Blago’s gone!

Yep! They finally did it.  Blagoga…Blagova….Bl..Blagojevich!  Heck, Blago is much easier to say.  Anyway, Governor Blago was just impeached yesterday.  It was a unanimous decision made by the Illinois senate.  It was a unanimous decision, 59-0, to oust him.

What I found ridiculous about the whole thing was that Blago, in a last ditch effort, made appearances on different programs, to try to plead his case.   With most of the public wanting him out of there already, what made him think that he could save himself?  If anything, I think that act only drew more attention to him and made things worse.  Blago was replaced by Pat Quinn, at 5:40 CST yesterday. Besides Blago,  we will now revisit the so-called “Stimulus” bill.  For this bill, it looks like we have some partisan support!  In the House, every Republican voted against the bill, along with 14 Democrats.  The bill, of course, still passed.  Nothing really surprising there. Looking at what happened with that vote, I consider that a great milestone for the Republicans.

Conservatism isn’t out the window after all, but it’s actually stronger than ever. I think it’s good to see this happening in the Republican party.  But the fight is far from over.  This is a fight for jobs.  A fight between ideals.  A fight to keep the solid principles of conservatism in place.  It will a brutal, ongoing struggle, to fight for the liberties and virtues that made this country great. What fight? What struggle?  I don’t see one!  You either see it or you don’t.  Perception is one thing that the Propaganda has mastered.  Their desire is control, and to attack all opposition that stands in its way. That bill, when passed, will push unemployment in the U.S. up to 10%.  It’s 7% right now.

What we need is a tax cut.  A tax cut is good during a recession.  It can put money back into our pockets and bring a true stimulus to the economy. What we have instead is a spending bill.  A bill that’s full of wasteful spending.  I don’t know if you had time to look at it yet, but it’s just outrageous.  Sure, there’s some jobs in there, but they are only temporary.  Putting sod on the National Mall doesn’t lead to a career.  I’m sorry.  What we need are real jobs.  More industry and commerce that can repair the crippling private sector.

Wait a second! This bill does stimulate after all!  It’s a government stimulus bill. From what I see here, I can clearly say that it is another lie from President Obama.  Before his election,  he said that there wouldn’t be any pork barrel spending in Washington.  It didn’t take that long for him to break that promise.  You see, after an election, the one elected reverts to their original form.  They can take off the fake colors they were wearing during the election.  It shouldn’t be like this.  In a perfect world, an elected president will keep ALL their promises.  But in the end, unfortunately, it’s all about their agenda. Obama and his Regime will throw their bumper sticker mantras for people to repeat.  Perhaps Obama should be more truthful.   Wait a second! Truth doesn’t exist.  It only exists behind closed doors at the White House.

I’m sick of living in a divided country, built by the differences that separate us.  It’s okay to vent and critique.  But we need to find a common ground and work together to solve this problem.  Rush has offered his plan to bridge the two parties.  We need to break this wall that we built that separates us.  Just like what happened in Berlin, when Reagan shouted “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Let’s all shout together in unison: “Mr. Reid, Mrs. Pelosi, and Mr. President, tear down this wall!” Let’s tear it down.