Me & My Muse – Bonus 2: The Wild Goose Chase Continues

From what that note said from last time, I’m going to try to find the “Pleasure Tavern”, wherever that is….

Now entering  the Realm of Imagination…..

Okay.  Now where is that tavern?  I want to spare all of you the long boring process of looking for this place, so I’m going to stop recording for now…..

Okay.  Several hours later, I found it.  I’m so stupid.  From where that abandoned house was, the Pleasure Tavern would obviously be in the nearby town, right?  Sure enough, it was.  Time to see what these Intangibles know….

Wait!  What was that?  For a moment, I felt like something was following me.  It looked like a shadow or something.  Oh well.  It probably was nothing.  Time to go inside….


Pleasure:  What may I get you tonight?  May I suggest the Pleasure Punch?  It’s got a lot of kick!

I’m not here to drink.  I’m here for information.

Pleasure:  It’s no problem!  The Pleasure Punch is on the house!  The Intangible gentleman over there is buying.

Generous:   All the drinks are on me!  Don’t worry about the bill tonight!

Really.  I’m not here to drink.  I want some information!

Coercion:  Come on!  You know you want it!

Forceful:  Here.  Why don’t I just take that drink for ya and pour it down your throat.  Huh?  I tell ya!  It’s real good stuff!

Temptation: Come on, baby.  I’ll give you some of me if you have some.  Just a little, okay?

I don’t want your drinks.  I want information!

Temptation:  Tangible here doesn’t want a drink!  Yes you do.  Just look at me, darling.  A cute Tangible like you should try some.  I’ll give you what I promised!  Here’s a preview….

No….!  I don’t need to see that!

Temptation:  See what?  It’s my beautiful body, baby.  Now have some of that Pleasure Punch…

Forceful:  Here.  Let me help junior.  Here’s the drink.  Now you just pour it down like this….

Hey!  What are you….?  pffffbbbbt!  Ah!  My throat!  It burns!

Forceful:  “Course it does!  It’s Intangible Man-juice!  And the taste is amazing!  Huh?

All right.  I had it.  You forced a drink down me against my will.  Now I want some information!

Temptation:  I have my promise, baby.  I’ll take you back to my place and I’ll let you see the whole thing, free of charge.  Plus we can have some fun!  How about that?

I don’t want your filthy body!  I want some information!

Pleasure:  What kind of information are you looking for?  I apologize for my patrons.  They’re a little hard on the juice tonight.

It’s okay.  I was sent by the Old Man to look here for his friend.

Pleasure:  Old Man?  You mean Remy?  He comes here every now and then.  Always conceals himself with a cloak.  His face too….

I would like to know if you have seen anyone new in here.  They would be a person that just moved here.

Pleasure:  Oh.  Are you talking about Prudence?  He just moved here and checked the bar out.  He’s been here a few times too.  Never drinks past his limit, though.  Very prudent.

Forceful:  Prudence is a sorry sap!  I never once saw him get drunk!

Temptation:  And I can’t persuade him for anything!  He says he’s MARRIED….

It’s too bad he’s not around.  When I checked his house, it was empty.  No furniture was in it.  Completely abandoned.  He moved out.

Pleasure:  Well, I can’t really help you with that.  He never told us that he was going to move.


Pleasure:  Hey, I’m sorry!  He wasn’t much of a talker so I didn’t hear much from him!

All that for another dead end, plus a burning throat.  See ya!


Just perfect.  Where do I go now?

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!  I just woke up again!  *sigh*  I’m never going to find this neighbor….