Would you buy a rotting pig corpse?

Would you?  President Obama believes so! Today,  Obama took the rotting porkulus bill, dressed it up, and took it over to Indiana.  I guess he’s still convinced that he can take something so beastly and horrible and lie to us about it.

Who are you trying to convince, Obama?  The 63% of Americans that don’t believe your bill is going to work? President Obama, we are not stupid.  We know that this bill is a spending bill, filled with enough earmarks to grow government at an unprecedented rate.  Didn’t you tell the people in Indiana that there was no earmarks in this bill?  What a lie. President Obama dressed that pig corpse up well, with enough lies that he’s convinced that we will be foolish enough to believe it.  No amount of lies is going to make that bill look more palatable. This is the single most powerful transfer of money from the private sector to the government sector in our nation’s history.

The bill is a road map to Socialism.  What? Socialism? How could you say that?  For one thing, one of the items in there is to nationalize our healthcare.  This article from Bloomberg goes into more detail regarding this.  This item was requested by Tom Daschle to be shoved in there, before he got the boot.  The regulations here would not be very friendly to seniors, as it wouldn’t be very “cost-effective” to them. What else is in this bill?  There’s plenty more to look at.  New cars for the government.  More expansion projects for their buildings.  What’s in it for us?  Nothing.  Just more government to interfere and control our lives.

I’m fed up with this stupid bill.  I don’t want to pay for it.  I don’t want us or our future kids to pay for it.  I’m joining thousands of Americans in petitioning against this bill.  If you want to fight this thing with me, go for it. It’s time to let Washington know that we mean business.  Stop the lies.  Stop the scheming.  Stop the bill.  Leave us alone and let us keep our liberty.  Let us prosper and bring the economy back to normal.  Let’s sit down, work together, and construct a real solution for this country, not a real failure. And that pig corpse?  Cremate it.  Burn it. We the people, 63% of us, don’t want it anymore.