The bait is set….

However, I am not going after my muse this time.  I’m fishing for businesses. My bait is set and I’m just hoping that a business will bite.

A while back, I joined WEBook.  It’s like a Facebook, but for writers. Earlier today, I submitted my opening PageToFame.  I just recently looked at the results.

Of the 8 people who rated it: 51% think my submission is trash that needs to be thrown away 25% think its mostly junk, with a few good pieces thrown in there 12% think its pretty decent 12% think its pretty good 0% think its completely captivating, awe-inspiring, epic, heavenly, amazing and so great that it needs to be published immediately!

Now, where was I….? Oh yeah!  Looking at the results, I can at least take heart in knowing that 12% of the people actually believe in me, and that I have some potential (that would make just 1 person, since this is based on 8 votes).

Do you think this is trash that needs to be thrown away?  Here is what I submitted:

Title: The Master’s Chronicles

Summary: Nicolas Gillings’s world is quickly shaken when his mother is killed and the Copian town of Tulin is burned to the ground.  Readers join Nicolas in his quest to find answers, love and hope in the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime.


Nothing. It all started with nothing.

Then, the darkness took form.  A seemingly endless array of stars began appearing, one by one throughout the dark and wide expanse of space. They all appeared in various sizes.  Some were gargantuan in size while others were quite minute.  Each had a characteristic of its own, along with its own degree of luminosity.

Multiple spheres of various sizes began to appear throughout space. Each sphere was formless and empty, without a source of light.  The spheres only consisted of water.  They were merely dark orbs suspended in space, with no gravity to propel them. Though the stars were plentiful, their light was too faint for any of the formless spheres of water.

Of the many dark hydrospheres that hovered in space, there was one in particular that had a faint glow of light.  This light glistened, and danced along the surface of the water.

This light was The Master in all his splendor, observing the formless sphere.  “A clean canvas,” The Master said.  “The galaxies are starting to take form.  This sphere will not be formless for long.  A new life will be breathed upon it. This will be a planet that is copious with life.  It shall be called Copia.”

And it was so.  The Master began creating and what he mentioned came into existence.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  This is just another creation story.  This is only the first 223 words!  We haven’t even reached Chapter 1 yet!

You did read the summary, didn’t you?  This introduction seeks to establish the core meaning of the title of the story.  Everything has a beginning, and this is how this story begins.

I paid $5 to get 6 horrible ratings, 1 okay rating, and 1 pretty good rating.  It’s only 8 votes so it’s too early to tell.

I’ll leave the decision up to you. Having that said, BACK TO VEARK!

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