If you are reading this, it is no mistake.  I am indeed back, but not completely yet.

Due to my ignorance in never updating WordPress, my old blog got devoured by spambots and hackers.  Fortunately, I do have a backup of the data, and do intend on restoring all the posts eventually.

Reviving this blog will be no easy task.  I am also in the process of reviving my muse.  It is severely damaged from lack of use, and will take some time to polish and restore.  Rusty muses don’t function very well, you know.

With that, I give you the keys to the Walker Estate.  As always, make yourself at home here, and do be careful of the “under construction” signs.  This literary palace is undergoing a major construction project.  Just be patient, everything will be back eventually.

For starters, I will begin reassembling the ruins of Walker on Politics, which will remain in the musty basement it belongs in.  You may visit this place, but I would recommend putting on a hazmat suit first.  The radiation emanating from the slowly decaying political banter is unsafe without one.

To all the critics, literary aficionados and visitors alike, I welcome you all to the Walker Estate!