Me & My Muse – Day 7: Open up and say AHHHHHHH!!!!

When we think of the dentist, we all have different views about the one who checks our teeth semi-annually.  We are either afraid of the dentist, don’t mind the dentist or just find the dentist to be annoying.

Case in point, that was me today.  I find the dentist to be quite annoying.  Not because I have bad teeth, but because of my insane schedule that I have today:  A dentist appointment, work and a Toastmasters Meeting all on the same day!  Say “ahh”?  More like say AHHHHHHH!!!!



Muse:  AHHHHHHH!!!!

What’s with you?

Muse:  I’m so excited!  I just got back from the dentist.

Did he drill every single cavity?

Muse:  What cavity?  Every single one of my teeth were perfect.  No bleeding, and very little tartar to scrape.  Eeeeee!  I’m so excited!

So, how are those ideas of mine?  You seem to have time for a dentist, but who was watching my ideas?

Muse:  I left them with a babysitter.  I just checked them and they’re doing just fine.  I’m a good mother of ideas!  Don’t judge me!

Don’t worry.  I do that all the time.

Muse:  So you do.  Whatever!  What are we talking about today?  The dentist?  My teeth are perfect!  Yours are not!  NEH!

I have REAL teeth!  Your imaginary teeth are easy to take care of, since you don’t ever have to tend to them!

Muse:  I so do tend to them!  I brush and floss all the time!

Just like a tangible person, right?

Muse:  Shut up!  Can we talk about lunch now?  I’m having some challenger wings!  I ate all the suicidal ones last night.

Impossible.  You can only eat those wings in a challenge!

Muse:  I know!  And I won the challenge!  I betcha that you’re too CHICKEN to have them!

Chicken?  I just don’t want to die from consuming 650,000 scoville units of those capsaicin laden tools of mass destruction!  You’re not dealing with REAL heat!

Muse:  Yes I am!  After winning the challenge, I passed out for an hour!  When I woke up, my mouth was still on fire!  I slept miserably because of those wings!

Still like those “Tangible” rules?

Muse:  I’m not giving them up!  You deal with them every day!  So can I, so NYAH!

I am betting that you will feel miserable later, then!  Everything has two sides!

Muse:  Ooooh!  OW!  Be right back!  Gotta go to the bathroom!  AHHHHHHH!!!!



Well, that’s what she gets for dabbling with our rules.  As an Intangible, she doesn’t really need to do this.  But it’s her choice, and her loss for doing so….

Getting back to my crazy day,  the schedule is a little busy, but I’ll live.  Having already went to the dentist (or hygienist, since my dentist didn’t clean my teeth), all that remains is work and a Toastmasters meeting.  It’s going to be extremely hot, so I’m dressed for the heat.

For today’s silver lining, that will be getting more editing done on my story, which I hope to accomplish shortly.  To all who have tuned into the Estate recently, I hope you all have a fantastic day.

And yay for successfully completing my first week of this!

One thought on “Me & My Muse – Day 7: Open up and say AHHHHHHH!!!!

  1. Despite not remembering this, I do have a point! My teeth ARE perfect, and I brush and floss them every day!

    And wow! I actually ate those hot wings? Maybe I’ll do that another day. I do have a craving for intense heat. Tee hee….