Me & My Muse – Day 2: Of Jobs and Pizza

Jobs.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  They serve different functions and have different income levels.  Everything from the janitor to the CEO.

From my experience, there are two different kinds of jobs out there.  There are jobs that you love and jobs that you hate.

Which one are you in?  Are you in a job that you love to go to everyday?  A job where you are satisfied with what you accomplish and are very passionate in what you do?  Or is it the opposite?  You go to work and you hate it there.  You don’t make that much and, despite being there for a few years, you have made no progress.

Sadly, that is where I stand.  Granted, making pizzas is something that SOMEBODY must do.  But it should really be someone who is in high school or college, not someone with a college degree.  The hourly job, the job with random hours and weekend shifts should be a stepping stone for better things.  A good first job for anyone in high school.  It shouldn’t serve as a dead end.

But fortunately, I don’t see my job as a permanent place.  I look forward to having something better.  A job where I am actually paid a SALARY, instead of a bi-weekly paycheck (since the franchise manager doesn’t like direct deposit for some weird reason).  Hopefully this future will….


Muse: Here we go again….I feel like this is Ally McBeal, where you are talking to someone that is not supposed to exist.

What did I tell you about interrupting?  Didn’t we discuss this already?

Muse: Discuss what?  I wasn’t listening.  Sorry.

What were you doing then?

Muse: I was in my own little world as usual!  What else?

Can’t you let me finish what I was going to say?

Muse:  What does it matter?  Nobody’s reading this.

How do you know?

Muse:  Nobody has commented on your first blog.  Somebody did like your blog: You!


Muse: Somebody’s got a big ego!  And you better look at your clock.  You don’t have much time left!

I know that.  Just let me finish….

Muse:  Your rant about jobs?

It’s not a rant.  It’s a discussion.

Muse:  I want a job.  Can you give me one, please?

You already have one.  You help develop ideas to their full potential with your creative energy.  Now get back to work!

Muse:  Can’t I take a break?  And what if I don’t want this job?  Do you have any others?

Just be quiet, stop slacking and get back in there.

Muse:  But can’t you….

There’s no time!  I need to leave!  Get back…..IN!


Sorry about the interruption.  It’s a bad habit of my Muse to do this.  Anyway, I am hoping that the future will consist of a job where I’m making words, instead of pizzas.  For the silver lining,  it’s actually not raining for once!  Now if you would excuse me, it’s time for me to go to work and make pizzas now!

One thought on “Me & My Muse – Day 2: Of Jobs and Pizza

  1. Nobody commented on your first blog? LIES! I just commented on your first blog! Why did I say this? I can’t ever remember saying it at all! I just can’t remember anything.

    *sigh* Oh well….