and my new husband is one of them.


©2014  K. L. Walker