Is CNN THAT stupid?

I mean,  they had no clue what yesterday’s tea party was about! When covering a tea party in Chicago yesterday,  CNN’s Susan Roesgan made a complete idiot out of herself.

Now CNN”s ratings are already plummeting, and then an act of stupidity like this happens.  Who gives a flying frick about stimulus money?  This “stimulus money” is coming out of this protester’s pocket, Susan!

Futhermore, Susan lashed out at Fox News for promoting this tea party.  What the heck?  Fox had to carry most of the slack, since the other networks either barely reported it, or did not report it at all. My advice for Susan would be to take it easy.  Don’t be hatin’.

In regards to maintaining the standard of journalism, this is about as low as you can go.  For CNN, this is pretty low, and it really takes the cake.

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