Me & My Muse – Day 122: On the Outside Looking In

There are times in your life where you’re just going through a bad season.  Right now, I feel like that is my time.  What I really need is something good to happen to me.  Some serendipitous event where luck smiles at me and casts no frowns.

The momentum is happening, but it’s not fast enough for me.  I had a meeting at Michigan Works yesterday, and another meeting was set up for the 22nd.  All these leads, but no results yet.  And on top of that, I need to make money.  REAL money.  Now.

Also, when am I going to be able to use the skills that I learned?  Toastmasters is supposed help people in the workplace.  In the place where I work, however, Toastmasters is not seen as important.  For the people that I work with, they just don’t care.  They don’t even know what Toastmasters is!  And even if they did, how would it benefit them in their current position?  Toastmasters is designed for the working professional, not the Average Joe working at a greasy burger joint.

Now don’t get me wrong.  That Average Joe can benefit a lot from the program and get out of that greasy burger joint and into a job that has more structure.  Has that happened to me yet?  I’m still waiting, and hoping, and praying….

I feel out of place at my current job.  With the exception of my brother, I am the only one with a college degree there.   Everyone else either doesn’t have one, is currently attending college, or attending high school.

With everyone else who is already there, I am on the outside, looking in.  They have have their cushy jobs.  They have their wonderful spouses, with a lot of them already having kids.  With me approaching 30 next year and having none of this, I feel like the most pathetic creature to ever exist on this planet.  And, I’m done for today.  I will spare you another tirade.


Muse:  What?  But you just started!

I’m done.  I mean, right now.  I’ll be back tomorrow.  If you see Lady Luck, tell her I said hi.


Muse:  You need to count your blessings.  I know that things are hard right now, but you need to hope.  Please…. *sob*  A little joy goes a long way….