Me & My Muse – Day 6: Weekend Aftermath

At this moment, I am tired, so I will try to keep this short and sweet.

To recap, this weekend was fun.  After completing the seemingly slow shift of pizza-making,  I killed time at Kmart, picked up my brother and headed home.

Then it was time for the weekend adventure to begin.  I went home, finalized the checklist and went up north.  I got to the lake pretty late.

The next day, I had breakfast, went for a boat ride, had a nice dinner and went fishing at night.

Now burned out, this brings us to today.  I woke up, came back home, worked a four-hour shift that I didn’t want to work, got a couple pizzas for dinner and came home.

Overall, the weekend was fun….


Muse:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

What is it now?

Muse:  Did you tell them how you got lost….TWICE?  That was tooooooo funny!

I didn’t tell them, and it’s not their business to know.

Muse:  Well, now they know, so you might as well tell them!

I am not going  to tell them!  I am tired, and I just want to be brief with this weekend!

Muse:  Fine!  I’ll tell them!  Kyle here took a wrong turn in West Branch and went in the wrong direction!  He also went down 23 last night when he finished eating at The Mountain.  If he didn’t get turned around, he would’ve ended up in Mackinaw City!

Just stop, or I will tell them about your little “exposure” this weekend….

Muse:  What are you talking about? Nothing happened to me.

Muses don’t get sunburns, but everything I say about Muses, you always contradict!  Tell them how you look like a lobster.

Muse:  I don’t!  Stop it!

You started it!  Remember how you complained for an HOUR about how bad the sunburn hurt?

Muse:  I have no sunburn!  They can’t even see me so how would they know?

I’m guessing that it still hurts, right, Miss Rulebreaker?

Muse:  It doesn’t….OW!  Hey!  What are you doing?  OW!  Stop!

You might want to put some more burn cream on.  You like the rules of Tangibles?  Sunburns are a part of that!

Muse:  Well, at least I’m not you, Magellan!  I’m surprised that you can find your way to your room!

Why do you use our rules, anyway?  You are made of imagination, for goodness sake!

Muse:  My rules are boring.  I like yours better!  OW!  Stop touching the sunburn!  It hurts!

Put some more creme on.

Muse:  OW!  Okay okay!  I will!  OW!  Stop!  Waaah!!!


Just as weird as ever.  But I’m stuck with her, so I guess I don’t have any choice.  Time to stop typing this and go to bed.

Having that said, I hope you all have a fantastic night!

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