I guess Ashton Kutcher is King of Twitter now….

Having about one million followers, Oprah has officially crowned Kutcher “king of twitter”.  With that, he was able to beat his competitor, CNN news.

Meet the new king of Twitter. In the race to the 1 millionth Twitter follower, Actor Ashton Kutcher beat out cable news giant CNN early Friday morning. Soon after hitting the 1 million mark, Kutcher tweeted to his flock of followers “Victory is ours!!!!!!!!” The actor’s Twitter account crossed 1 million followers at about 2:13 a.m. ET today, according to CNN. The news outlet said it had 998,239 followers at the time. “This is like putting a man on the moon. This is changing media forever,” Kutcher said on the streaming video site Ustream.tv just before hitting his goal. “It’s the Web versus the world right now people.”

With all those followers,  Ashton better hope that he doesn’t get punk’d.  There could be some jealous Twitterer  dishing out some cyberprank, beating Mr. Kutcher at his own game.  The jealous Twitter twit would then gleefully smile declaring his victory.  “IN YO FACE, ASHTON!”

Now I’m on my way to becoming king of Twitter.  I only need about a few hundred thousand more followers and I’m set. Look out, Ashton.  You won’t be king for long.