Me – Day 44: Falling Back – Mission Accomplished

With Fall in full swing now, it is official. Daylight Savings Time has officially come to an end.

Now if you watch this occurrence closely like I do, you would know that Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 a.m. But rather than waiting until 2:00 a.m., I like to celebrate it a day early. So right now, it is not almost 9:00, but almost 8:00.

And oh, how I miss my Muse!  I wish that she wasn’t the Dark Muse this time…

*Muse appears  glowing with a bright green aura*

Muse:  Kyle!  I miss you!  Can we talk?  Please?  Tee hee…

It’s you again…

*invisible green aura flashes around me and becomes visible*

Nice trick!  I know that what I see is a hologram.  Real Dark Muse, come now!  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*Muse appears with a bright flashing green aura*

I am tired of you escaping!  You are always up to no good!  Oh, and the title of mine that you keep changing?  No more!

Muse:  But I’m your Muse, Kyle…Can’t you trust me?  Tee hee…

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  You are that Dark Muse.  I know you are.  Dark Muse, reveal yourself.  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*Muse flashes brightly while still flashing bright green*

Dark Muse:  I am!  Tee hee!  I am in my permanent home!

See?  You were tricking me all along!

Dark Muse:  And I wanna play!  Time to grow!  Tee hee!

Oh no you don’t.  I am banishing you to your own dimension.  You are now banished to your own dimension for good.  One privilege, ENGAGE!

Dark Muse:  Nooooooo!

*Dark Muse vanishes in a cloud of smoke*

There we go.  Mission accomplished.  That sounds like a good title, so I’ll change the one I have above to that.

Now to enjoy the rest of my day.

Today’s high is going to be 45 degrees and the silver lining is celebrating the end of Daylight Saving’s Time a day early.

To those of you who are enjoying your Saturday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Dark Muse:  I know there’s a way that I can escape.  I’m busting out!  Tee hee!