Senate votes on the Porkulus Bill today….

Here we are.  We are heading into round two.  If we have any turnout like the House,  the Democrats will be voting for the whole thing by themselves. Heck.  We should let the Dems have it all.  A spending bill is “really” going to help the economy, right?

When this thing implodes in the next couple years,  maybe people will finally see that their “savior” isn’t doing what he promised he would do. President Obama should stop taking cheap shots at Rush Limbaugh and do his job as president,  If that’s something he knows how to do.  Oh wait!  He’s still doing on the job training.  He hardly has any political experience.

I am hoping very soon that we can teach the Democrats a new word (or words):  Tax cut.  Say it with me.  Tax c….Wait a second! Oh yeah! That’s right.  You never use those words in the same sentence.  Your Porkulus Bill is clear evidence of that.  That ticking time bomb that will blow up in a couple years. Well Dems, when you’re ready to actually work together, let me know.  In the meantime, I have plenty of peanuts to throw.  Heck, I need some target practice, anyway.