Any cubicles for sale?

Because I will gladly buy it off your hands. Searching has been so-so, as far as I can tell. A few lines in the water, but still no bites. I am working on trying to get a job to get into Dow Corning.  Haven’t heard anything from them yet.

I have inquired about the temps, too.  A date has been set up for Monday with Kelly Services to repeat the application process that would put me back in their system.

I talked to a woman at Adecco who told me that they were having problems with their programs, and that I should send her my resume.  She gave me the email address and I did that.  Still no word from Adecco.

Options…diminishing….And that’s why I’m here.  I should be aimlessly searching for one of many opportunities out in this intertwined network of cyberrubble.  Instead,  I’m typing out my futile attempt to ascertain my calling.  One that would ultimately lead to the niche where I would belong.  A niche that would actually pay for that apartment so I can move out of my parents house.

Ray Romano, you made it out of your parents house eventually.  Perhaps I should borrow some of your thunder.  Everybody Loves Kyle, anyone?  Naw.  I didn’t think so. As for originality, I’ll leave that to me and my muse.  It’s time I take her for a spin, writing with the grace of a gazelle on a midsummer evening;  advancing ever further into the majestic sunset.

Returning to the real world,  I’m left with diminishing options and the same nagging question: Any cubicles you have for sale? I will gladly take any you have available. Thank you.

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