Jim Cramer Joins the Club.

A well respected high-octane booyah to CNBC reporter Jim Cramer.  Some of you are well familiar with his popular show “Mad Money”, on CNBC. As Rick Santelli has already done with expressing his frustration with President Obama’s policies and organizing his Chicago Tea Party, Cramer has had enough.  He is tired of what Obama is doing to the economy.

In Cramer’s recent piece, he says “I’m uncomfortable being in the crosshairs of columnists and comedians I enjoy, and I find the embrace of Rush Limbaugh most certainly strange”.  Good for you, Cramer.  You are actually starting to understand what is going on in this country.  Just know that the liberals are attacking you because you are being effective in representing the voice of the American people.

In joining the other side, your best friends are now your worst enemies.  It makes me wonder if they were your friends to begin with. Two years ago, during the golden age of the economy, I can remember watching Mad Money.  Cramer was on fire and full of energy, telling people the best stocks to invest in, every once in a while interjecting his trademark “booyah!”  It was entertaining.  It was energizing.  Heck.  It was so fun to watch.

But now, the economy has headed south.  The bulls have been herded and the bears have come out of hibernation, throwing the party of a century.  Cramer has every right to be angry at Obama.

In ruining the economy, Obama ruined Mad Money.  I mean, what the heck is Cramer going to talk about for a whole hour?  To buy stocks that no one is buying and to sell like there’s no tomorrow? I hope the golden age returns, and I can hear Cramer shout “booyah!” again.