How President Obama does Diplomacy.

This could very well be the WORST gift given to a world leader in history. Last week, Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister met with President Obama and they exchanged gifts.

Before we get to the awful gift, we’ll start with the gift from the Prime Minister. Gordon Brown gave President Obama a pen holder that was carved from the very timbers of the sister ship of the HMS Resolute (an anti-slave ship).  The wood from this ship was used to make the “Resolute desk”, which is the President’s desk used in the Oval Office.  In addition to that, he gave Obama the framed commission for the HMS Resolute.  His third and last gift to President Obama was a seven-volume biography of Winston Churchill.

What did President Obama give to the Prime Minister?  Twenty-five American classic movies on DVD.  Now come on.  Anyone could just go down to Wal-Mart and get these movies.  Giving this kind of gift to the Prime Minister is an insult.  I consider it the equivalent of slapping someone across the face.  Okay.  There’s your gift. This is no surprise, considering how Obama sent the statue of Winston Churchill back to England.  That’s right.  The same statue that they gave to us.  Maybe he’ll return the biography to the Prime Minister as well.  It doesn’t seem like Obama likes Winston Churchill that much, does it?

Well Prime Minister, enjoy your movies.  That’s IF they can work on your DVD player over there.  We apologise for our president, who is not as gratuitous as he SHOULD be. I guess this is how Obama does diplomacy.  I wonder if he’ll buy more movies for the world leaders of France, Italy, or other nations.  Or, he may just settle with a fresh pair of socks.