Specter, Snowe, and Collins, GET LOST!

A feast is going on in the Senate.  The Democrats are all feasting on a dead pig carcass they call their stimulus bill.  Joining them are three Benedict Arnolds.  Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania and Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins.

What was the score? 61 Democrats voted in support of the bill.  37 Republicans voted against it.  Wait a second! There are 40 Republicans!  Not anymore.  What we have are three traitors that fell for the porkulus bill.  Three fools that totally cracked under pressure.

Senators Specter, Snowe, and Collins, I’m calling you out.  You are a disgrace to the Republican party.  Dispite the pleads that you received,  you completely ignored them and voted for the bill anyway.  Why would you make such a stupid decision?  You are a complete disgrace to conservatism as we know it.  Why don’t you just leave the Republican party?  Munch on that rotten bill.  Eat it all until you’re sick to your stomach.  Then go march with your new friends.  The Republican party doesn’t need a few deadweights to slow them down.

The European Socialism Act of 2009 is upon us, and I’m protesting it like there’s no tomorrow.  On No Stimulus.com, there’s already been over 200,000 petitions against the porkulus bill.  If you want to help, just go there, petition, and give Washington a little piece of your mind. Don’t think it’s over yet.  With the Senate vote over, there will now be a conference, where they will look at the differences between the Senate and House versions of this bill.

When they have decided what they want, it will go back to Congress for a FINAL vote.  The House will vote on it again, and the Senate will vote on it again. President Obama brought the rotting corpse to Florida today, lying once again on how the bill will help create more jobs to the brainless crowd of Obama followers.  It’s a bad case of Obamamania, and they need to snap out of it.

The Democrats in congress are a bunch of miscreants, hypocrites, and sycophants.  They are power hungry tyrants that want nothing more than to rule this country with an iron fist and to control every aspect of our lives.  And there are three traitors that followed their lead. Specter, Snowe, Collins, this is your last chance.  Get in, or get out.