Message to Obama: Rush Limbaugh wants to talk to you!

It is official, fellow citizens of the blogosphere.  The unofficially self-proclaimed leader of the GOP party, Rush Limbaugh wants to talk to President Obama!

Rush is giving him this offer, and he’ll even throw in the Presidential treatment. That’s right.  On Mr. Limbaugh’s expense, he will fly President Obama out to his studio on his own private jet. pick him up with a caravan of SUV’s, and will dine him with wagyu beef, the same $100 a pound stuff that they had at the White House for a couple parties.  Heck, he’ll even put him up in a five-star hotel!

All Rush wants to do is to have a conversation with the president, telling him his views and opinions on America.  How he got to where he was today.  And Rush will NOT do it at taxpayer’s expense.  He wants to pay for it, ALL of it, himself.

I’m starting to detect a trend here.  Sean Hannity too, wants to talk to President Obama.  He wants to meet with Obama and have a nice cold one together.  And Hannity would pay for the beer, not us! Wouldn’t it make since that the two largest voices of conservatism want to talk to the president?

There is no other opposition out there.  It is them, a small handful of talk radio hosts, and Fox News.  It is a bunch of ants running around, trying to fight an army of giants. And who am I rooting for?  I am rooting for the ants.  Go ants!  Fight for our colony!