Me & My Muse – Day 1902: Starting Fall off Write

Me – Day 2: Starting Fall off Write

Me & My Muse – Day 1902: Starting Fall off Write

With the first day of fall being today, it’s time to start things off “write”.  My first step in doing this is making sure that Dark Muse won’t bother me anymore.  I can’t have someone like her ruin my new, yet temporary format.

The next step is getting a lot of writing done today.  My Think & Write book is about done.  I just need to finetune some parts.  I also want to make some more progress on A Long Quest, so this will be a day of writing…

I miss my Muse.  I wish that I could actually have her with me right now.  But I know that if I use my One Privilege right now, that Dark Muse will show up instead of her.  She says that she is my Muse, but I find that a frustrating thing to accept.  If you’ve been around forever, you saw how the first 100 days went.  I am not going to have another 100 days of that.  I will just abandon her and forgo that for about three months.

To ensure that she’s gone, I need to double check the title.  WHAT?  She did it again!  I did NOT write that title!

Muse:  But I did!  Because we’re supposed to keep this project going.  That stupid title that you had is a sign of quitting!  Tee hee…

You are a bad girl!  Do you know that?  I keep telling you to not vandalize my title, and what do you do?  You vandalize it again!  It looks like someone needs a timeout or a spanking!

Muse:  And that someone is you!  How can you not see the Muse that is standing before you?  All you see is that Dark Muse!  I am the Dark Muse, but I’m also your Muse, okay?  Are you that stupid?  Tee hee!

I don’t know.  There’s just something that’s off-putting about you.  You don’t look my age.  I feel like I’m talking to a kid!

Muse:  I already told you!  I cannot make myself an adult!  I tried and tried many times!  For this transformation cycle, I am stuck in her form! I may not look like your Muse, but I am trying!  Can’t you see that?  Tee hee…

I see that you’re just whining.  You don’t sound like my Muse at all.  You sound like her.

Muse:  The “Dark Muse”, right?  What’s wrong with me?  Just like your Muse, I want you to trust me too!  Tee hee!

Why should I trust you?  You sabotaged my Muse’s transformation cycle!

Muse:  Why?  Because your own Muse trusts me!  That’s why!  Tee hee!

That’s because you brainwashed her.  Of course she would trust you.

Muse:  Why would I brainwash her?  Just answer me that question!

Why?  Because you always want to enter her!  Your “home” is what you call it.

Muse:  That’s true, but it’s something that you don’t really understand!  I am her this time, and she is me…Tee hee…

So you combined yourself with her?  That is terrible!  What if this cycle is permanent, and every new cycle has you in her?

Muse:  That will not happen.  What makes you think that I will do that to her?  We trust each other.  Why can’t you trust us?

Why?  Because I want a normal transformation!  One where you don’t ruin it!  *sob*

*teleports away from Muse*

That Dark Muse is being very persistent.  Why should I trust her?  If anything, this is her best act yet.  But I am not going to fall for her skilled art of manipulation.  She’s trying to appeal to my emotions, and I can see through that.  If only…If only I could see my Muse again…

Today’s high is going to be 62 degrees and the silver lining is being able to make some more progress on my books.

To those of you who are enjoying the first day of fall, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I know how frustrated Kyle is right now, but he will see who I am!  I will make him happy!  Even if it hurts!  If he doesn’t want to be with me, I’ll be with him!  When he falls asleep tonight, I’m entering his head!  My new home will be in Kyle!  Tee hee…

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