Nancy Pelosi needs a calculator!

I heard Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi say something really stupid today.  She said that without the stimulus plan being passed, “the U.S. loses 500 million jobs every month”.

Thank you Nancy, for that interesting figure.  Now why don’t you explain to me how we gained 200 million more people in such a short period of time! Let’s see.  The United States has 305 million people.  Did that ever occur to you?  Wait!  We could have very well experienced the largest wave of immigration in history.  But to even get 200 million immigrants, we would need every citizen from Mexico, Central America, Canada, and Chile combined!  Come on, Pelosi.  Someone needs to get her a calculator and fast!

And what about this porkulus bill?  With Pelosi’s math, we could have a $100 trillion bill on our hands.  Maybe someone else should crunch the numbers for her. The bill just keeps getting bigger.  The porkulus bill is now up to $930 billion.  We can not let this pass!  This would be the single largest transfer of wealth to the government in history.  This will pave the way for nationalized health care and will destroy capitalism as we know it.  Hannity coined this bill as the “European Socialist Act of 2009“.

This is the government shoving their entire agenda down our throats.  Let’s halt this bill and start from scratch. If we succeed, brace yourselves.  According to Pelosi, we will lose 500 million jobs. At the end of the month, we’ll all be without jobs.  You, me, and everyone you know.  President Barack Obama and his cabinet and Nancy Pelosi will be jobless.  Every teacher, every CEO, every lawyer, and every janitor.  All infrastructure in this country will crumble and all three sectors will be gone. Am I getting this right, Pelosi? Oh, that’s right!  It was 500,000 jobs, not 500 million! What an idiot.  Can you just get your math right.  Please?