Me & My Muse – Day 139: A Productive Day

Overall, I would have to say that today was quite productive.

I woke up and went to the later service at Midland Evangelical Free.  After that, I got some more desserts and went Christmas shopping.  I then had lunch, helped mom move my sister’s stuff downstairs, caught up on my devotionals, took a shower, washed the dishes and prepared the coffee for the next day, got a new stopper for the sink, put my laundry away and typed a new bonus entry  (You should check it out if you haven’t!  What are you waiting for? It’s right below this one.   Or, if you’re too lazy, click this link!).

And believe it or not, my list isn’t done.  All that’s left is to wrap some Christmas gifts and then relax after that….


Muse:  Relax?  I can’t relax…. *sob*

What’s your problem?

Muse:  She’s back!  That terrible idea is back!

No she’s not.  You just had a bad dream.

Muse:   I’m not lying!  She is!

Well I don’t see her….

Muse:  She’s invisible right now.  And she’s a young dark clone of myself!

No she’s not.  We killed the idea and she’s gone.  For good.  There is no way any idea can survive a deletion like that.

Muse:  But she did somehow.  I don’t know how, but she did….

And you’re making this all up.  Can we move on to somth….


Why?  For one thing, I don’t even see her.  When I see her, I’ll believe you.

Muse:  Well, she’s not going to appear for you.

Of course not!  It’s all in your head, right?

Muse:  *sob* NO!  She’s not in there!

Just relax.  I have some wrapping to finish.

Muse:  *sob*  I’ll try….Time to finish my book….If I can….


My Muse is getting all delusional again.  This is not good.  Having killed that idea for good, I don’t believe that it’s back again.  She is making this up this time.

Anyway,  all I have left to do is wrap a few gifts.  When I finish doing that, I can relax.

Today’s high is going to be a chilly 25 degrees and the silver lining will be getting a lot accomplished today.

To all of you who feel accomplished, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  *sniff* *sniff*  Why doesn’t he believe me?

Dark Muse:  It’s because he can’t see me.  That’s why!  And he won’t believe you, no matter what you tell him.  This is such a fun game!  Thank you for playing with me, tee hee….

Muse:  But I’m not playing with you!  Stop it! *sob*