Me & My Muse – Day 123: The Road to Success

There are roads that lead to cities and roads that lead to towns.  But the road that I desire leads to neither.  It is a pristine road that no one has ever traveled on before.  A road of my design.  A highway of my imagination.

You see, roads are long narrow passages that transport people and products to different destinations.  But these destinations are houses, apartments, buildings and factories.  My destination is not a building, but an ideal.  It’s not a dwelling, but a dream.  My destination is a road.  The road that leads to success.

Such a road has been made, but I haven’t found it yet.  My pursuit for this road has proven fruitless, but I am not one to give up so easily.  There are times that I have caught glimpses of this road.  I have seen it shimmering far in the distance.  But upon approaching it, I experience a revelation that made my heart sink – this road is someone else’s, but not my road.

Where then, is my road?  The road that leads to success?  The design is unmistakeable.  The turns are smooth and the lanes are straight.  The pavement has the appearance of asphalt and diamonds.  The lane markers are all painted with solid gold.  The path to it is hidden, and none have even found it.  The air around it is fresh, with the pleasant aroma of aloes and perfumes.

While I feel that my pursuit is in vain, I continually remind myself – That road is mine.  That road was given to me.  That road is a gift….

My journey to find the road has been long, and refueling is important.  Cars use gasoline, but my mode of transport doesn’t.  Experience is my fuel.  Learning new things.  Relearning old things.  Learning from mistakes.  Learning from triumphs….Wishes, hopes, prayers, desires – all refined into the fluid of experience that I use for fuel.

If you are already there, celebrate. Your day is here, and mine is yet to come.  The day that I find my road.  The road that leads to success.


Muse:  *sob*  That was beautiful.  So are we just doing poetry now?

I don’t know what I’ve decided on yet.  I need some more “fuel”….

Muse:  Refuel then.  While you go do that, I’m going to immerse myself in another romance novel….


*sigh*  The high today is going to be 44 degrees and the silver lining will be tonight, when I’m done working at the “pizza pit”.

To all of you who desire success, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  He’s feeling a little better.  I know that he’s fighting it.  He’s trying to be happy, but he needs a little push.  Keep trying, Kyle!  Happiness desires to have your company!

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