Bad news for Democrats….

That’s right.  Bad news for the Democrats.  This bad news comes from the housing market. In December, the low prices in housing has slowly attracted some buyers back into the market.  That’s one thing that is already adjusting from this recession. For the Republicans, however, this is great news.  With this taking place, that is one part of the economy that is slowly recovering. This bill can be compared to a rotting corpse.

With it stinking more and more by the day,  more people are becoming aware of its terrible odor, and are leaving in droves. What is a spending bill going to do to stimulate the economy?  It’s just a bill to grow big government.  That’s it.  What should be done if they wanted a real stimulus bill is revise it.  Revise everything in it.  Offer some tax cuts and reduce spending.  Cut about $300 billion out of the bill and make most of it what it should be: A stimulus bill!

I will end today with a quote from Rush Limbaugh: “Ignorance is our most expensive commodity.” Ignorance is what’s costing our country billions of dollars.  Let’s put our brains to work and cut down on this ignorance, okay?

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