Compromise? What compromise?

The Democrats have reached a “compromise” with this porkulus bill.  Okay.  Now that you’ve made the adjustment to the bill, can we see it? This, of course, all happened behind closed doors.  Nancy Pelosi and the senators made the adjustments last night and have now told us that “we reached an agreement”. Now how can you call this a compromise? You didn’t let the Republicans have any say in compromising it.

The Republicans definitely have some ideas to bring to the table.  Yet every idea they have is shot down by the Democrats.  If they have any idea at all, they are criticized about it.  Oh.  I’m sorry.  We won! You lost.  Now, what were you saying?  It’s like their opinion doesn’t even matter anymore! How can we have a true stimulus plan when there is no stimulus in it?

What we need are alternatives that we can look at instead of wasteful Washington spending.  We have one.  U.S. Representative Walt Minnick has his own stimulus plan, and it’s much lower than the proposed bill we have.  This plan is from a Democrat in the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of Moderate Democrats.  Moderate? Democrat? That doesn’t make sense at all. Anyway,  Minnick’s plan is more than $600 billion less than the porkulus bill.  It’s a $170 billion, bare-bones plan that will focus on job creation now and stop the spending when the economy recovers.  That sounds better than wasting our hard-earned money on something that will do nothing to improve the economy. This is indeed a mutiny against the party they represent.  Minnick and his other Blue Dogs are trying to get this through. I think that they will only anger the Democrats, and they will give the Blue Dogs the Republican treatment.

On another note, we, the people of this county, don’t care about the porkulus bill!  New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer says so! Well if he says that, then it must be true!  Listen up, Chuck!  You’re wrong! What kind of world do you live in?  All you have to do is open your eyes and see what is going on.  The approval rating for this bill is only 37 percent!  Yet you say that we don’t care about the “porky amendments” that you are trying to shove down our throats.  Just how pompous and arrogant are you to say that?

President Obama and his Regime don’t care about the “porky amendments”.  All they want to do is create the ultimate recipe for socialism.  The European Socialist Act of 2009.  The “end capitalism as we know it” bill.  We can’t have this, or we will be looking at this pledge:

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of France And to the Socialist Republic, for which it stands One nation, under Obama, indivisible With welfare and bailouts for all

Let’s not have this kind of America.

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