If you are reading this, it is no mistake.  I am indeed back, but not completely yet.

Due to my ignorance in never updating WordPress, my old blog got devoured by spambots and hackers.  Fortunately, I do have a backup of the data, and do intend on restoring all the posts eventually.

Reviving this blog will be no easy task.  I am also in the process of reviving my muse.  It is severely damaged from lack of use, and will take some time to polish and restore.  Rusty muses don’t function very well, you know.

With that, I give you the keys to the Walker Estate.  As always, make yourself at home here, and do be careful of the “under construction” signs.  This literary palace is undergoing a major construction project.  Just be patient, everything will be back eventually.

For starters, I will begin reassembling the ruins of Walker on Politics, which will remain in the musty basement it belongs in.  You may visit this place, but I would recommend putting on a hazmat suit first.  The radiation emanating from the slowly decaying political banter is unsafe without one.

To all the critics, literary aficionados and visitors alike, I welcome you all to the Walker Estate!

The Clock is Ticking….

It is official.  The official doomsday clock has begun.  As of recently,  my parents are planning to kick me out of the house.

According to my father, he will give me at least another year before he kicks me out onto the street.

How has my job search been, lately?  It has been rather tough.  I have recently called Michigan Works and have inquired about the “No Worker Left Behind” program.  This Tuesday at 9:30 a.m., I will be there with the other unemployed, attending all their workshops, with increasing hopes of finding a full-time job.

Michigan Works.  Does that even make sense?  With more than 20% of Michigan unemployed, how can Michigan possibly work?  For 20+ percent of the unemployed,  Michigan doesn’t seem to work!

And so the doomsday clock continues to tick, like something out of a apocolyptic movie.  Can this website pay the bills?  Well, all I need is 1) An audience and 2) A couple advertising banners.

Well, 1 has been satisfied to some degree.  I have an audience all right.  An audience of crickets.  An audience of spambots.  The only thing I need now is a HUMAN audience.

Man.  If only the iPhone had a job app.  Just hit the button and “Need a job? There’s an app for that.”  We would then be in tandem with Staple’s cliche slogan: “That was easy”.  But seriously,  I digress.

In the worse case scenario that the doomsday clock does run out,  my parents will kick me out and I’ll be….homeless. I would most likely find a mission in Midland to live in and have transit to take me to the library for the annoyingly anal 1 hour of job searching per day on their network.

Begging won’t work.  It’s usually more effective when you can play a guitar or harmonica.  Musical beggars just get paid more. Now I’ll exit stage right….to the unemployment line.

The Write Person

Now I have been thinking about this now.  Am I the write person?

While this wasn’t so much the case in the past,  I would like that answer to be different in the future. In an economy like this, it is hard to find a job in writing.  For this profession, I really feel like it is fierce competition where only the strong survive.

In a crumbling economy like this, the only writers that can be salvaged are the cream of the crop.  The rest were cast aside at the wake of this mess. With the cream of the crop, I kind of find it funny, considering some of the product they produce is not gold, but worthless trash.  This usually happens when writers decide to give the audience what they want.

But is it what they want for themselves?  If it isn’t, then they have missed the whole point of writing in the first place. You don’t let the audience dictate everything you write.  You write for both.  While this may sound obvious, it actually does happen.

The decision starts with you.  From there, you can decide what message you want to send to the audience.  With that, you don’t let the audience decide for you.  You decide for your audience.

Now let me clarify this.  To some degree, you DO write for your audience.  Just don’t let them write everything, and don’t write just for them.  If you’re not passionate about what you write, it will show.  Love what you write, and keep your audience in mind.

With feedback, there is nothing wrong with this.  What is wrong is letting the feedback dictate everything.   You might be doing something right, but the audience just has a different opinion about it.

To examine myself, am I the write person?  Using the above criteria, I can say that I am passionate about what I write.  I do have an audience in mind.  Just not a very large one. With the economy like this, it may be rough, but I don’t buy that there aren’t any jobs out there.  The cream of the crop, whether they deserve to be there or not, may have their jobs.  It however, doesn’t exclude those at the bottom who are working their way into the field.  Those people had to start somewhere, didn’t they?

While I’m still a novice, with plenty of room for improvement,  those improvements can be made, which would make me the write person for the job.

Don’t worry. I’m still alive.

A good number of you probably thought that I left this site for good.  Well, that is not the case.  I’m still here.  I just haven’t made the time to leave the occasional update or two.

To catch everyone up, here’s the recent news. – My PageToFame on WEBook fell through the cracks.  That’s to be expected, though.  I’m no Tom Clancy or Stephen King.  I also know that failure is neccessary to succeed.

I recently joined a group of writers.  The group is called Peninsula Writers, if you’re wondering.  It really hasn’t been recent, either since I have been a member since January. That’s about it for now.

In the future, I would like to share different characters and ideas.  Maybe even a few clips from my work in progress.

I just have one guideline. PLEASE TRY TO STOP WITH THE SPAM (you know who you are).  I do like Spam.  Just not the electronic kind.  I would love to approve your comments, but they just can’t have a blatent product name in the name or message.

Be yourself, let me know what you think, and that’s fine.  I am tired of deleting spam. Having that said, I will now try to find a REAL job…

Any cubicles for sale?

Because I will gladly buy it off your hands. Searching has been so-so, as far as I can tell. A few lines in the water, but still no bites. I am working on trying to get a job to get into Dow Corning.  Haven’t heard anything from them yet.

I have inquired about the temps, too.  A date has been set up for Monday with Kelly Services to repeat the application process that would put me back in their system.

I talked to a woman at Adecco who told me that they were having problems with their programs, and that I should send her my resume.  She gave me the email address and I did that.  Still no word from Adecco.

Options…diminishing….And that’s why I’m here.  I should be aimlessly searching for one of many opportunities out in this intertwined network of cyberrubble.  Instead,  I’m typing out my futile attempt to ascertain my calling.  One that would ultimately lead to the niche where I would belong.  A niche that would actually pay for that apartment so I can move out of my parents house.

Ray Romano, you made it out of your parents house eventually.  Perhaps I should borrow some of your thunder.  Everybody Loves Kyle, anyone?  Naw.  I didn’t think so. As for originality, I’ll leave that to me and my muse.  It’s time I take her for a spin, writing with the grace of a gazelle on a midsummer evening;  advancing ever further into the majestic sunset.

Returning to the real world,  I’m left with diminishing options and the same nagging question: Any cubicles you have for sale? I will gladly take any you have available. Thank you.

The bait is set….

However, I am not going after my muse this time.  I’m fishing for businesses. My bait is set and I’m just hoping that a business will bite.

A while back, I joined WEBook.  It’s like a Facebook, but for writers. Earlier today, I submitted my opening PageToFame.  I just recently looked at the results.

Of the 8 people who rated it: 51% think my submission is trash that needs to be thrown away 25% think its mostly junk, with a few good pieces thrown in there 12% think its pretty decent 12% think its pretty good 0% think its completely captivating, awe-inspiring, epic, heavenly, amazing and so great that it needs to be published immediately!

Now, where was I….? Oh yeah!  Looking at the results, I can at least take heart in knowing that 12% of the people actually believe in me, and that I have some potential (that would make just 1 person, since this is based on 8 votes).

Do you think this is trash that needs to be thrown away?  Here is what I submitted:

Title: The Master’s Chronicles

Summary: Nicolas Gillings’s world is quickly shaken when his mother is killed and the Copian town of Tulin is burned to the ground.  Readers join Nicolas in his quest to find answers, love and hope in the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime.


Nothing. It all started with nothing.

Then, the darkness took form.  A seemingly endless array of stars began appearing, one by one throughout the dark and wide expanse of space. They all appeared in various sizes.  Some were gargantuan in size while others were quite minute.  Each had a characteristic of its own, along with its own degree of luminosity.

Multiple spheres of various sizes began to appear throughout space. Each sphere was formless and empty, without a source of light.  The spheres only consisted of water.  They were merely dark orbs suspended in space, with no gravity to propel them. Though the stars were plentiful, their light was too faint for any of the formless spheres of water.

Of the many dark hydrospheres that hovered in space, there was one in particular that had a faint glow of light.  This light glistened, and danced along the surface of the water.

This light was The Master in all his splendor, observing the formless sphere.  “A clean canvas,” The Master said.  “The galaxies are starting to take form.  This sphere will not be formless for long.  A new life will be breathed upon it. This will be a planet that is copious with life.  It shall be called Copia.”

And it was so.  The Master began creating and what he mentioned came into existence.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  This is just another creation story.  This is only the first 223 words!  We haven’t even reached Chapter 1 yet!

You did read the summary, didn’t you?  This introduction seeks to establish the core meaning of the title of the story.  Everything has a beginning, and this is how this story begins.

I paid $5 to get 6 horrible ratings, 1 okay rating, and 1 pretty good rating.  It’s only 8 votes so it’s too early to tell.

I’ll leave the decision up to you. Having that said, BACK TO VEARK!