Me & My Muse – Bonus 4: The Nightmare Returns

Muse:  No!  Get out of me!  Leave me alone!

*Muse tosses and turns violently in her bed and begins sweating profusely*


Muse:  Huh?  What?  A nightmare….My forehead….it’s covered in sweat!  Gross!  And there are sweat stains all over my pajamas….There.  The bedding’s clean and my pajamas are brand new.  I guess there’s one advantage to being a Intangible….But my heart….It’s still beating fast….

…..That was fun…..Tee hee…..

Muse:  *gasp*  Who said that?

....I did.  Tee hee!  A nightmare?  I don’t think so!  Why would I be around?

Muse:  G-get lost!  I hate you!

….Aw….You do?  That’s too bad.  Because I don’t.  Wanna know why I’m here?

Muse:  You’re here to torment me like you did last time.  Why else?

…..Torment?  I just wanted to visit my home….

Muse:  You’re not welcome in my home.

….No.  Not THAT home.  YOU are MY home.  Just a few minutes ago, I visited it.  It was fun.  I missed it….

Muse:  But I didn’t miss you.  Get lost!

…..Aw….But I just got here!  Why would I wanna leave?  Tee hee….

Muse:  Just got here?  But I thought you were done away with!

…..But why would you wanna get rid of little ol’ me? Tee hee!  You may have deleted me, but you didn’t delete my copy….

*a younger Muse clone appears, shrouded in a dark aura*

Muse:  No!  Impossible!

*the clone grows, becoming the same age as the Muse*

Dark Muse:  Why?  After spending so much time in you, I was able to clone your DNA.  Every strand.  With that DNA, I was able to make the perfect clone of you.  While this wasn’t the home that I wanted, it was the next best thing….

*the Dark Muse shrinks, becoming the age of five again*

Dark Muse:  When you deleted me, I already had this clone set up.  After being deleted, I just woke up in this body, like it was all a bad dream.  Tee hee….

Muse:  But the bad idea got deleted!  We deleted you!

Dark Muse:  You may have deleted me, but I’m still here!  And I’m a lot better than a puny little idea.  I’m you!  You could say that I’m your twin….

Muse:  Yeah.  My genetically modified evil twin….

Dark Muse:  Evil?  But I’m not a bad girl.  I’m a good girl.  I just wanna play with you.  Tee hee!

Muse:  Leave me alone!

Dark Muse:  Why?  I just wanted to visit!  After all, we’re related.  Tee hee!

Muse:  But you caused me so much psychological trauma and emotional grief….  *sob*

Dark Muse:  I’m not leaving.  I’m staying.  And I want to move back in to the home that I miss so much.  Sweet dreams.  Tee hee….

Muse:  N-no!  G-g-GET AWAY!

*the Dark Muse disappears*

….Aw.  Are you scared?  Here.  Let me make you feel better….Tee hee…..

Muse:  No!  Stop!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

….It’s so good to be home again.  Tee hee…..