The Clock is Ticking….

It is official.  The official doomsday clock has begun.  As of recently,  my parents are planning to kick me out of the house.

According to my father, he will give me at least another year before he kicks me out onto the street.

How has my job search been, lately?  It has been rather tough.  I have recently called Michigan Works and have inquired about the “No Worker Left Behind” program.  This Tuesday at 9:30 a.m., I will be there with the other unemployed, attending all their workshops, with increasing hopes of finding a full-time job.

Michigan Works.  Does that even make sense?  With more than 20% of Michigan unemployed, how can Michigan possibly work?  For 20+ percent of the unemployed,  Michigan doesn’t seem to work!

And so the doomsday clock continues to tick, like something out of a apocolyptic movie.  Can this website pay the bills?  Well, all I need is 1) An audience and 2) A couple advertising banners.

Well, 1 has been satisfied to some degree.  I have an audience all right.  An audience of crickets.  An audience of spambots.  The only thing I need now is a HUMAN audience.

Man.  If only the iPhone had a job app.  Just hit the button and “Need a job? There’s an app for that.”  We would then be in tandem with Staple’s cliche slogan: “That was easy”.  But seriously,  I digress.

In the worse case scenario that the doomsday clock does run out,  my parents will kick me out and I’ll be….homeless. I would most likely find a mission in Midland to live in and have transit to take me to the library for the annoyingly anal 1 hour of job searching per day on their network.

Begging won’t work.  It’s usually more effective when you can play a guitar or harmonica.  Musical beggars just get paid more. Now I’ll exit stage right….to the unemployment line.