Me & My Muse – Day 5: Day at the Lake

Well, I did it.  My Muse didn’t think I could but here it is.

Being on my little vacation of mine,  I would have to say that it is pretty good.  The lake is pretty nice right now and what I ate this morning was pretty good.  I will now enjoy the boat ride on the lake…..


Muse: Cheater!

It’s not cheating.

Muse:  Yes it is!  You’re leaving this in advance! You actually wrote this yesterday!

Enough.  I like breaking the fourth wall as much as the next person, but….

Muse:  Fourth wall?  Where?  I don’t see any wall….

Never mind.  Anyway, the lake is very nice, and we’re just about to go for a ride….

Muse:  You HOPE it is.  You won’t know until you get to the lake!

Shut up!  I’m already here!

Muse:  You haven’t even left for your trip yet!

You know what?  If you’re just going to ruin everything, just get back inside.

Muse:  But I….


Muse:  Fine!  I will!  Just know that you cheated.  You’re not even at the lake, so NYAH!



As I was saying, and you can disregard my stupid Muse,  I am going for a boat ride on the lake.  Tomorrow, it’s back to work again.  But for now,  I’ll enjoy my time up here while it lasts.  And I will also enjoy my vacation from Little Miss Obvious….


Muse:  But I’m not little!

Quiet!  Nobody asked you!

One thought on “Me & My Muse – Day 5: Day at the Lake

  1. Little Miss Obvious? That was a little harsh!

    I’m curious about you leaving that in advance. Why couldn’t you have skipped a day?

    I wish I could remember all this, but it’s nice that you have it all written down! Tee hee!