President Obama screwed up!

Wait!  Hold the phone!  How could he….  The Messiah actually screwed up?  Well yes, of course he did! But how could he?  I thought he could raise people from the dead and turn water into wine!  Hate to burst your bubble.  You voted for him, or I should say 53% of you did. Well folks, he said it.  These three words: “I screwed up.”

Okay.  I’m paraphrasing.  He actually said six words: “I take responsibility for this mistake.”  This was said after Tom Daschle, nominee for Health and Human Services Secretary, revealed some problems with his taxes.  He had to pay $140,000 in backtaxes and interest on a car service.  Right after that, Daschle dropped out of the running.

What will the Propaganda say?  It’s just a mistake.  A hiccup.  They’ll ignore it as much as they can and sweep it right under the rug. This goes back to Obama’s lack of experience in politics.  He barely had any experience as senator and is now president, taking White House 101. If this porkulus bill passes (I hope it doesn’t) and fails miserably, Obama should then admit that he made another mistake. I would love to hear that.  But we won’t, will we?

If there’s any Republicans aboard on this bill (they would have to be crazy if they were), President Obama will point fingers at them and say that they voted for it too! Get this greasy, slobbering chunk of pork out of here!  I’m sick of it!  I’ll settle for fish, though.