Me & My Muse – Day 3: Brain Freeze

In the summer, we get our fair share of hot days.  But then there’s the real scorcher.  The real hot one.  The hottest day of the year.

On days like this, there is only one cure I know of.  Most people would say air conditioning, but I’m talking about the cold treat that can cure any sun parched malady:  the Slurpee.

I’m not talking about the garden-variety slush buckets that you can get at Speedway or various other gas stations.  The Slurpee is different.  It is colder than its imitators.  And the colder it is, the more satisfying it goes down your throat.  That is until you get….



Muse: BRAIN FREEZE!!!  Ah!!!  Make it stop!

Interrupting me again while I’m trying to have a rather insightful discussion on Slurpees?

Muse: But the brain freeze….It won’t stop….

I’ll be getting my Slurpee later today.  With it being Free Slurpee Day, I won’t have to pay a dime!

Muse: Already got mine!

How is that possible?  They don’t start serving free Slurpees until 11 a.m.!

Muse:  Well, I’m special and you’re not!

Outspoken and annoying is what you are….

Muse:  So?  At least I got my FREE SLURPEE! HA HA!  Ohhhh!!!!!  BRAIN FREEZE!

Heh heh.  Serves you right for drinking it too fast.

Muse: This is my second Slurpee, too.  I got the free one after I paid for the really big one….

Well, it’s a good thing that Muses don’t have bladders….

Muse:  All except for me!  I’m the special one!  I….EEEEEP!!!  I gotta pee!  I gotta pee!  I gotta pee!



Well, that was a surprise.  A Muse getting a brain freeze.  Also with a spastic bladder, too.  Again, I’m really sorry about her behavior.  She hasn’t had her medication today.  For the future, I’ll look into that.

For today, I plan on getting my free Slurpee and will continue with the editing process on my book and the job search.  The silver lining today is obvious.  FREE SLURPEE.  Need I say more?

Having that said, I hope all of you….



Muse:  I’m done going pee!

You know, for a Muse, you act pretty immature.  I’m actually done with the discussion now.

Muse:  Oh.  You are?  You’re no fun!  I’m going home!

You mean in my head?  Talk to you later….



Without any further interruptions, I hope all of you have a fantastic day.

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