Creative Piece – Unbreakable

Here is a short piece that I wrote the other day.  I hope that you enjoy it.



To my dearest mother Irene, whom I love with all my heart,

Here is the letter that I promised. I’m sorry that it’s late. I have been quite busy with the latest developments and I have some really good news to share with you.

I watched the news today. After just a few minutes of it, I turned it off. It was more than I could take.

The news spoke of the government’s proposed solution to health care. Following this was a short piece on how the job market is continuing to decline.

Despite this news, my son has defied the odds, and I’m proud of him. He has finally landed a full-time job. He is now an editor for New York’s premier literary magazine. I forgot what he called it. After I talk to him later today, I will tell you what it is.

David has been relentless in his job search. He has looked at numerous search engines daily and has kept himself busy with his writing. He maintains a website that I should really check out more often. From what he has told me, it is full of amazing writing, and it is supposedly how the magazine found him.

There were times that he felt discouraged. Times that he could’ve given up. But he didn’t. David is unbreakable. Nothing could best him and nothing could master him. Even if there was only one job left on the whole planet, he would not give up until he had it.

With this being a full-time position, David has put in his two week’s notice at the Mexican restaurant that he works at. I believe that the name is Rico’s Taco Shack, or something like that. I have only eaten there a couple times, so I don’t know. He calls it “The Shack” and hates working there. Despite the employees treating him like dirt, he behaves like the kindest saint that you would ever meet. He holds no grudges and takes anything that they deal at him. I tell you, ma, he’s unbreakable. Nothing can wear him out and nothing can do him in. He’s an indestructible wall. An insurmountable obstacle. An impenetrable fortress. Nothing can get past him and nothing can go through him. He’s unbreakable.

Before he got this job, David has shown me his writing. It is amazing. If you were to see it, you could tell that he has put his heart into it. But despite how good it is, he has had trouble finding a publication to work for. He has had trouble, until now.

I have heard it all from him. The numerous rejection emails that he has received. The numerous responses to the follow-ups that he sent out. He was not about to give up, ma. Someone was going to accept his work. Someone was going to hire him. This is what he believed, and I am so glad that he hung on to this belief for so long.

So the news may have been bad today about the job market, but my son has shown me that there is a beacon of hope. Having recently finished my 36 years of working for a corporation, my career has come to an end, but David’s is about to begin.

David’s first day of work at his new job starts in one week. All of the work is done over the computer, so he doesn’t have to go anywhere right away. He’s saving up to move out, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Nothing can touch my son. David is unsinkable. He is unstoppable. He demolishes every obstacle and slays every giant in his path. He blazes a trail through the impossible and makes victory his destination. Hundreds or thousands may tell him no, but he presses on. And above all else, nothing can disassemble him. David is unbreakable.

What has fueled his ambitions? What has kindled the fires of determination inside of him? God has done this, ma. We have taught him well. I learned everything from you and passed it on to him. He reads and studies the Bible every day. He is a mighty warrior that has secured his victory.

Tonight, I will be taking David to his favorite restaurant to celebrate. The entire family will be joining him, as this is a major accomplishment for him.

Now, I have to get going. I want to go to my son’s website and see more of his amazing writing. If anything, I would like to find out why that magazine selected him. After looking at his website, I’m sure that I will know why.

As for David’s recent accomplishment, I’m sure that you will have a lot of questions about him. Since you don’t have a computer, I will answer them in our next phone call.

I love you dearly, and I’m so proud of my son.


Love always,

Randy Peterson


©2014  K. L. Walker