The Write Person

Now I have been thinking about this now.  Am I the write person?

While this wasn’t so much the case in the past,  I would like that answer to be different in the future. In an economy like this, it is hard to find a job in writing.  For this profession, I really feel like it is fierce competition where only the strong survive.

In a crumbling economy like this, the only writers that can be salvaged are the cream of the crop.  The rest were cast aside at the wake of this mess. With the cream of the crop, I kind of find it funny, considering some of the product they produce is not gold, but worthless trash.  This usually happens when writers decide to give the audience what they want.

But is it what they want for themselves?  If it isn’t, then they have missed the whole point of writing in the first place. You don’t let the audience dictate everything you write.  You write for both.  While this may sound obvious, it actually does happen.

The decision starts with you.  From there, you can decide what message you want to send to the audience.  With that, you don’t let the audience decide for you.  You decide for your audience.

Now let me clarify this.  To some degree, you DO write for your audience.  Just don’t let them write everything, and don’t write just for them.  If you’re not passionate about what you write, it will show.  Love what you write, and keep your audience in mind.

With feedback, there is nothing wrong with this.  What is wrong is letting the feedback dictate everything.   You might be doing something right, but the audience just has a different opinion about it.

To examine myself, am I the write person?  Using the above criteria, I can say that I am passionate about what I write.  I do have an audience in mind.  Just not a very large one. With the economy like this, it may be rough, but I don’t buy that there aren’t any jobs out there.  The cream of the crop, whether they deserve to be there or not, may have their jobs.  It however, doesn’t exclude those at the bottom who are working their way into the field.  Those people had to start somewhere, didn’t they?

While I’m still a novice, with plenty of room for improvement,  those improvements can be made, which would make me the write person for the job.