No more Mr. Nice Obama.

That’s at least the impression that he gave us in his speech last night.  He is upset that he is still not getting cooperation from the Republicans on the porkulus bill.  Well Mr. Obama,  Why would they cooperate with a bill that’s filled with wasteful government spending?  And may I add that this would be THE single largest transfer of wealth to the government from the private sector in history? $930 Billion.  $830 Billion.  $820 Billion.  They have just negotiated to cut some pork out of it.

Well, it doesn’t matter how much they cut out of it.  It’s still pork!  80% of a bad bill is still a bad bill! Yeah.  Obama was furious.  Whatever happened to bringing the country together?  Is this the change that we can really believe in?  You threw bipartisanship out the window!  It didn’t exist from the start.  You attacked Fox News with your remarks on “chatty cable stations”.  We know that you weren’t talking about the Propaganda.  CNN, CNBC and MSNBC are your friends! Like it or not, Mr. Obama,  the people are going to hear the truth of what’s really going on in your Regime.  It’s freedom of speech, right?

Oh, and Congress!  President Pelosi and President Reid, I am sick of your liberal games.  You only have your own selfish interests in mind and you know it.  Look at the interests of us, the people, if that is something that you know how to do.  Tear up that bill and start from scratch.  Then get a dictionary and look up bipartisan.  Don’t use your dictionary.  Use a REAL one!  I then want both parties to work out a solution that will ACTUALLY stimulate the economy.

Ever heard of the word tax cut?  You might want to look that one up, too. President Obama says that if we don’t pass this bill, we will face a “catastrophe”.  Ah, scare tactics.  I don’t think that it makes much sense to scare people into approving a bill that’s filled with wasteful spending and their agenda.  Obama, do us a favor and stop shoving socialism down our throats! Saul D. Alinsky is your hero and “Rules for Radicals” is your playbook! “Pick the target. freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Destroy this bill.  Let’s start over and this time, take our time on it.  Let’s get it right.  Don’t vote on it Sunday and jam it down our throats. This bill IS a rotting corpse, and the liberal Democrats in Congress want us to embrace it.  Everyone.  Get ready and brace yourselves. AHHHHH! ROTTING CORPSE!! Wait a second!  This is not just any corpse.  It’s the corpse of a pig!