Me & My Muse – Day 4: Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted

Working all the time can be a drag.  Day in and day out.  You get no breaks.  Just the continual stress of an endless work schedule.

Being burdened with a heptic work schedule can take a toll on your sanity, and really wear you out.  Fortunately, there’s a solution to break away from the monotonous work-a-day world that we live in.  For all you workaholics out there, let me introduce you to a new concept called “vacation”.  You should really try it sometimes.  It would do wonders on your stress.

For me, I like to take vacations every once in a wh….



Muse: Wha cha doing?

I was having a discussion about vacations until you interRUPTED me!

Muse:  Well that’s because you never include me!  Why can’t I be in these fun discussions of yours?

I never said you couldn’t.  I just….

Muse: I also need a break, too.  When your ideas are resting, I have nothing to do.  It gets boring.

That’s too bad.

Muse: Too bad?!  I get lonely in there!  Why don’t you try being a Muse sometimes?!  It’s not easy!

Anyways, as I was saying….

Muse: Vacations, right?  I want to go on a vacation, too!  Let’s see you try to last a week without being creative!

I wouldn’t want you to be gone for that long.  Besides, Muses don’t take vacations.

Muse:  They do when they’re sleeping!  They do if they’re in a deep coma!  What if I wanted to take a vacation?  You wouldn’t last very long without me!

I would be out of my mind.  I probably wouldn’t even be doing these.  Now about vacations.  I’ll be leaving today…..

Muse:  You are?  So much for making this a daily thing….

Oh.  They’ll be one tomorrow.  Trust me….

Muse: So when are you leaving?

After work.

Muse:  Oh.  Okay!  I gotta start packing, now!



Wait!  You’re a Muse!  You don’t need to pack…..any-thing…..

Oh well….She’s back in my head now so it’s too late to tell her.  Why would a Muse need to pack for a trip anyway if they’re traveling inside someone’s head?

Finishing the discussion, I like to take vacations every once in a while.  They really help with breaking up the monotony at work.  Today’s silver lining is going up north.  It’s nice and sunny, so it should be a lot of fun.

Having that said, I hope you all have a fantastic day.

One thought on “Me & My Muse – Day 4: Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted

  1. Vacation? Why can’t I remember any of these? I think you told me something about that, but I can’t remember what you said!

    Anyway, I’m enjoying my vacation from my ideas right now! But I gotta be quiet. They’re sleeping….