Pelosi and the other Democrats should sell their private jets.

What a bunch of hypocrites.  At the House Financial Services Committee Hearing yesterday, Brad Sherman, a senior member of the HFSC, interrogated the bank CEOs.  Sherman wanted them to raise their hand if their company owns or leases a private plane.  All the hands went up except the Goldman Sachs CEO.  He told them that it is “extemely expensive to operate the planes” and that they should “sell them”.

Why is he telling them to do that?  Let’s see.  It’s okay for government officials, people in congress, and President Obama to have private jets, but it’s not okay for the so-called “evil” businesspeople? If you’re all so concerned about “saving money”, perhaps you should all ground your private jets.  Nancy Pelosi should park her jet.  President Obama should park his jet.  Wait! He’s the president!  He’s got to have his jet, right? Isn’t this Congress supposed to be about creating jobs?  They all talk about how they want to create jobs, yet they tell the CEOs that they can’t fly in their jets.

The same Congress that is attacking the auto industry is now going after the aviation industry. Sure, the CEOs fly their jets around.  But it takes a team of workers to keep them running.  From the builders that build them to the ones that work on them, there are a lot of jobs involved.  Let’s not forget the pilots that fly them.  Having those planes sold would put all these people out of a job.  Is this how Congress plans to “create jobs” in this country? This is what happens when government tells us what to do.  They told the CEOs to sell their jets, which would kill a few jobs.  Cessna has already laid off 4600 people, for goodness sake.  Of course it’s okay when government officials have their jets, right? Wrong.

I guess elections really DO have their consequences.  Having President Obama and his Regime,  it’s going to be a tough fight for our prosperity and for our liberty. A long one, indeed.