Me & My Muse – Day 8: Advancing to Boardwalk

Well, it’s here once again.  McDonald’s big money maker.  That’s right.  The Monopoly Game at McDonald’s is back, and it’s two months ahead of schedule.

For years, Rich “Uncle” Pennybags has teamed up with the Golden Arches to create a contest that has been unmatched by any other.  The greasy and fat laden food of McDonald’s mixed with one of Parker Brothers most popular board games of all time.  This is Monopoly: 2013 McDonald’s Edition.  And like all other contests before, you’re playing for keeps, with REAL money and REAL prizes to win.

As much as I love this contest, I find it strange that the contest is so early this year.  Typically, the Monopoly Game at McDonald’s begins around late September and ends in late October.  This time, the contest starts today, ending in mid August. Considering that they have done this in the past when I was younger, I guess I don’t find it odd now that they are having the contest early again.

In the more recent years, I have made a spreadsheet to tabulate all the game pieces that I have collected throughout the duration of the game.  In the past,  I have collected every single game piece except the winning game pieces:  Short Line Railroad, Mediterranean Avenue, Vermont Avenue,  Virginia Avenue, Tennessee Avenue, Kentucky Avenue, Ventnor Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, and of course, Boardwalk.

And it’s clearly understandable why I haven’t collected Boardwalk yet when you look at the odds.  This year, McDonald’s has 602,490,060 game pieces in circulation.  Of those game pieces,  135,540,995  of them are food prizes.  I have already won two of them this morning:  a breakfast sandwich and medium fries.  With a 1 in 4 chance of winning food, you have a good chance of winning something when you’re playing this game.  However, the food prizes are not what I’m after.  I’m after the rare game pieces with impossible odds.   The odds for the rare game pieces are as follows:

Mediterranean Avenue:  1 in 30,124,503

Vermont Avenue:             1 in 40,166,004

Virginia Avenue:               1 in 200,830,020

Tennessee Avenue:           1 in 602,490,060

Kentucky Avenue:             1 in 15,062,252

Ventnor Avenue:               1 in 301,235,030

Pennsylvania Avenue:      1 in 40,166,004

Short Line Railroad:         1 in 150,622,515

For Boardwalk, it’s the same as Tennessee Avenue.  For Boardwalk alone, I have a 1 in 602,490,060 chance to get it.  But if I get Boardwalk and Park Place on a Big Mac, my odds are slightly better, with a 1 in 37,955,000 chance.

And just to let you know, I already have Park Place.  With a 1 in 11 chance, Park Place is easy to get.  All I need is Boardwalk…..


Muse:  I got Boardwalk!

No you didn’t.  It’s probably a fake.

Muse:  No!  It’s real!  Let me show you!

WHAT?  Impossible!  There is no way you can get Boardwalk on day one of the contest.  That’s a 1 in 602,490,060 chance!

Muse:  I know!  But I got it!  WHOO HOO!!!

Say….Since that is the real piece, why don’t we turn them in, huh?

Muse:  I can’t do that.

Why not?

Muse:  It’s because….this Boardwalk piece is “enhanced”.

So it’s a fake one then?

Muse:  Yes.  I got a Park Place piece and I turned it in to a Boardwalk piece.  It looks just like the real thing!

Well, I can’t use imaginary game pieces.  They have to be REAL ones!

Muse:  Ain’t it a drag?  You could’ve won a million dollars with my help!  So, what’s the topic today?

What do you think?

Muse:  Hold on!  I know this! …..Um, the Monopoly contest?

Bingo!  How could you have possibly guessed that?

Muse:  I’m good at guessing!  Tee hee!

Having played this game for several years, I am still looking for Boardwalk.

Muse:  So, are you going to get fat playing this contest?

No.  I am cutting down on the game pieces this year.  Granted, it will still be a lot of pieces, but not as much as last year….

Muse:  Liar!  You’re going to get really fat playing this.  I know it!

Really, huh?  This morning’s breakfast was only 610 calories.  A Sausage McMuffin with Egg (460), a hash brown (150) and a medium drink filled with water.

Muse:  I’m telling you!  You’re going to get really fat!  Your jeans won’t be able to fit!  You’re gonna be a fatty!  You’re gonna be a fatty!  Ha ha!

How old are we?

Muse:  I’m a fully grown adult, thank you very much!

That sounded like a five-year old to me.

Muse:  Whatever.  Adults are boring, and so are you!  So NYAH!

Did you take your medication like I told you?

Muse: Nope!  I don’t need any medication!  Not gonna take it!  Not gonna take it! No!  Not me!

Be a good girl and go take it, okay?

Muse: Okay!  I’ll go take it….Hey!  I’m not a girl!  I’m a fully grown woman!  Hmph!


There.  That shut her up.  As you know already,  my Muse is a “special case”.  But trust me, she’s better with the medication.

Where was I?  Oh, that’s right!  My pursuit for Boardwalk.  With this being just day one of the contest,  my hunt for Boardwalk has just begun.  For silver linings,  it’s another obvious one.  The Monopoly Game at McDonald’s Contest starting is the silver lining for our cloud today.  Speaking of clouds,  there isn’t that many today with today’s high being a scorching 92 degrees.  Tonight at dinner, I’ll have another chance to find Boardwalk.

To conclude this matter, I hope that all of you have a fantastic day.


Muse:  It’s a good thing that I didn’t show him the REAL Boardwalk….

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