Let’s talk about Rush!

Forget how bad the economy economy is doing.  Let’s talk about Rush! Oh, and forget about how we passed a bill that you, your kids, and your grandkids will all have to pay for.  And President Obama talking down the economy?  You can forget about that, too. Let’s just talk about Rush.  How he’s getting in the way of our plan for socialism.

That old windbag doesn’t need to be listened to.  Just ignore him.  Our “Messiah”, President Barack Obama commands it! Forget about how your retirement is going down the drain, and how we will shove the Omnibus Bill with 9,000 earmarks down your throats.  We don’t really care about your future.  We only care about advancing our political careers.

Oh wait!  You’re listening?  Forget we said that.  Yes, we care about your future very much.  That’s it.  Yeah. Forget about how we’re destroying jobs everyday and ruining prosperity.  Forget about how we plan to destroy capitalism once and for all.  And forget about the job that you just lost today. Let’s just talk about Rush.

Why does he want our president to fail?  Doesn’t he want our country to be successful?  Doesn’t he want us to control every aspect of your life?  He doesn’t.

Forget about listening to him.  Let’s make fun of him instead.  He is a threat to us and he must be stopped.  Let’s attack him and ultimately silence him. Forget about everything that’s going on in the economy.  Everything that we screwed up.  You don’t really care, do you?  Just forget everything that’s going on.  Let’s just talk about Rush Limbaugh, okay? Let’s hear it for the miscreants in Congress and the disdainful Obama Regime.  Those insolent hypocrites don’t have the kind of time to talk about what really matters in this country.  The only thing that matters to them right now is Rush Limbaugh.  Bush and Cheney are out of the picture, so they need SOMEONE to attack. What a lame attempt to distract us from what is really going on.

I have an idea!  Let’s talk about Paris Hilton!  Poor Paris isn’t getting the media coverage that she used to.  You would know that, wouldn’t you, Paris? We can just keep ignoring the economy and PRETEND we’re not in a recession.  Good advice,  Demmies.  Good advice.

UPDATE:  The Democrats really don’t have a lot of targets to go after.  This is the problem in the Republican party.  There isn’t enough voices out there.

All we have is two heavyweights like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity shaping the voice of conservatism in this country.  Now Rush can come off as rather radical, and at most, entertaining to the average listener.  It’s no wonder the Democrats have such easy targets.

Just go after Rush, Hannity, and Fox News, and the opposition is gone. Now the Republican party has made some mistakes in identifying themselves as moderates.  This move has harmed the party and is why they lost the election.  They can’t have conservatism by getting the media to like them and trying to act like Democrats.

For this party to survive, the Republicans will need to diversify their core values and beliefs of the party across the board.  Lower taxes and limited government.  No exceptions.  Not everyone wants to listen to a radical voice like Rush.  Instead, they may want to listen to a more intellectual voice, yet at the same time doesn’t compromise the values of conservatism.  This would offer a balance and would give the Democratic party more targets to shoot at.

The Republicans need to think outside the box.  Using talk radio only to formulate their strategy is a recipe for disaster. So they have two options: diversify or slowly watch themselves get marginalized by the Democrats over and over, until the voice of conservatism is snuffed out. If Rush and Hannity are their only hope for conservatism, then conservatism is doomed.