Me & My Muse – Day 1: ExperiMENTAL

Let’s try this out.  If this doesn’t work, you will never see one of these again.

Creativity.  It is the driving force in the realm of imagination.  Concepts are snowballed together and tightly packed together.  The best ideas are used and seen by all.  They are masterpieces in art galleries.  They are TV shows, movies, music, novels and every form of expression you can think of.

These savory ideas are the gadgets that we use in our everyday lives.  They are the cellphones that we use to communicate with our family and friends.  They are the summer blockbusters that we see in the movie theaters.  They are the best-selling novels that we read while we contently bask in the sun at the beach on a hot summer day.  Whether that novel is it’s original paper form or on a tablet, it all started with one idea.

The things we use.  The clothes we wear.  The packaged food that we eat.  The beverages that we drink.  It all started with one idea.

There is no escaping it.  There is no denying it.  Chances are you have already used a byproduct of creativity today.  That favorite song.  That favorite movie.  That favorite food.  That favorite drink.  You have heard it.  Seen it.  Tasted it.  You have experienced it.

But it all started with one idea.

Where do ideas come from?  Where are they born and where do they originate?  To look at it physically, the brain is a driving force in the development of ideas.  It’s where ideas start.  It’s their point of origin. It’s where ideas begin.

Yes, the brain does generate ideas.  But we’re not just limited to the physical sense.  Can the brain explain what the source of creativity is?  Can it reveal the mystery about ideas and how they take form?  The physical sense can only go so far.  To approach the solution, we need to go beyond matter.  Beneath the cells and electrons to a realm of intangibles.

So where does the source of creativity come from?  I believe that it is a gift.  This can clearly explain why some people are more creative than others.  Being left-handed, I guess that makes sense.  (Sorry right-handed people.  🙂 )

To be fair, creativity is a gift that we all have.  Some of us just don’t use it, and we all have varying degrees of it.  To all the creative and artistic types, there is a source of inspiration.  I like to call this the Muse.

When an idea is born, we nurture it and feed it until it’s fully developed.  The Muse is the creative agent in making this happen.  It takes the idea and it absorbs it.  It consumes it.  The Muse becomes the idea, while maintaining its true form.

And when the Muse is used properly, and consumes a lot of ideas, it grows.  It becomes the mother of all the new ideas that you want to bring to pass.  It watches over every new idea that you have until they’re all grown up.

That’s what the Muse can become, if you pay attention to it. A malnourished Muse works in the opposite direction.  If you starve it and neglect it, it is a horrible sight to see.  You will see this very clearly when you sit down at your desk and not have a single idea to work with.  Not a single word to write.  Not a single stroke on the canvas.  The ideas are dried up and your Muse is sleeping, and there’s nothing that you can do to wake it up.


Muse:  What do you mean?

W-what are you doing here?  I wasn’t talking about you!

Muse:  I heard you say that I was sleeping.  I’m awake!

I’m in the middle of talking about creativity and how Muses play an important part in that!  I was referring to other Muses, not you!

Muse:  “Other Muses”?  You’re not cheating on me, are you?

N-no!  Whatever gave you that idea?

Muse:  You said it yourself! OTHER Muses!

I’m talking about the Muses that all the creative people have!  Can you just get back in my head?

Muse: Don’t you think it’s strange?


Muse:  That you’re having a conversation with me in a blog that you will be posting.  A blog that everyone will be reading.  Those people will probably be thinking  “Who is this weirdo who is writing a blog about an actual Muse?  A Muse that interrupts an important discussion on creativity?  That guy, he’s STRANGE!”

Well, you started it!

Muse:  So, you’re going to argue with me now?  Think of the audience!

I am.  Can you get back in and let me finish….

Muse:  And what’s with the title?  It’s RIDICULOUS!  Experi…MENTAL? Is that the best that you can come up with?  Oh stop….before I wet myself.

Muses don’t have bladders!

Muse:  But I do, okay!  What if I wanted a bladder, just to see what it was like? And oh.  You’re blushing!  Why are you blushing?


Muse:  It’s the title, isn’t it?  I think you’re the mental one for thinking of that….

GET INSIDE, NOW!  Urgghh….Get inside!  Have you gotten bigger?

Muse: Oh.  Are you going to make fun of my size now?  And you didn’t get all of me in.  You missed the head….

We’ll talk later about this!  Get….IN!  There!


I would like to apologize to everyone.  My Muse.  She’s a little outspoken, and very hyper.  I can’t always control what she does, but she’s fun to be around.  And being the healthy Muse that she is, she’s growing.

Getting back to the discussion, if you’re starving for ideas, wake up your Muse.  How you wake it up will depend on who you are and what you like to do.  Chances are, if you wake up a starving Muse, it will go on a feeding frenzy until it’s healthy again.  But be careful.  You don’t want your Muse to have a stomach ache.

So what drives you through the realm of imagination is very important to care for.  All the things that we use started with one idea.  And chances are that idea was nurtured by the Muse.

With today approaching the afternoon, it was quite productive.  I used this sunny day to mow the lawn and have a fun (yet embarrassing) discussion with my Muse.

Each day has a silver lining.  Today’s is in progress.  After this, I will be editing my novel some more.

To all who had the patience to read this, I congratulate you.

Now if you would excuse me.  I need to go and talk to my Muse… private….

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