Me & My Muse – Day 94: Getting Inside

Well, I did it.  I don’t know how I pulled it off, but I did.  I managed to hide from my Muse all day long yesterday.  And without her brand on me, she couldn’t tell where I was.

When the Kyle clone opened the drawer yesterday, I quickly flew out of it.  Oh yeah!  That’s one other thing that I forgot to mention.  Remedy gave me the ability to fly.  Without it, I could never scale the open drawer in time, which was at least hundreds of feet tall.   It’s pretty annoying having to deal with a colossal Muse.

Anyway, when the Kyle clone set out her clothes and gave my Muse her bath, I snuck into one of her dress pockets.  Considering my size, I’m only a tiny speck so she would never find me there.

The only thing that I had to endure was her screaming.  All day long she did this, while frantically searching for me.  She couldn’t find me because I was in a really good hiding spot.  She searched though all of her drawers, having the Kyle clone help her on the ones she couldn’t reach.  By the end of the day, she wasn’t happy at all.

When things quieted down and she was sleeping, I flew out of her dress pocket and towards the giant sleeping Muse.  I didn’t want to hide in her hair since she might feel me in there.  Instead, I decided to hide somewhere else.  I flew underneath the covers and inside the drop seat of her footed pajamas.  I could do this since she slept on her stomach.  And now, I’m standing on her nighttime underwear, waiting to make my next move.  There’s a huge swarm of Muse clones by her head, so I don’t want to alert them.  They would instantly wake up, and blow my cover.

I think I’ll sneak out now.  There.  I’m just about outside the covers and I see a bunch of Muse clones….


Muse: *snore* …..why do you keep escaping….I almost got you…..ughhh…..Kyle…..I will get you….tee hee….

She must be dreaming about trying to get me.  Anyway, I see a Muse clone nearby.  I think I’ll possess her.  There.  Now I’ll generate a new clone and enter that one….

Psst!  Everyone!  I’m a new clone!  She just made me!  Tee hee!

Muse clones:  Hi new clone!  Your job is to make sure that Kyle doesn’t enter her head.  But if we find Kyle, our orders are to wake her up.  Tee hee!

Nearby Muse clone:  But we have to be quiet until we find him.  She doesn’t want her rest disturbed.  Tee hee!

Don’t worry.  I will be a good clone!  Tee hee!  She assigned me to guard inside her head.  That’s what she told me.  Tee hee!

Muse clone: Follow us.  We will guide you inside her head.  Tee hee!

Tee hee!  Thanks!

*follows pair of Muse clones by flying inside* *uses scrambling device*

Wow!  This world inside her head is pretty big!  Tee hee….

Muse clone:  We will introduce you, since you’re the new one.

Hey everyone!  I’m a new Muse clone!  Tee hee!  She just made me.

Interior Muse clone:  Stand here with us.  Tee hee!  We need to make sure that we capture Kyle if he gets in!

Interior Muse clone 2:  And then we turn him in to our leader.  That’s very important.  Tee hee!

Muse clone pair:  We’re going back outside.  Have fun!  Tee hee!

There. Tee hee!  I may be new, but I learn fast….

Interior Muse clone: Good.  Tee hee!  I don’t know why she needed a new clone, but she’s the boss!  Tee hee!

Interior Muse clone 3:  Let’s have a tee hee contest!

Interior Muse clone 4: But we just had one a couple minutes ago!

Interior Muse clone 3: Let’s have another one!  Tee hee!

Interior Muse clone 4: But it’s no fun!  You always win!  Tee hee!

Interior Muse clone 3: Just one more.  Pleeeeeeeeeeease?

Interior Muse clone 4: Oh alright….

Actually, the leader chose me to be her new body.  Do you know where I can find the old Muse?  Tee hee….

Interior Muse clone: It’s far far away.  Tee hee!  Go through that grassy field for a bajillion miles and then you’ll find a valley.  Just past that valley is a castle.  In there dwells the Idea Queen.  Why do you need to see her?  Tee hee…..

Who is she, by the way?  Remember.  I’m new.  Tee hee….

Interior Muse clone:  She’s the ruler over all of us.  She created every one of us and has taken over this Muse.  She says that it’s the funnest toy ever!  Tee hee!

Interior Muse clone 3:  Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee! Tee hee!

Interior Muse clone 4: No fair!  I wasn’t ready yet!

Interior Muse clone 5: Yeah!  Let’s start over!

Interior Muse clone 6: Start over!

Interior Muse clone 3:  Okay okay!  Let’s start the contest already!

Thanks.  Tee hee!  The Idea Queen summoned me. That’s what I was told when I was created.  Tee hee….

Interior Muse clone:  Just follow the path to the castle.  Bye!  I want to try to win the tee hee contest!

Interior Muse clone 2: I’m gonna win!

Interior Muse clone 3: No! I’m gonna win!

Interior Muse clone 6: You’re all wrong!  I’m gonna win!  Tee hee!

Bye!  Tee hee!


There.  I can’t believe how well those hypnotic powers worked.  I can stop blending in, since I don’t have any other Muse clones around.  I can’t believe that I’m finally in.  This place is pretty vast.  If I were to guess, this place is bigger than our world.  But it’s kind of gloomy looking.  I’m guessing that the Idea Queen did this.

A bajillion miles?  I wonder how long a bajillion is?  At any measure, it’s going to take a very long time to get to that castle.  And I need to hurry.  From that device that Remedy gave me, my real Muse’s heart rate is 50.  A Muse with a heart?  Don’t ask me. She wanted the Tangible characteristics….

Well, I don’t know the temperature inside here, so I’m not going to do the weather.  The silver lining is finally entering my Muse’s head.

To all of you who have ever finally gotten a plan to work,  I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Where is Kyle?!  We’re going to look for him all day like we did yesterday!  And we’re not gonna stop until we find him!  Tee hee!