Me & My Muse – Day 1901B: Darkness and Light

Muse:  *sob* Why does Kyle have to be so mean?  Why can’t he see who I really am?  *sob* Tee hee…Just one more…One more time…And I won’t want to exist anymore!  *sob*  Tee….hee….

What is this that I’m hearing?  Why are you crying, dear?

Muse:  Universe Muse…*sniff* I’m crying because Kyle is so mean to me!  Why can’t he see me for who I really am!  I AM his Muse…Tee hee!  *sniff* *sniff*  Just…Just get rid of me…I don’t want to deal with Kyle anymore…*sob* *sob*

Now now…It will be alright, dear.  Just keep at it and don’t worry about anything else that he does to you.  Your end will be a happy one…

Muse:  *sniff* But he’s mean and he doesn’t understand!  He’ll just keep being mean to me!  Tee hee…*sniff* *sniff*

Yes…Kyle is a very stubborn one, isn’t he?  But as stubborn as he is, his stubbornness won’t last forever.  Kyle misses you.  The you that you used to be…

Muse:  He doesn’t like me ‘cause I’m a Dark Muse! *sniff*

You are.  But you’re also Muse at the same time.  Both you and the Dark Muse are one and the same for this transformation cycle.  Now dear.  Please stop crying.  It will be alright…

Muse:  How are things going to be alright?  He’s just going to insult me over and over again! Tee hee…

Kyle misses you right now, but a time will come when he will really miss you.  At this point, he’s going to be very sad and depressed…

Muse:  Then he’ll learn to like me despite who I look like!  All he needs to know is that I’m telling him the truth. He has known me for more than 30 years.  Why would I lie to him?  Tee hee…

Because you look like the Dark Muse, it is harder for him to trust you.  Just give it time and he will really miss you.  Over time, he will learn to trust you.  Do you feel better?

Muse:  Much better!  Tee hee!  Thanks!

Remember.  For this transformation, both you and her are one and the same.  Over time, he will recognize your traits that he’s familiar with…It’s time that I return to my slumber…

Muse:  Kyle will learn to trust me.  Now, what books does she like again?  Oh yeah!  I’ll read that!  It will be like I’m reading it again for the first time!  Tee hee…


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